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Greg Feldman for Florida Senate

Updated on July 1, 2016

Greg Feldman: A Lifetime of Public Service

A Candidate Who Has Always Put People Before Political Parties.
A Candidate Who Has Always Put People Before Political Parties. | Source

About Florida Senate Candidate Greg Feldman

Mr. Feldman’s career is hallmarked by a lifetime of public service. He decided at a very young age to serve his community and has continued to serve even to this day.He attended the University of Oklahoma and graduated with a degree in Political Science with an emphasis in Law Enforcement. In 1979 Mr. Feldman moved to Florida and met and married the love of his life, Jan.

"In 1980 he began a 25 year career with the South Miami Police Department, working in all facets of the department and retiring in 2005 as the Assistant Chief of Police. A year later he was active again as the Director of Safety and Security for Johnson & Wales University in North Miami. In 2007, then Department of Children & Families Secretary Bob Butterworth and Assistant Secretary George Sheldon’s staff recommended him for appointment as the Criminal Justice Coordinator for the Southern Region of DCF. Concurrent with that appointment, he was also appointed as a Reserve Police Officer, at $1.00 per year, for the City of West Miami. Both positions ended in 2013.".

Here are just a few awards and achievements Mr. Feldman has earned in his illustrious career of public service.

"His awards and honors include officer of the month awards in South Miami as well as South Miami’s Manager of the Year for 1998; plaques and letters of appreciation for countless hours spent with endeavors both within his assignments and with numerous committees and organizations.

The following is a partial list of Greg’s Memberships and past affiliations:

Florida Police Chiefs Association, member

International Association of Chiefs of Police, life member

Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute Associates, former state president

Miami Dade Crimestoppers, executive board member

All Police Charities, board member

Dade Miami Criminal Justice Council, member

South Florida Human Trafficking Task Force, member

Miami Electronic Crimes Task Force, member

MADD Dade County, executive board member

Miami Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police, member

Florida Bar Grievance Committee, past member".

Senate Candidate Feldman Listening to the People

A Politician Whose Only Opinion That Counts Is His Constituents.
A Politician Whose Only Opinion That Counts Is His Constituents. | Source

Who Is Candidate Greg Feldman Running For?

Mr. Feldman is running to represent the constituents in his district. He does not wish to represent a party but the people. He has actually told me his opinion does not matter but the, if he is elected to the Senate, opinions of the people in his district. Wow, how refreshing! Mr. Feldman has great plans for Floridians and for Florida. I will refer you to his page and suggest that you follow him on his issues at

He has innovative ideas how to bolster Florida's economy which begins with employing Floridians first and retaining as much wealth in Florida as possible. With Feldman in the Florida Senate, the people will be heard, small businesses will be supported by their state because small business makes up 97% of the economy. However, Mr. Feldman would also like to lower corporate tax rates to be better then, if not competitive, with Texas.

Senate Candidate Greg Feldman is running for you!


Do You Think Politicians Represent You and Not Their Party?

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Senate Candidate Feldman Needs You to Represent You!

The greatest challenge Mr. Feldman has to face is that he is running to represent the constituents of his district and serve in the Florida Senate as a non party affiliate. Therefore, his opponents have a significant strategic advantage over him in that they have campaign monies and volunteers from the parties. Quite literally Senate Candidate Feldman is the underdog in a huge race. Both his opponents offer their constituents the two party dynamic while Mr. Feldman brings a fresh perspective of serving the people in his district to the table instead of the parties.

The two party system habituates the clinical governmental dysfunction which only represents big business. You have an opportunity to change that by sending a non-party affiliated candidate with a proven public service track record to Tallahassee to finally represent the people. It is that simple. However you will have to be involved from everything from simply sharing this article on social media, to volunteering (anyone can volunteer), to making a campaign donation. You have the power to change the dynamic of the two party system.

In order for Mr. Feldman to serve you and subsequently Florida he will need your help. Sharing on your social media sites is not difficult. Volunteering on this campaign is easy. I know I do it. Mr. Feldman takes exceptionally small donations to large ones and appreciates everyone who contributes. He is on a mission to change the dynamic of how politics in Tallahassee are conducted but he cannot do it alone. He needs everyone's support. We are all sick of politicians and parties self serving agendas. This is our opportunity to change that and send Mr. Feldman to the Senate to serve his constituents.

