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Greenland for Trump, Red-Herring or Mental Instability?

Updated on August 16, 2019
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A politician is only as good as his word and the words coming from DeSantis aren't worth two cents.

And the loser is?

Trump loses to top 4 Dems
Trump loses to top 4 Dems

Donald Trump was up early and not very happy seeing that his own "go to" network, Fox News was putting out poll numbers that weren't flattering to Trump.

Their polls showed him losing to not one put 4 of the top Democrats in the polls. Not only is Donald Trump not looking good in the Fox Polls with a 53% disapproval rating, but also the fact that he and Moscow Mitch are trying to push off any gun laws that might hurt the NRA, even after a weekend of over 70 deaths and just as many or more wounded.

Today begin the services for some of those who died in El Paso, TX and a Fox News Poll showed that 90% are in favor of background checks, 81% are in favor of taking guns away from those that might harm themselves and others and 67% are in favor of banning assault weapons.

And during all this death and destruction, Moscow Mitch refused to bring the senators back from their break to work on gun safety and protecting the American people. Donald Trump, well he went on vacation after a photo-op with the just orphaned infant of both parents who were killed in El Paso.

Donald Trump had to come up with something to take the media attention off his dismal poll numbers.

Hey, so what do you think about buying Greenland?

Major American Security in Greenland
Major American Security in Greenland

Thule Air Base guards against intercontinental ballistic missile attacks

China has many interests in Greenland and wants more. In 2016, China attempted to purchase a former US Military base there but it was vetoed and China was not able to secure it. Since 2018, they have attempted to get a strong hold on Greenland.

The US has had a military presence in Greenland since the 1943 opening of Thule Air Base. Their strategic tracking systems are a great part of keeping our country safe. Through satellites and other means, they monitor foreign misses and rockets. They track anything overhead from the Arctic Ocean and the Northern Coast of Russia.

The one thing that Americans need to remember is that Trump doesn't say something for nothing and since he and Putin are having a bromance, he has the ability to put America in grave danger should he decide to pull America from Greenland should they choose not to sell Greenland to the US.

Greenland may be a red-herring or an opportunity to bring up something he and Moscow Mitch are working on behind the backs of the American people.

Definitely something to keep an eye on.

Meanwhile, the people of Greenland have made it clear it isn't for sale.

© 2019 Lady Liberty


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