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Greed as an hazard to future manufacturing.

Updated on April 30, 2020
AL Gore & Mother Earth
AL Gore & Mother Earth

To eliminate greed from our environmental issues can create new opportunities for our planet

Written by James Dubreze Nov 6/2009.
Greed is the pollutant in fossil fuel that creates greenhouse gases. What we have is an environmental condition that is affected by a change in the age of time. We have a situation where organic life are affected by environmental pollution. Thus, environmental pollution isn't the same as global warming. Global warming is the view that environmental pollution is warming up the planet causing the Ice to met which then produces flood and everything else. That particular development is mainly the cause of a change in the age of time.

However, we can argue with great extent that environmental pollution is responsible for negative affects on organic life. Thus, oil spills has very little affect on the planet. Oil spills affect mostly organic life rather than the planet. Why? Simply because oil and gas are found in the soil, deep down ocean floor. How can something that is found in the earth be detrimental to the Earth where it was initially discovered? Therefore, we must end that oil spill affects the environment of organic life.

As industrialize nations, it is the leaders of the world who can help shape the direction that our future generation takes into reducing greenhouse gases.

Now, vice president Al Gore said it all, they is no need to go into details because he has outlines most of the major concerns that came with greenhouse gases. If you missed out on his speech the environment, click on the link at the bottom of this page for more information. However, as my topic stated, greed is the pollutant and I intend to base my argument on that concept.

It is noticeable that pollution around the globe has become a greater concern to most people around the world, which is why we are discussing it. But what has not been discussed is how greed can be a hazard to future manufacturing if the leaders of the world continue to place profit as a priority before the planet.

The planet should be the first priority. In order for any innovation to be considered its applications must correspond to safety environmental issues.

To disregard safety environmental concerns for the benefit of maximizing profit is making profit a priority before the planet. And if the leaders of this world really care about the earth and its inhabitants, they must then make such innovation a violation of the environmental laws. Leaders of all nations should come together as one to encourage a universal law that would oversee every innovation that evolved to practical form.

·Making this idea into a reality would promote a healthy environment while at the same time curing the planet from environmental pollution. It would also give ways to better innovations that are efficient, and at the same time environmentally friendly. It is a fact, innovating with the intent of producing something that will complement the earth is always easier to create than to innovate products that contribute to pollution.

Take for example hydrogen 7, BMW first dual-fuel vehicle, which is capable of running on either hydrogen or gasoline with just the press of a button on the steering wheel. Now, this is the type of machine humans are able to create when they place the planet as the priority as oppose to profit. Anyhow, it should be obvious that the engineer who created this automobile also thought about our dependency on oil. Otherwise, he would have made it a single fuel engine that runs only on hydrogen.

Had the engineers of BMW done that, production for these automobiles would have increased since it would have been much easier to create a single fuel engine. Although a pure hydrogen engine is less difficult to produce, it would have also eliminated the process of transition. What does it mean the process of transition?

Whenever you are creating a machine that will replace the an energy source that the economy of the world depends on you should think about how it would impact global markets. How it will change the resources of production. Once you understand that you'll come to realized that any sudden change that affects the global economy should not be introduced immediately without goring through a process of transition at which this product is introduced to the market gradually to avoid sudden change that can fracture the global market; especially when it comes to energy consumption.

Now, with BMW 7, being that the dual fuel engine gives us the option to switch fuel type makes the transition process easier. As it is understood, those who own these cars have the option of running them on either hydrogen or gasoline. Why pay for gasoline when you can use H2O or Air to extract Hydrogen.

Written by James Dubreze Nov 6 / 2009 on Hubpages.
It is important to understand that we can't just wake up one day and just decide to get rid of oil for good. It just don't happen this way. It is a process like everything else, and it will take some time before we can be clear. What our leaders can do however is to enact laws that will make this transition easier by making sure that innovators create products that are healthy for our environment.

However though, as far as oil is concern we can definitely reduce our oil dependency by slowly alter our energy use while becoming dependent more on natural gas, wind and solar energy. Although this is our aim, the recent drop in oil prices to some extent did re-insured us our dependency on oil, because now the SUV are back on the road again.

While this decline in oil price provides an opportunity for new investors, it also creates a disadvantage for the environment due to the fact that the consumption of oil which supposibly produce greenhouse gases has now increased from what is stated in recent reports. The oil consumption has increased because the drop in price attracks demand, a demand which supposibly does not go too well with the environment. How true is that is uncertain.

Where some of us see this as a disadvantage to the environment, others see it as an advantage. These folks believe that if the change is not good for their pocket it certainly not good for the environment. But of course those folks are short sited because their GREEDS do not permits them to see beyond their pockets.

However, to reduce our dependency on oil we must give consumers an alternative that is suited to their satisfaction. To do that we must come up with a price differentiation strategy to compete against this falling oil prices, which have now made the possibility for natural gas to compete even harder.