This is a unique opportunity to work on a Florida Senate Campaign which will give you practical work experience. The question you should be asking yourself is will this opportunity ever present itself again to you?

Feldman For the People


Reasons to Vote for Senator Greg Feldman

  • Lifetime of Public Service
  • Non-Party Affiliated so he can serve his constituents
  • Has plans for Florida and Floridians to boost the economy
  • Has both Educational and Healthcare Plans Created by Florida
  • Wants to lower taxes on everyone including corporations to compete with Texas corporate tax rates.
  • Employ Floridians First Policy
  • Serving You as Your Senator is the Only Job He Wants.

Senate Candidate Feldman's Opponents

I believe Senate Candidate Greg Feldman is the only candidate to represent the people of his district. In an analysis of his opponents, I find both of them to be very decent and worthy individuals. But in a breakdown of their campaigns I have my doubts about their commitment and abilities to serve their districts like Senate Candidate Greg Feldman.

Democratic Senate Candidate Kathleen Trued-

Ms. Trued is a very lovely women who has spoken thoroughly and articulately on education. This is wonderful except we have common core which is paying $220 million dollars to Utah for a curriculum. As Senate Candidate Mr. Feldman has plainly stated we have the talent pool to "do it better" in Florida ourselves. We need less federal government interference in such things as education and more autonomy to educate Floridians so Floridians have jobs, food on the table and get the economy stronger. If there is a criticism to be had about Ms. Trued it is that she is too nice to be a Senator and that she over focuses on education in a state riddle with woes from economics, education to federal government interference.

Republican Incumbent John Thrasher

Speaking of woes is Mr. Thrasher going to take responsibility for the Common Core and the $220 million dollars he is sending to employ Utah instead of employing Floridians? For my readers this comes as no surprise to you that I believe every single incumbent should be fired; however I will give Mr. Thrasher the benefit of the doubt and say he is a good person who has made some very bad decisions regarding economic policies in the State of Florida which has hurt many middle class Floridians and small businesses. This is especially true of those that produce wine and beer which are facing horrendous taxes next year if Thrasher serves another term.

All this aside he is still a good candidate except for the fact that he has been running three campaigns. He aspires to be the next president of Florida State University while running to keep his Florida Senate seat and running Rick Scott’s re-election campaign. If you are committed to your constituents and have well thought out plans for your term in the Florida Senate then why apply to be President of Florida State University? You cannot do both jobs at the same time. If Thrasher receives the appointment as Florida State University’s next president then anyone who votes for him will be voting for him to appoint his successor. Is that Democracy?


In what I can only describe as the avoidance of Democracy, Senator John Thrasher has been appointed and will be the next President of Florida State University. He can not serve in the next Florida Congress as a Senator. This news only came 42 days before the election and after many absentee ballots were already cast. The media coverage has been minimal on Senator John Thrasher's new position at FSU and silent about the incumbent Senator Thrasher's sudden departure from politics to academia.

In what little, and there has been very little coverage, Thrasher claims it is a long process before he becomes President of FSU because he has to have the Board of Governor's (BOG) approval. This is not true, BOG's approval is a formality and Thrasher's approval as the next Presidet of FSU is expect right after the election.

Since Thrasher is not available to serve as the next Senator for District 6 and has refused to resign this leaves one of two possible conclusions. The first, and highly unlikely, will be that Thrasher resigns right before the election and allows the four counties he represents to appoint his successor. I do not know how this is a democratic process but it is a possibility. The second option is that Thrasher wins and then forces the candidates to run in a special election. Either choice significantly politically weakens the district Thrasher represents that is Florida District 6.The viable candidates left in the race have followed all the rules and have paid in blood, sweat and tears to make it this far. Why can they not be allowed to have a reasonable election process? I have heard costs of special elections to the counties to run from 1-2 million dollars. One million sounds reasonable but this represents a Thrasher Special Election Tax by the departing incumbent Senator Thrasher. True democracy will be served in a special election but one has to wonder why the 70 year old Senator Thrasher did not allow a younger successor to run instead? Estimates have Senator Thrasher's net worth at about 6.6 million dollars. How can Senator Thrasher claim to be a fiscal conservative or even run as a Republican if his own personal ambition costs the taxpayers of his districts 1-2 million dollars for his departing special election tax?

