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Government to Deploy Naval Ships.

Updated on August 8, 2020
Home Secretary, Priti Patel considering deploying Navy to turn back migrant boats.
Home Secretary, Priti Patel considering deploying Navy to turn back migrant boats. | Source

The UK, even before, it was known as the UK, has always had waves of people, coming to our shores. Whether it be migrations or invasions, at the end of the day, invasion or migration, it still means people coming here, to settle and stay.

The Celts came and are largely still around us, the Romans came and ruled for 300 years, then the Saxons came, then Vikings, finally descendants of the Vikings, the Normans. Since then, all kinds of people have settled, meeting openness, and help from those that consider themselves, Native Brits. Others have openly resisted what they see as foreign incursions and takeover of the UK, by outsiders.

So to sum up, whether you like it or not, our history has been one of the different people coming here. In today's UK, immigration splits people on opinion, perhaps, as it always has done. However, in the past, there were not so many in those days. Today, the UK population stands at 66.5/6 million inhabitants. With more people coming to live here, (from wherever they come from) there is a bigger strain on our welfare, jobs, NHS, local councils. This situation will be exacerbated now with the Coronavirus crisis. Also, as we are in the transition period in leaving the EU, immigration rules for the UK, has changed. Immigration from the British Commonwealth has always been, together in recent years, immigration from the European Union. However, now, British immigration rules are that, whether you are from the Commonwealth or the European Union (or wherever) everyone now faces the same immigration rules. Holding a British passport, however, as many Commonwealth citizens do, perhaps may give you an unfair advantage, in getting into the UK. Those from outside the Commonwealth may face a stricter set of rules, in trying to come here. However, being married to a British citizen or having family already established here, can help. It appears, the government in equalising the immigration system, that at one time, would have given priority to people from the EU, means now they can pick, for (so-called) professional jobs, anyone, anywhere, in the world. For example, if there is a lack of scientists in one field, if there are people of that calibre, wanting to come to the UK, they perhaps can be fast-tracked, to get here. Is that fair? Some would say, yes, certainly, if their specialist field, benefits the UK. However, those doing jobs like cleaners for example or other so-called, menial tasks, are not a priority. While it is easy to understand why a professor, from somewhere else, is more important, than a cleaner, surely, at the end of the day, all jobs, are professional. Professional from the point of view, that both are skilled, in what they do. Society needs professors, yes, but it also needs cleaners, that's how society should function. There should be no discrimination against people on what they do for a living - end of.

Of course, when it comes to recruiting from overseas, many Native Brits say, why not employ "Our own people". That's all well and good, but many British people, moan about foreigners doing jobs, yet, many Native Brits, do not want to do those jobs. Those jobs are mainly what people call (unfairly) low skilled jobs. Many Brits do not want to do those, for bad conditions and low pay, yet many foreigners don't mind. Then, when many Brits see Polish people, for example, getting better jobs, while they are still stuck where they are, this causes further resentment. Many Brits voted to leave the European Union because they thought (incorrectly) that it would stop all immigration from wherever. How mistaken they were, it only ends freedom of movement from the EU, immigration from outside of Europe continues. Immigration from outside of Europe has always been higher, than EU migration. So if these leavers wanted to stop immigration from one source, (the EU), they may consider themselves victorious. Whether they now realise this, is open to debate, if they do, and particularly if they are Islamophobic, anti-Black etc, they may now realise what they, (in their minds, at least) have stupidly and naively done. Most immigration from the EU, was largely white, even though, they have different cultures. In other words, people from the EU spoke different tongues, had different cultures, transformed an area, but racially they blended in, with native Brits. Some immigrants from outside of Europe, are white, western cultured, and Christian, but, many are not. But a vast amount of non-EU people are Black, Asian, non-Christian and non-Western. If you resent people who do not look like you, share your culture and faith, you will really resent people like this.

Now, the latest cause for concern is the migrant boat people. This concern will be for the welfare of these desperate people. While the other concern will be the opposite.

Many of these boat people are fleeing oppression or persecution, others are economic migrants, others alarmingly could be IS or AQ operatives. Often these people cross the channel in non-seaworthy vessels. Such as dinghies, carrying 10 or 15 people, such appears to be the desperation of these people, they will put to sea, in such dangerous craft.

British people ask "What are the French doing in stopping these people"? The French have tried to stem the tide no doubt. However, it makes one wonder, if the French think, "Let the British deal with them, they are leaving our shores, good riddance".

Priti Patel (herself a descendent of immigrants) at the Home office, has talked about using the navy. Using the Royal Navy to deter migrants from crossing the Channel. Some at the MOD and from other sources has called the idea, "Potty". The number of people crossing the Channel has increased, this year. 235 people were intercepted on Thursday and another 130 people on Friday.

Those living in Kent, which is the first English county, these migrants land, are understandably concerned. This local Tory MP has spoken of the concerns local people have and what will be done to alleviate this problem. You have to in many ways be compassionate to these people, but at the same time, you have to be realisitic. As mentioned earlier, more people, means more strains in the UK, already suffering from the cost of austerity, COVID-19, and being an overcrowded island.

The MOD for its part has said, is it appropriate to use armed vessels and personnel to confront such desperate people. Many of these people are often exploited by criminals, having to pay over the odds to these crooks, for ramshackle vessels. The French on their side should be doing more to stop the people traffickers, and stop the migrants sailing over the Channel. France is a modern western European country, yet many of these peoples ultimate goal is to come to the UK. Why? Is it because they have heard everyone gets benefits, everyone gets a council dwelling, jobs aplenty? While this may be true, in some circumstances, the migrants once in the UK, may find for some of them, this is not the whole truth. Many of the migrants are unaccompanied children, often taken into care, once, they land in the UK.

Whether you think the idea of deploying the Royal Navy against these migrant boats is potty or not, the Australians tried it. Australia was facing an armada if you will, of illegal migrants, the same as the UK is now. Australia as many will know is a compassionate country, that takes its fair share of refugees. However, it has a tough immigration policy based on a points system. In other words, you have to have a particular set of skills to come into the country or at least a job to come to. If not, Australia takes a tough line where you will find yourself not invited in or deported forthwith. The Royal Australian Navy did deploy vessels, some armed, and this did deter migrants from coming over. Perhaps, deploying warships is harsh, against many of the migrants wishing for a better life. However, sometimes a hard line must be taken, when all other methods have failed. Many of the migrants were towed away by the Australian Navy to camps in Papua New Guinea. The Australian government had agreed with PNG to open camps for migrants. Where once they were processed they could begin a new life in PNG.

If this policy of confronting a migrant invasion, as some would see it, with armed vessels, would it work in the English Channel? It may, once the migrants and the people traffickers realise they will be met by armed vessels, they may think twice about crossing the Channel. Of course, if British vessels are towing migrant vessels, will the French allow them to land and if not, will there a country these people can go to. To be processed and settle in that country, as the Australians have done with their boat people in agreement with Papua New Guinea.

How things will develop with the British government, the French government, the boat people, remains to be seen.


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