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Governor of osun state:either good or bad, who knows

Updated on December 24, 2010

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osun state governor:good or bad


The strive and fight for position and popularity is an important quality of every rational human being. In the proper definition of man this qualities is often omitted by most authors and psychologists who make their definition highly sub standard. As far as man is concerned the centers that controls his actions, like fighting for one’s right or striving for popularity and position is inherent in him. The only thing that negates or false this premise is if man chooses not or perhaps he becomes irrational. The new governor is being a man.

In this matter Enthusiasm should not however be mistaken or confused for Alacrity, for enthusiasm is needed to get to a position and alacrity is to position yourself in the rightfully in order to achieve the set goals thereby satisfying the masses. In other words alacrity is a deeper and greater degree of interest and “will” towards a goal. What Nigerians need today is a leader with ALACRITY.

We must also understand the fact that a popular snake in himself decides to be good to people in his area does not prove to us that snakes in the reptile family would do the same or have lose the fountain of their venom. It would be a very dangerous and unreasonable idea to approve such foul generalization in conclusion. Oh yes!! You may say the other has made a good name for them, but all I see are people considering the name and deed of the other snake in its own niche forgetting to consider the real personality of the present snake.

As a patriotic Nigerian, I believe we should come to a point in our political stand point not to accept just anything as it comes or as others see it but view it not only physically but also meticulously viewing and analyzing it microscopically before adhering. This view of mine is free from any form of biased or callous mind yet I stand to be corrected.

I believe in that group, I also believe in the success.


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