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The Perception of Greed

Updated on August 10, 2009
Gold Bars
Gold Bars

Greed Has Made America Great

There is a perception of greed in this country that is driving us in the wrong direction; big business is corrupt and must be stopped. It seems to me that being successful in America used to be a good thing. Most us began our careers at the hand of big business. Retail, fast food, and manufacturing corporations have long been the launchpad for careers. In fact, it has been healthy business competition that has driven wages up and benefit packages to the level we not only accept, we expect. Without big business, most of us would be unemployed. The proof is shown to us every day. When big business struggles, so does the economy.

Our government chooses to feed the fear of deceptively destructive big business while becoming an increasingly larger employer. The government will gripe about failed management, backroom business meetings, and corruption, while flaunting its own breed of corruption in our face with a "catch me if you can" mentality.The irony in this is that while the government points its collectivist fingers at corrupt executives making exorbitant wages, our elected officials ungraciously accept wages that are collected illegally through our tax system.

Bad Business or Bad Business Sense?

We revel in the stories of bad guys like Madoff (why anyone would give money to a guy with that last name is beyond me), Citibank, and speculators being prosecuted; but who really put those bad guys in the position they were in? There is an old saying about a fool and his money; I think you know the one. Stupidity does not a victim make. If you have a product people want they will part with their money. That's not the fault of the seller, that's the fault of the buyer, and is certainly not greed.

I'm sure you know the other saying about something being too good to be true. There are those that will deceive us, but ultimate responsibility resides with us, not government oversight. We have politicians that can't figure out our tax code, but in the next breath the same politicians will state they thoroughly understand the workings of the entire free enterprise system. Nancy Pelosi can't keep her story straight, nor activley recall details, from one hour to the next. Do you really think she has the ability to catch a Bernie Madoff?

American Greed Has Made America Great

We sit back, listen to the media slam hard workers and entrepreneurs that have elevated America to the land of opportunity it is, and are perfectly content to watch the world happen around us, as if we lack the ability to change it. America is still the land of opportunity. This is still our land. We can be anything we wish. We can do whatever we put our minds to. We are the enablers, not the disabled. We control America's fate.

Greed is the driving force behind innovation, employment, and advancement. With no monetary incentive, you bring about socialism. No one enters the business world with the dream of going bankrupt, yet it happens every day. If every idea was a good idea, we would all be rich and our economy would never suffer. That will never happen. There are those with unwavering dreams and there are those content to work for a living. Both are crucial to a thriving economy. Greed isn't killing America; ignorance, complacency, and indolence is.

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