Tale of Thrasher's Two Candidacies

My Analysis of the Candidates

To me the choice is very clear. I am a supporter of Non-Party Affiliated Mr. Feldman. While Ms. Trued is nice and well versed on education her views are myopic and she just does not have the heart to get what needs to be done in the Senate for the constituents of Florida District 6.

Mr. Thrasher is experienced but has a colorful past to say the least in the Senate and his district suffers close to the highest unemployment rate in the state. He is willing to tax the small wineries and breweries in the state of Florida stifling economic growth all while sending $220 million dollars to employ people from Utah. The entire time he has been running as the incumbent he has also been running Rick Scott’s reelection campaign while applying to be the President of Florida State University. If he is so committed to his district then why is he looking for another job? Finally Mr. Thrasher is a lobbyist. Isn't that what we said we needed out of government all along?


While his name remains on the ballot if he succeeds to win as the next senator of his district he will force a special election at the cost of 1-2 million dollars to his constituents.

Senate Candidate Mr. Feldman wants to serve his constituents as their Senator and has addressed his position on every issue on his website He wants to put his district before political parties. He wants to improve the economy of Florida by employing Floridians first before Utah and Arizona. Mr. Feldman does not believe a dime of money should leave this state while anyone in his district is without a job or the economic security which employment can secure for them. The ONLY job Senate Candidate Greg Feldman wants is to be the next Florida Senator for District 6. Finally, Mr. Feldman is actually a fiscal conservative and the only one running for the Florida Senate in District 6.

The choices are clear to me.

Kathleen Trued: Common Core Education and More Federal Government Interference

Ms. Trued Several Years Later

Fiscal Conservative Republican Senator John Thrasher????

Thrasher CCJ

A Life Time of Dedication to Public Service

Ever Faithful to His Community!
Ever Faithful to His Community! | Source

Final Analysis of Florida Senate Campaign District 6

Your choices are very clear.

You have the Democratic Candidate, Kathleen Trued, that is pro-education that has a very myopic focus on Florida Education.

You have the seasoned and yet colorful spendthrift incumbent, John Thrasher who you could vote for but beware he is a top tier contender to be President of Florida State University. If he wins the seat he will appoint his successor and I am not certain how that is democratic. There are forty two days left so how well vetted could anyone be that he appoints?

THRASHER UPDATE: SENATOR JOHN THRASHER HAS BEEN APPOINTED TO THE PRESIDENCY OF FSU. John Thrasher is no longer able to serve in the next senate. Anyone who votes for Thrasher is voting for a special election at the cost estimates of around 1-2 million dollars for his district.

Let the Non-Party Candidate, Candidate Greg Feldman, the ever faithful public servant whose sole mission is to serve his constituents first before any party and the only fiscal conservative save the taxpayers a million dollars. He is the consummate gentleman who will not point out the fact to you that he is a complete under dog in this race. He will not tell you that he has limited campaign contributions and limited volunteers and needs every ones help to change the face of politics in Florida. Candidate Feldman is a well groomed gentleman who only lives to contribute to society and the best way he can do this is by serving as the next Florida Senator of District 6. Also Candidate Feldman is the only fiscal conservative on this ballot but he is much to nice to say so.

So Who Do You Prefer?

Who do you prefer the myopic sweet Democrat?  The seasoned albeit colorful spendthrift in conservative clothing who has been been applying to be President of Florida State University while running for Florida Senate?  Or honest Mr. Feldman?
Who do you prefer the myopic sweet Democrat? The seasoned albeit colorful spendthrift in conservative clothing who has been been applying to be President of Florida State University while running for Florida Senate? Or honest Mr. Feldman? | Source

This Is the Guy I Want To Vote For!!

Florida Senate Candidate District 6 (NPA) Greg Feldman In His Own Words


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