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Pros and Cons of Gun Control

Updated on July 26, 2011

Gun control: Does it make life more safe or more dangerous?

Gun control is a popular issue in society.  People who are pro gun control imagine a peaceful world, with no violence whatsoever if guns were banned.  Is that realistic though?  This article will go into detail discussing the pros and cons of gun control and carefully analyzing how an actual gun ban would result.

Would a gun ban make the world more safe to live in?  Would it make the world more dangerous?  Well, at first thought when you think of banning guns, it seems like it would obviously make things safer, but let's really look in detail at how things would turn out.

Pros of Gun Control

First and foremost, we will discuss the pros of gun control, because I feel like these are the first half of the thought process. We all envision a world with no one using guns ever. No burglars have guns, no robbers have guns, no thugs and no terrorists have guns. What a perfect world that would be. We'll get into how it would actually turn out, if we banned guns in the next section, but first let's go over the pros of gun control -- considering no one out there actually has a gun. The pros we will mention below would only be valid, if all criminals ceased to carry guns as well, with the new implementation of gun control.

The first pro would be virtually no violent crime. Sure people may still shop lift or break into each others houses to steal things, but no gun violence would be involved. Most of the time, there would be no death involved from these occurrences.

The second would be comfort knowing that psychotic people can not easily obtain a firearm and go on a killing spree. Remember Columbine? In a world where guns were banned, this would not be very likely to happen at all. Imagine all of the kids of that high school who would hypothetically still be alive if guns were banned.

The pros of gun control sound very good, in theory, kind of like communism. However, seeing the pros of gun control is thinking the entire thought only halfway through, as we'll discuss in the next section of the article.

Gun Control
Gun Control

Cons of Gun Control

The problem with the theory of gun control making the world much more peaceful is that it's simply not realistic. People who envision gun control resulting in a world with no gun violence are only thinking the thought half through.

Keep in mind criminals are people who break laws. If there was a law banning guns, do you really think the criminals would just say, "Aw. Shucks." Then turn in their fire arms? No. The law abiding people who only own guns for self-defense from said criminals would, however.

Now imagine you are criminal, who has obtained your gun illegally. If tomorrow you woke up and found out guns were banned, what would your reaction be? If I was a criminal, especially a burglar who liked to break and enter homes, I would be thrilled! I would realize that now, I could break and enter into homes with my gun pointing at the residents, knowing that they would most likely be unarmed and unable to defend themselves. If I was a criminal, a society that had banned guns would be my paradise.

Burglars and other criminal scum are just the beginning of an increased threat when a nation or society has banned guns. The world is full of power hungry dictators who would not even bat an eye before invading and conquering a country that was insufficiently armed. If we were invaded by another country or combination of countries and our populace was unarmed due to a gun ban, we would pose no threat whatsoever and would be easily conquered.


In reality and not in pretty, happy fantasy land, banning guns would not not result in less violence.  In fact, I believe it would result in more of it, for the reasons stated in the previous section.  Criminals do not respect the law, therefore they would still find a way to gain illegal possession of fire arms.  This would leave those of us who only want guns for self-defense completely unarmed against potential burglars, who are aware we are not capable of defending ourselves, due to the law.

It is critical to thoroughly think ideas like the banning of guns ALL THE WAY THROUGH, before we go out and rally for them.  Unfortunately, it's not a rosy pretty world out there and being left completely defenseless is never a good idea.  Fire arms are the one thing that you can use to protect your family and yourself from having someone walk into your house, take whatever (or whoever) they want from you and leave.


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    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 5 years ago from Southern California

      I agree with your hub.

      I wrote my hub on the root cause of violent crimes


      33,000 gangs in the US with over 1.4 million members

      There are also about 250,000 gang members in prisons and jails.

    • profile image

      ANewConservative 5 years ago from Chicago

      I read another hub that stated the everyone (and I mean Everyone) should own and carry a firearm. I plan to write a full hub in response, but I think this is a good place to also put the idea out here- you really got the point of what we pro-legal carry folks like to call "criminal safezones", areas which ban firearms only do so for law abiding people, making them easy targets. It being next to impossible to completely eliminate all guns from society the second best is to arm Everyone. As you mentioned, a criminal will feel very safe burglarizing a home knowing he is armed and his victim is not, but a criminal knowing that not only is his victim armed, but everyone else around as well is armed will simply not risk using his weapon, knowing countless people will be shooting back.

      A good article explaining both sides of the issue, but as I think you'll agree, in the real world, total gun control is just a pipe dream and lawfully armed citizens are the only real defense to unlawfully armed individuals.

    • mandymoreno81 profile image

      mandymoreno81 6 years ago

      Gun control is a big issue and keeping it out of the hands of people who are not licensed to have one is probably a good preventative measure.