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Gulf Oil Spill. Why BP is Still Drilling in the Gulf? Were they stopped in Mexico?

Updated on February 14, 2012
steve8miller profile image

Steve Miller a dynamic online writer and video editor who has many years of online experience. Building suspense and informing the public...

Still Drilling In The Gulf

The Gulf Oil Disaster was inevitable! BP admitted they did not have the technology needed to prevent such a situation, which arrived on April 20th 2010. Two great man-made disasters occurred on this date as history shows. The first disaster was Hitler being born, the second was the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. A leek was found weeks before the Deepwater horizon Oil Spill. However, no action was taken to ensure this disaster would not occur. Tony Hayward the CEO of BP acknowledged this in a hearing before congress. A leak was found in the oil rig safety equipment weeks before the disaster. Again profits come before the environment, so surely after this disaster they would learn right? Wrong. They are still drilling offshore just miles away from the disaster itself. If the goal is to create a hell on earth type of scenario, then perhaps they have succeeded, and will further succeed.

So what has been done to stop drilling offshore? Well the first step was proposed by our current president Mr. Barack Obama, he moved to place a six-month ban on deepwater oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. This is better than anyone else has proposed to do. In the opinion of all life on this planet, it should be stopped altogether. In the end BP wins again, as a federal judge blocked Obama's order to stop drilling offshore in the gulf. The government has been infiltrated by big oil, this is common knowledge. So the next disaster is looming in the distance. Now they want to do even more risky drilling in the arctic. They have no care for the environment, and it shows by their actions that money is more important. History will show that this is just another step in the human disaster which leads to the decline of the human race. The best chance to stop this and move to a clean energy is at hand, but big oil is bucking harder than ever.

The Republicans are apologizing to BP for the escrow account that Obama created for the victims of the Gulf Oil Disaster. The only injustice is the fact that Obama had to force them to do this in the first place. The shrimpers on April 19th were doing what they had been up to that point, shrimping! Now they are helping clean up this disaster for BP. Would it be right to make them wait decades on litigation for money they would be earning just fine if this disaster did not happen in the first place? Republicans say yes, it would be perfectly fine, as BP is more important. They also propose we keep on drilling, even though we do not have the capability to prevent another similar disaster. Just weeks ago, I was writing about the Implications of Oil Withdrawal. How Ironic it really looks like the implications are soon going to hinder every life form on this planet. If we sit here and act like everything is okay, then we are all doomed for our own inaction and arrogance. How much oil is going to leak before they stop it? How do they even clean up the oil which has already leaked. The entire ocean is connected. I just love how big corporate interest again, have covered this fact up. The entire ocean is at stake. If this happens again, the potential for every living thing in the ocean dying is very likely. Even without another spill, this spill looks like it has the potential to travel the world, killing every living thing in which it comes across. The question is what are the implications of this current oil disaster? What happens when a hurricane swings in from the gulf, picking up the oil and spreading it all across the land? However, we are still deep ocean drilling. If this does not show how greed has the potential in creating a end of days scenario, I do not know what does. This whole thing has been so downplayed! I think it is just insane. 1 million barrels of oil leaking from the sea every 12 hours. The EPA throws a fit when they find a German submarine that contains, in comparison a minuet amount of mercury. My question would be, where the hell is every one right now?

All in all, the earth is in serious trouble right now. It is the responsibility of the U.S Government to put a stop to this. This is why you do not allow any individual or corporation to get bigger than the government. The government acts on the PEOPLES BEHALF. The corporation acts on the investors and shareholders behalf, to make them more money. Even at the expense of all life on this planet. A big misconception is that both parties are right. This is wrong. The only ones right are the ones that believe in conserving and preserving life on this planet. Any other idea is evil, and will destroy life on this planet. You are on one side or the other, life, or anti-life. The time for choosing sides is upon us now. As of right now Republicans side with greed and the destruction of life. Where some of the democrats / liberals believe in preserving and conserving life, as life is more important than profit and power. The word conservative republican christian is an oxymoron, and if you believe in Christ be warned, when he descends from the heavens they will attempt to destroy him. This is fact. In Berlin while the bombs were falling, and Hitler was long deceased, while entering the homes of the German citizens, the allies found that many Germans did not believe Hitler was dead. Also they did not believe they had lost the war. They were brain washed. The propagandist and Nazi Joseph Goebbels had infiltrated the media, and used it to deceive the people into thinking whatever he wanted them to think. Well my friends this tactic is used by Corporations around the world. They own the media. So if you expect to hear the truth, good luck and GOD bless, because as they will tell you, you cant handle the truth.

Deep water drilling needs to end Today. If it does not we are playing Russian roulette with every life form on this planet. No matter what you believe, the facts are facts, your beliefs are beliefs. It is each and everyone of our responsibilities to act, and lead the way into a new era. An era where humans beings seek to preserve life at all cost. To leave the era of war, chaos, and destruction behind us. So we can look back at the time when the individual human being only sought to gratify his or her own pleasures, at the cost of every life form on this planet, and say what were they thinking? I see a time when we all look back, and we say were we really that greedy, egotistical, and destructive. However I come back to reality fast, where the individual human being comes first, and everything else is just some far out idea. It is time to leave oil behind, and seek out a new form of energy that does not have disastrous implications on the life on this planet. For without life, we will no longer exist. So what will be the point of all the wealth in which we have accumulated anyway? I will end with this. If we do not stop this insanity it will be the beginning of a long series of disasters in which introduces us, to our own extinction on this planet.

