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Government is not the answer to all our problems, it is the problem

Updated on October 31, 2014

We have many problems facing our country some not of our own choosing but in other cases the problems we face are of our own making. Solving our problems will not be easy but they must be solved if we are to become as great and respected country as we were in the past. The question to be asked is how or who should work to resolve the problems we are now facing as a country. Some believe the federal and state governments are the answer but many of the problems have been caused by government at all levels so should we allow government to correct the problems they have created. In some respects government will need to be involved but those who have been elected to represent us have failed by their actions or inactions. This election year we must elect individuals who will work to remove obstacles to the growth of our economy.

One of the biggest problems existing today is the overreach of government especially at the federal level but overreach is not limited to the federal government as some state and local governments have passed legislation or instituted ordnances which impact businesses today. One example of overreach at the local level is establishing an ordnance or rule which puts limits on what businesses can sell to the public. If products are within the law businesses have the right to sell them if the public will buy them. One example is putting limits on the size of drinks a business can sell. This goes against everything this country has stood for since the beginning.

Overreach also exist at the state government level in some cases while in others states have learned the value of limited government and the freedom it provides for its citizens. Granted there are responsibilities for which state governments must satisfy but it should not be at the expense of the freedom of individuals or businesses to make their own decisions. States where they have made bold decisions irrespective of federal government policies are flourishing with low unemployment and high paying jobs. The example of this involves tapping the energy resources within the borders of individual states. Others are beginning to see the benefits of taking this action.

The federal government has specific responsibilities as defined in the Constitution but there are gray areas in which the federal government has taken on responsibilities which are proper. Taking on responsibilities at the federal government level is not a problem unless it involves decisions for which states should provide the actions required. The primary role of government is to provide for the security and safety of its citizens among others. When companies and/or the management of companies or corporations make bad decisions it is not the responsibility of government to come to their aid when they get into trouble. Businesses exist to provide a product or service which consumers need or want. The manner in which these are provided affects their success or failure. As I have previously stated it is not up to government to solve all our problems and government is not the source of all the answers.

Today many of the problems we face were created by laws and regulations generated at the federal government level. Regulations and rules being made at Executive Department levels are having a negative impact on businesses and the growth of our economy. One such department is the EPA. While I understand the need to protect the environment some decisions being made are contrary to the facts in specific situations. Two such areas include accessing our energy reserves on government land. The process of fracking to tap into oil reserves has seen much success in several states and others are making decisions to bolster their economies. States which have made decisions irrespective of government policies have seen a boom in their economies along with thousands of high paying jobs and low unemployment. High paying jobs are not limited to the oil industry as other businesses must pay more to keep employees. The coal industry is another area where EPA rules and regulations unless changed will either costs companies to go out of business or pay enormous costs to comply with the rules and regulations which seem to be constantly changing.

Rules and regulations at state and federal government levels are needed to some extent but the content of these should meet certain criteria. The first criteria to be discussed are if there is a need to be fulfilled that only the government can address. Along with this it must be decided how that need must be met without interfering with the day to day operations of a business. Businesses rely on proper regulation to help them be successful but they do not want interference by the government on how they manage and make decisions based on their circumstances. Competition is an integral part of operating a business and when that competition violates the law the government has the responsibility to prosecute those involved. Prosecution of companies or individuals who violate the law helps to send a signal to others that the law will be upheld. This type of involvement by government either at the state or federal level is welcomed by society.

Whenever problems arise in the economy there always seems to be efforts to increase government oversight. Government oversight has its place but it must be done with integrity of purpose. The key is not to have so much oversight that it stifles the competition and hurts the consumer. Government should not be dictating every move a business makes as it will stifle the control an owner has and affects his capability to be marketable and profitable.

Our economy is basically strong and we will get through these times as we have in the past. The American workers in this country are the ones who will accomplish this. They are talented and experienced to do their jobs. Actions by any level of government for the most part have good intentions. I believe that those creating the laws and regulations at the state and federal level want the best for their state and country but government involvement must not hamper the working fabric of our nation. Businesses have been coming and going since our country began and though problems often surface government for the most part must let the consumer dictate who will be successful and who will fail.

Businesses make mistakes but it is learning from those mistakes that make the difference in being successful along with operating with integrity principles. Today I feel the consumer is searching for businesses that operate with integrity principles and provide a good product/service. Along with this there is a need for good customer service that caters to the needs of their customers. A company with a good product or service will lose business to their competitors if the quality of their customer service is lacking. Government cannot fix these issues as it will take a cultural change in philosophy in many companies. Those that make this shift will be successful and those that do not will fail.

The principle of a central government as created when our country began was to be a support function not a dictatorial function. Decisions being made by businesses should not be under the microscope of the federal government. The exception being issues which fall under the responsibility of Congress engrained in the Constitution. Many laws and in some cases regulations are an overreach of government involvement in the economic affairs of businesses and individuals throughout our country. Many laws have good intentions but when the objectives are not realized government needs to back off and repeal the legislation. It is a

Well known fact that government cannot solve every problem which surfaces in society and it is not their responsibility to do so. It is not the role of government to solve every crisis in a business. Government has become so big it cannot manage the programs and laws they have generated. They cannot even keep track of the money they receive


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile imageAUTHOR

      Dennis AuBuchon 

      6 years ago from Ohio

      Mel Carriere

      Thanks for your comments. There may be some corporations fit the example you provided but overall I believe they are respectful of their employees and the country. The freedoms we have apply to all of us including corporations specifically the right to make our own decisions and learn from our mistakes.

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      6 years ago from San Diego California

      I agree with your general premise, but I think that the rapaciousness of some corporations goes well beyond "mistakes" into willfull malfeasance, and I for one don't wish to see our wild lands turned into parking lots by out of control fracking. The freedoms of private individuals should be respected by the government, true, and if I want to kill myself by drinking an extra large Mountain Dew for breakfast every day that's my choice, but corporations are not private citizens and they will rape us all if we let them. Interesting hub.


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