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Gov't Shutdown and the Anti-Christ

Updated on November 15, 2013

Before you get the wrong idea, this is not a religious rant or someone saying that the government crisis has the devil's involvement.


While writing this, we are at October 5th 2013, the fifth day of the government shutdown. The first since 1995. Two days after the famous October 3rd, which happens to be a busy day in history according to CNN. In fact, in 1995 of that day is when O.J. Simpson was acquitted for the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, later to be imprisoned for Armed Robbery 13 years later on that same day. For those who believe in Numerology, one can make a connection to that 13-year-difference perhaps?

Shying away from the devil possibly being in the numbers, when it comes to the shutdown of 2013, it's a disagreement of both parties on Obama's spending plans and the raising of the debt ceiling. The word 'Obamacare' goes into play when read or watched on the news. Regardless, the criticism of the U.S. Government and how our politicians who are in the battle are being paid to do a bad job, something that infuriates most taxpayers. We are at partial shutdown, some services we will not have, can't visit national parks, can't get your gun permit, more, more and more. However, you do have cops, military and the NSA.

And on the day of the 3rd, we also had a car chase that came awfully close to the White House where a 34-year-old woman caused a ruckus. She was shot to death by police and a 1-year-old baby was taken away from that car to safety. No word yet if this was politically motivated, but as in the end of the movie Two Minute Warning, SPOILER ALERT: The shooter continues to engage the cops until he is shot to death. The cops before the end of the movie have no idea who the shooter really was or why he cause a mass shooting at a football game, but the wounded lead SWAT team member says that the media will tell all, even who the man's 3rd grade teacher was and his first pet.

In the end, the individual was identified as Mirian Carey. Her two sisters had appeared on Anderson Cooper 360, stating that they were not sure why she was in DC. They knew about the news at the same time as everyone else. A unidentified man known as her ex-boyfriend stated that she had paranoia issues.

From my friend Hollywood Allan on his Facebook

"America was not shut down properly. Would you like to start America in safe mode, with free healthcare & without the guns? (Recommended)"

What's closed?

  • Chemical Safety and Hazard Board
  • Department of Education (94% Furloughed)
  • FCC
  • Federal Maritime Commission
  • Office of Government Ethics (woah!)
  • Special Inspector General for TARP
  • Trade and Development Agency
  • U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • NASA (down to 300+ employees out of 18,250)

Of course, this is a partial shutdown, not a full one. Otherwise, you'd see the cops go bye-bye and perhaps mass hysteria. But as you see on the right, you might see some differences with life now with a partial government. National parks are closed, the FCC is not fully operational (Radio Jocks, be warned of the PTC), Special Inspector General of TARP, Office of Government Ethics (how come I'm not surprised), NASA and quite a few more. But for NASA, I really hope nobody of our care is in space now, that could be a problem. We might have to rely on Russia.

With the media, they are covering it rather well. We are hearing about the Dow Jones going down due to this, we had a car chase and shooting near the White House, a couple of senators were caught saying some choice words on a hot mic... and the voice of Siri has been exposed!

Although the news will tell us about the shutdown with drama and doom, a cable news morning show does need to fill it's four hours of show with content. And while people are out of work and needing some good news, Fox & Friends are dancing with the Wiggles:

Fox & Friends with the Wiggles.
Fox & Friends with the Wiggles. | Source

What is also a scary possibility is the words Government Default. You see, if the government cannot reach a deal to increase the debt ceiling, the value of the dollar will decrease and the stocks will also take a tumble. The deadline for this is October 17th, so the drama keeps going while we are keeping up with the Kardashians. According to this article here, the federal reserve will spend all it's money on hand and without a increase on the debt ceiling, it can't spend anymore.

One would have to hope for the two parties to agree soon. However, the fight between President Obama and Boehner is causing some joy among the late night shows.

So, after a rundown on the government shutdown, one could be asking me, what does this have to do with the Anti-Christ? Well, most folks who are at least semi-involved with religion see the Anti-Christ as the enemy, a being or someone interested in causing havoc to humanity and is the complete opposite of Jesus Christ, whose wisdom is quoted by The New Testament and is regarded by Christians, Catholics, Mormons and a few more (only the Mormons believe that Jesus made an appearance in the 6th century in modern-day Mexico).

In 1998, late-night talk show host Art Bell (at the time, the best in the late night slot and being on the top ten list despite the weird time of his show) one day had made his show about the Anti-Christ, and asked his audience if they believe they are the Anti-Christ, please call the show.

After a few people calling claiming to be the Anti-Christ or believing they may know him or her... or it. A man called with a deep voice but pleasant sounding saying, "Art, you told me to call. I was quite intrigued because this is the first show to say will the Anti-Christ please stand up." (Perhaps he gave Eminem inspiration to his upcoming hit, The Real Slim Shady)

Art gave the Anti-Christ caller some couple minutes to gave info on how things work in the world and in the past. Much of the nine-minute call was discussed about the United States economy and bear in mind, this was 1998. The caller stated that the world will not end, however he stated that 'it has started' with nature playing a part, but that humans will be the ones responsible. And that the United States (in which his give our country credit in being one of the best) will shuffle it's deck. He stated that in 2006 is when the collapse will start and eventually the United States economy will implode upon itself. He also stated that people listening should invest in gold and also stated that the national debt is more than the government says it is at that time.

Besides his economic insights, the Anti-Christ himself (presumably) stated that he isn't the devil and states that Christians have the wrong idea of him. He denounced the 666 and stated it as idiotic and added that "The first Christ is public, I'm Private."

In addition to that, he stated that he himself is qualified to run for president in 2000 but choose not to due to the fact that finds the world "not worthy of his care."

He also stated that he is a nice guy and has respect more for animals opposed to humans.

Was this guy a kook? Quite a few would say. If anything, this man (or perhaps the Anti-Christ himself) may be working or did work in the finance field. Perhaps he worked in Actuality, or Wall Street? Who knows? The 2006 prediction in 1998 brought this to my attention and it appears now that so far, this man (or the Anti-Christ) is right.

Here's the video for your own judgment:

Additional Special Thanks to:

  • Paul Ashworth: Debt ceiling article
  • JJ Perks: Art Bell call
  • Opie & Anthony: For pointing out the fun going on in Fox & Friends


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      5 years ago

      Wow. I'm amazed. Thanks.


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