If we want to become independent from oil, we must have alternatives to replace the needs for oil throughout the country. This alternative although will not replace the use of oil nonetheless meaningful to the U. S economy. The manufactures of the world economy depends on oil production to satisfy their needs. Alternatives energy sources are useful to a certain point. But they cannot replace the use of oil if the products that are being manufactured do not use alternative means.

It is easy said than done, it will take some time but it’s possible. At one time in this country we used mostly coal to heat our homes, now we mostly use natural gas, number 2 oil for residential and commercial. We use 4 & 6 oil for industrial use manufacturing.

Although propane on the other hand has proven to show fewer Co2 emissions than oil, it its use has not been fully implemented in most major cities. Somehow engineers have found propane to be a dangerous form of gas to be used in cities where the populations are concentrated in one area.

Since propane is a mixture of natural gas and oil, there is really no reason why we should focus in making equipments that still uses propane. The focus should rather be on making equipments that uses natural gas, electricity, fuel cell and hydrogen. When we create equipments that are applicable for these energy sources, we're placing the priority on the environment first.

Furthermore, the natural gas and oil can be regulated in such a way that once it is emitted creates less CO2. It is all about the ratio of oxygen to hydrogen that is allowed in the combustion. As a former technician in commercial burners I think I have the experience to tell you what it's all about. If you allow too much hydrogen to be mixed with the oxygen in the combustion you'll end up with a smoky flame. Thus, it is always about the right mixture. And given that new oil and gas fired equipments have been introduced in the market to reduce on CO2 emissions; we can end that today's technology has made oil and gas fired equipments much safer and cleaner.

Now, I'm a boiler mechanic and have 10 years experience in the field. In my field of service as a commercial burner mechanic, the equipments that are mostly used are IC burners, Power Flames, Carlin, Iron Fireman, Websters and Gordon Piatt.

These equipments help provide heat to commercial and industrial applications. Some of which are dual fuel like the hydrogen 7, others fired strictly gas.

Now, the question that comes to mind is ….if BMW and Mazda can create an automobile that works with hydrogen; which is a gas that is plentiful on this earth, they should also be able to come up with a commercial unite that fires hydrogen gas.

Since this gas is found only in compound form with other elements, its availability will be abundance. Since transition is a factor to be consider here, perhaps it would be a great idea if they were to come out with the dual fuel types first, a burner that uses natural gas and hydrogen alternatively by the use of a switch. If we were to act on it and make it a reality our dependency on oil and even gas would have dropped tremendously. Then the premise of this topic would have become a practical solution.

If we were to create a heating burner that works with hydrogen only, would our leaders accept it as the means of placing the environment first before profit or would they have revoked it because it would have eliminate the gain of obtaining profit on products that emits CO2.

Some would say that they is no point in conducting business if they are no profit to be made. But in this case the only people who would have benefited here would have been the burner manufactures & the contractors who would be during the installations.

Should we say an idea like that would have been allowed to stay in practice since home owners, and industrial properties would have profited by not having to pay for energy use? Like I said before it isn't the Idea that is bad for the economy, but instead the time for this idea has not arrived. It would have had to undergo a transitioning process so that it does not cause investors to drop their investments too quickly.

Since a hydrogen burner would have allowed us to use every day energy source like water as fuel, it would have eliminated the need of making profit from selling fuel. Being that every one has access to water why pay for fuel. I guest that's an ethical question that I'm not too sure that we're ready for, perhaps we'll find out in the near future.

The ability to create is the gift that outstand the intellectual superiority that us mankind possess over all other species. Although this intelligence is clearly an advantage to humanity, it can also be a disadvantage when guided by greed. It is not us human that should be viewed as the evildoers but rather the greed that exist within us.

Written by James Dubreze Nov 6 / 2009
As new technologies continue to evolved, new jobs will be created while some of our old jobs will be discontinued. We cannot afford to hold the future hostage for the purpose of holding on to jobs that machines are able to replace.

If future automobile technologies eliminate the use of gas stations, we should see that as a blessing to the environment if the alternative means is better for the global economic system. If that were to happen, you would have less CO2 emission in the air, and more commercial spaces would have become available for other use that the entrepreneurs can utilize to create jobs, more meaningful to the planet is always better.

We must become the planet servant; working to satisfies her needs, and be hopeful for having a place to stay; for she's the only living organism who truly has the power to erase us from her belly.

If we upset her stomach long enough who knows what might happen, so doing well by her can only work to our advantage.

For your information please visit the links below, as you will see there are other folks who share my vision. I'm aware that I may not be all there, but at least I'm still holding on for better prospects.

A funny way of conveying an important message -- by Al Gore

BMW Hydrogen 7 in peace with Mother Earth
BMW Hydrogen 7 in peace with Mother Earth


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