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Gujarat Riots - 2015 - Patidar Anaamat Andolan Rally

Updated on August 28, 2015


A month towards the end of which, Cities of Gujarat were in flames and bloody.


I am living in Surat, Diamond Hub of India. It is the city of Gujarat which is considered as not only one of the cleanest of India but also one of the safest. As for Gujarat, it is one of the wealthiest states of India, that is paying highest tax from past many years.

Such growth with this kind of safety is only possible, when both, citizens as well as the authorities, maintain basic discipline and perform their responsibilities properly. Among these are the people from all casts and religions, who are working together through inter-dependency. This includes people from Patidar community too.

About Patidar Community

People of Patidar Community are spread across Gujarat. They are well known for their Strong, Hardworking and Business-minded nature. – I would cent percent agree to it, as I have a lot of friends and associates, who belong to this community. And I am glad to have them. – Along with this, they have something extravagant, which is their unity; which was noticed widely during this event too.

When it comes to such event, it is tough to relate this community with it, as they try to avoid such dreadful conditions. The reason being, they are very calculative, and they would evaluate profit-loss of the outcome before taking a single step in their lives, let them be business tycoons or labor class people or even housewives. Most of them start to work at early ages; in recent times, along with their higher studies.

Not to miss, Daimond market in India is dominated by the people from this community, as maximum number for Daimond Companies are founded and operated by them. Mostly all types of businesses have founders and/or executive level workers to this community.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel - A Patidar

He belonged to this community as well.

He was one of the leaders in Indian National Congress as well as one of the Founding Fathers of India, during and immediately after the British rule, respectively.

He is held in high regards, as he was well educated, calm and strong at the same time.

He is also known as, "Lokhandi Purush" - "Man of Great Strength" - among locals.

The Messages he sent, through his actions, to people was about Hardwork, Persistence and To be Strong enough to face the adversity with Peace.


Somewhere out of the blue, news started popping in regarding the Patidar Community asking for Special Reservation Quota in Gujarat. Soon, there were rallies organized all around Gujarat. There were not just a few, but Lakhs of people from the community who joined at each, and the number kept on increasing in the successive rallies.

As we all know, it will be inappropriate to declare a date for such initiatives to start, as they are well conceived and planned, before execution. Moreover, caste-based discrimination politics is not a new term. Politicians have often found a way, or other, to induce such situations, for their personal and political benefits.

Coming back to the point – this situation started to rise, as a group of people decided to come forth and ask for special reservation for their community. As per the information acquired, this group was divided and had started to target people from different cities. There, they gathered people of same community from small areas in small numbers, which weren’t noticed earlier, and informed about their initiative along with the Face, and asked them to join. A huge sum of people seemed to agree and join in; including men and women.

Thus, while planning the days for rallies in different cities, they managed to gather a huge crowd from Patidar community for most of those.


These rallies were organized so as to apply for special reservation quota for Patidar Community people in Gujarat. For the most part during the rallies at different cities, huge number people joined in, and maintained peace at the same time.

Before, getting to the Capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad, they had planned and accordingly organized rallies at all major places. They didn’t just stop there, but they encouraged people to join them at Ahmedabad, thereby increasing the mob size by large.

About Special Reservation Quota

Does this type of Special Quotas help make life of all the countryman better?

See results

Here, the purpose was to submit the memorandum to The Collector, as per the procedure.

The Crowd At GMDC Ground, Ahmedabad, On That Day!

They were given the permission for the rally at Ahmedabad along with the police protection and special consideration when it came to accommodating the crowd, for which they were given GMDC Ground without any charge, as well as managing as much parking facility as possible.

(Note: Time limitation was kept intact, same as that for the general public.)

Till this time, everything was going smoothly, without any disturbance to public.

Should such rules be continued?

See results

The First Hit

As the time passed and the crowd grew, and something clicked to the mind of the Face, the leader. Instead of submitting the memorandum to the Collector, he demanded that the Chief Minister, M/s Anandiben Patel, come to them to collect it, which was a total surprise for his party members, who were on stage, too. Furthermore, he also said, that until she comes they weren’t going to move and also that they will fast-unto-death. – The time limit for the GMDC ground by this was over.

After this, events started to take turn. Police officers went upstage and arrested the Face in front of Lakhs who were in and around the ground. As police were moving the public away from the Face who was taken to the police vehicle, they pushed a few who were not supporting it or even in the way. This triggered a sudden outrage among the crowd, and things started to turn violent and it very rapidly spread across Ahmedabad and many other cities of Gujarat, like Surat, Mehsana, Unjha and so on. With a hope that things will get back to normal, police released the Face in a while, but it was too late then.

Overnight, all these cities were in flames, with Public properties worth Millions were down to ashes. Mostly, among the targeted Public Properties, were Public Transports – State Transport and City Transport Buses – Railways, and Police Stations, which were the same through the second and third day. Alongside, there were some personal properties, which were damaged too. (Note: It would be wrong to entirely blame people for the damage, as few CCTV footages captured police officers damaging personal properties too.)

During all this, to take control of the situation, police fired a few rounds, by which few innocent lives were lost. At the same time, few policemen died too, being injured by the stones and other things thrown at them.

Towards the end of the day 3, after giving the charge to army things started to settle down. But by then 100s of vehicles around Gujarat were in ashes, or rendered useless; lives were lost; hate and disgrace was spread around, with most people blaming the police force and people from the Patidar community.

Amidst All This,


While all these events took place over the period of more than 2 consecutive days, there were a few questions which remained unanswered even to date and have puzzled a lot of us. The questions related to

* The stand of CM

* Why Police force is solely blamed for all this?

* About Hardik Patel, so far mentioned as the Face

* What was the Agenda behind the rallies?

* Is Mr. Narendra Modi somewhere related

and a lot more.


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    • nisargmehta profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from SURAT, Gujarat, India

      Strongly agree, @supremeupbeat k!

    • supremeupbeat k profile image

      Mahadeb Kar 

      2 years ago from Somewhere in India

      Terror can not produce good.


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