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    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Tiger I missed your projection onto me. You really state this on this hub when people are losing everything. You, and I quote said.

      "I was very sorry to read that while a little boy of 4, up until you graduated Alternative School and left home for the Men's Shelter, your mother would force a large butt-plug into you, cuff your hands behind your back, and lock you naked into the dog-run along your back fence. The horror you felt when cars drove by, fearing, and then eventually hoping, some one would see you."

      If your mother treated you in such a manner, then perhaps it explains why you are so intolerant. As well your sociopathic tendinitises.

    • profile image

      American Tiger 

      8 years ago

      So 2 is now the number of all your Hubs? Like most bloviators, you need to speak in absolutes, words like Always and Never are your default time frames.

      Like all Egotists, you swear everything revolves around you, or it cannot have purpose. You are the center of your own little reality, and anyone who questions that reality must be attacked immediately, vociferously, and repeatedly.

      You're easily frustrated, and a case study in difference between being Dominant and acting domineering. Your empty, baseless accusations are the fanned neck-frills of a skinny little lizard, hoping beyond hope that the world won't see how terrified it truly is.

      I repeated myself as to what you've tried to post because the truth bares repeating. I am not here to listen to your personal problems, and writing smut in the hopes I'll post it as a Comment is beyond the pale.

      I know you didn't expect me to post what you'd written, in the hopes of perhaps "making a contact". You'd like to think I count you as an enemy, when in fact I think of you as a case study in the absolute lack of personal integrity which typifies the liberal argument. You will say absolutely anything, no matter how wrong or easily disproved it is, in the "hope" that no one at all will check your facts.

      Short sighted, inept, ill written, ill spoken, perverted, closeted, speaking only in emotional broad generalizations. Textbook emotionally stunted narcissist. And if you continue to write your pornographic fantasies in my comment sections, I'll have HubPages Admin close your account.

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Come on Tiger enough of this spamming all my sites with the same boring commentary. Yes you block comments I do not. I have nothing to hide that is you AmericanTiger. Check out more of AmericanTigers automatic text generating postings. At least change the words up a little. How can the same text apply to this hub and

      Tiger your bringing politics into science is getting old. You know nothing of factual science. Stick to Politics Tiger. I know you envy me, but come on already. I will not block your racist slanderous comments. I am not like you, you are a terrorist of America. As you admitted in the other hub on "spitting in the face of American GI's, and not supporting the people who died in the GULF because of BP" Might want to read this Tiger guys hubs. You are openly homophobic as we can all see in this comment above. Do not worry I cannot judge you. I do not believe in banning gay marriage Tiger. Now seriously AmericanTiger stick to politics for politics. This is science not politics. Go tell that to the families who had family members died on that fateful day of the Deep Horizon Oil catastrophe. I will never judge you tiger. I will ask my Savior to forgive you, for you know not what you do. Good luck tiger and GOD bless.

    • profile image

      American Tiger 

      8 years ago

      You made so many "factually inaccurate" statements in this post, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. To say that your communicative style was that of an Egotistical Bloviator with Delusions of Grandeur would be an insult to Egotistical Bloviators the world over. It would also be a very apt description, but we'll leave all that aside.

      I've been erasing your comments on my own Hubs out of a deep desire to remain in control. Not only do I not want you posting your baseless claims that I'm Angry, much of what you tell me about your personal life disturbs me.

      I was very sorry to read that while a little boy of 4, up until you graduated Alternative School and left home for the Men's Shelter, your mother would force a large butt-plug into you, cuff your hands behind your back, and lock you naked into the dog-run along your back fence. The horror you felt when cars drove by, fearing, and then eventually hoping, some one would see you.

      I know I discussed your intellectual lack and obvious emotional unbalance, but that was in no way license for you to unburden those things on me. Even more disturbing was to learn you've come to love that sort of thing, and cannot get to sleep at night without being cuffed and plugged.

      Again, just because I have a minor in motivational psychology, doesn't mean I'm the person you should admit this kind of thing to. Seek counseling, you poor, sick, twisted, hollow, shallow little shadow of a man. (I know I quote you there, but it was the first honest thing you'd ever said about yourself, as far as I can tell.)

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      I just revised this a little in a few places. This whole thing is really disturbing. I hope many will read these words. For it is our time to act.

    • heymcs profile image


      8 years ago from Utah and DC

      Awesome hub and I plan to link to it everywhere I can. I grew up in Cocoa Beach and I am devastated by the oil spill - the impact is and will continue to be catastrophic - one scientist suggests it will take years to stop it. I applaud Obama for proposing the 6 month ban and am sickened it was blocked. I agree all offshore drilling should be banned. And, now with the hurricane approaching - the oil is moving even further and faster. Disgusting. How is BP compensating all the people out of work NOW - no money for food or paying rent- hotels, restaurants - empty? Shrimpers who won't ever work again?

    • North Wind profile image

      North Wind 

      8 years ago from The World (for now)

      Wow steve8miller, very well put together!


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