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Gridlock: The Republican's Obstructionists Doctrine

Updated on August 5, 2014

Purely backwards thinking within the GOP

Prevailing stupidity of the GOP mindset!
Prevailing stupidity of the GOP mindset! | Source

The Faces of Discontent

The House GOP figurehead!
The House GOP figurehead!
The rabble-rousing, mischievous and disruptive one.
The rabble-rousing, mischievous and disruptive one.
A wolf in sheep's clothing!
A wolf in sheep's clothing!
The soon to be ex-sneaky one!
The soon to be ex-sneaky one!
Mr. Flip Flop himself
Mr. Flip Flop himself
The GOP's merry band of misfits!
The GOP's merry band of misfits!

Spite filled GOP who want their way, period!

In theory this artwork and caption should be worth a minimum of a thousand words, but it can done with far fewer words to explain the humor of it. Due to the nature of the point that it's trying to make, it really is a serious problem that shouldn't really exist in this day and age.

To those of us that are actually paying attention to the world outside, I've noticed the similar behavioral characteristic of the Tea Party Republican and small spiteful children who misbehaved when they didn't get their way. The tend to be unruly and hard to deal with unless the parent laid down the rules and then they knew just how much they could push their luck before they were disciplined. The difference being these are fully grown and well educated adults, that know right from wrong for the most part, but they act of spite just the same.

Case in point is the nonsensical talk of impeaching a sitting US President or the threat of impeachment, because they won't work with him to try and solve the problems facing our country. And of course this whinny school boy mentality when it comes to doing the job they were elected to do, because they don't like President Obama or his Administration. They, the House GOP, namely John Boehner that refuses to bring certain issues (i.e. equal pay for women, raising the minimum wage, etc.) to the floor of the House for a vote because it's the right thing to do.

But they can't handle the fact that they've lost two Presidential Election to a guy they simple don't want to see succeed and take his place in History as having accomplish something that's for the betterment of society as a whole. Plus they've been proven to be wrong on the issues more often that they care to admit. They've ginned up would be scandals one after another, only to fall short of denigrating or tarnishing his Presidential Legacy.

Primarily because he's beaten them at their own game of political gamesmanship, by succeeding with ideas that they once supported before he supported them. Mainly, the Affordable Care Act, they utterly hate the law not because it works. But because it was a GOP idea that was crafted from the Massachusetts's model that was put in place by the then Republican Governor.

The House GOP will do well to remember this fact, elections do have consequences come November!

Will the GOP have what it takes to win back the Senate and retain the House

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    • lovemychris profile image

      Yes Dear 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      "The loss in U.S. economic prestige, which is also hard to gauge, but keeps getting whittled away every time GOP cause gridlock over spending"

      --working against the USA.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Yes Dear 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Well, I personally believe they are working against the USA, and for Global corporate interests...the NWO.

      They claim we are broke, but find no shortage of money to fund destruction and war...not for peace and democracy, but to gain territory and power.

      Telling poor kids they have to clean bathrooms to earn their lunch?

      I this what America has become?

      Nah....I think the fat lady has sung and it's over. House will be R for decades to come, and they hold the purse strings.

      Doesn't matter what great ideas and policies you wish to implement...if you can't fund it, it's not gonna happen.

      It's a choke-hold they've got us in, and they care 0 for American interests, IMO.

      In fact, I would go so far as to say that hate is now a family value,

      patriotic means wishing ill on the president,

      and having your way 100% is the only way to go.

      Paying taxes to the country that fostered your wealth is stupid, and squeezing all you can out of workers for a buck is ethics in business.


    • Salvienation profile image

      Salvienation 3 years ago

      Hello tetief2000, thanks for reading my hub and leaving a comment. Personally, I'm not so sure how the law is a bad one if you're referring to the ACA.

      1.) Should you or a loved one of yours get seriously ill, you won't go broke because the health insurance company won't cover this or that illness for whatever lame ass reason they come up with to deny your claim.

      2.) If you or your loved one has a pre-existing condition the insurance company can't deny you coverage.

      3.) a tax credit to help you afford your health insurance premiums.

      Might I ask what's wrong with those things? Or is it a bad law simply because the right wing wants to repeal and replace it with ..... oh, wait, NOTHING!

      Hello lovemychris and joeyallen thanks for reading my hub, I hope you enjoyed reading it. The RW is so full of itself that they're only primarily concerned with their individual re-election campaign and the average Americans are getting thrown under the bus and repeatedly roll over!

    • joeyallen profile image

      Kerry Allen 3 years ago from SE Texas

      Hey lovemychris

      Good response. You hit the nail on the head. The RW has allowed biased thoughts to control the 50% of the average American's commonsense. They are darn clever. How can so many of them go to church on Sunday and then put a gun in Jesus' hand, scream and picket innocent children, work against compromise of any kind, and then blame Obama. Very clever. This is biased politics at its worst.

      The scariest politician (I'm ashamed to say) is from my home state of Texas: Ted Cruz.

      A little prediction here: I predict at some point this kind of biased thinking will come crashing down after it has caused some extra-ordinary catastrophe.

      Don't give up lovemy chris, they haven't destroyed America yet. The political pendulum will swing back to common sense with a vengeance. Be sure to vote Democratic and it may be sooner than later.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Yes Dear 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      If it wasn't so tragic for the country, it'd be extremely comical. As it is, the lying and sneering contempt of the RW for this president has ruined any chance of the wonderful things that were meant to happen when he got into office.....

      I remember the optimism, the gvrs, mayors of all states excited to start this new partnership......

      But the atavistic sorcerers had their way.

      Everything good was demonized, every good idea crushed.

      They lied their way into power again (Jobs jobs jobs)--and have destroyed/watered down any idea, policy, thought that comes from this president.

      They put people in a spell with their big mouth rabid spin-meisters, and sheeple end up following their basest feeling, which is fear and hatred of "the other".

      Job well done sorcerers.

      How does it feel now that you've destroyed America?

    • profile image

      retief2000 3 years ago

      The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.

      Abraham Lincoln