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Gun Control is Now More Than an Issue, It's a Necessity

Updated on August 7, 2019
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As i'm watching the violence at a school in Colorado and their grieving, I hear the President laugh at the thought of shooting immigrants.

NRA Advertisement- 2nd Amendment scare tactics
NRA Advertisement- 2nd Amendment scare tactics

NRA & Government make gun control a dangerous issue

Gun Control is becoming the top issue in viral emails and social networks. The NRA is using gun control to put fear in the American people, while government elected representatives continue to help the NRA make millions and politicians who make millions as well from lobbyists who are pandering for their support.

Who will suffer in the end? The American people. A few days ago, speaking to an officer of the peace, I was told that it was getting impossible to buy service revolver ammunition because the lunatics are stockpiling weapons and ammo.

The demand for guns out of fear has created a rise in the cost of ammo as well as weapons.

Is this something new? No, sadly it is not. This line of fear tactic was used in 2008 and the NRA and gun shops made millions off the public fear. Four years later with a new election and a Democrat leading the country and once again it's time to stock up on weapons.

Republicans say the 2nd amendment gives them the right to bear arms. When it was written, we didn't have the types of automatic weapons we have today. So, should that have bearing on the law and should there be an amendment to the law? Who goes hunting with an AK 47 for deer, etc? To hear Republicans, NRA and avid anti-gun law control supporters, you would think that all deer hunters use them.

In the old days, children played with red ryder BB guns and shot at targets like empty cans. Today when you mention a red ryder BB gun, a child says what? The new BB guns look so much like an adult handgun that some children have actually been seriously hurt or killed for being mistaken as pointing an actual gun.

In 2009, there were 310 million firearms in the United States, not including black market purchases, not did that included "assault weapons". The closest number to assault weapons in the United States was in 1994, when a study showed that there were approximately 1.5 million assault weapons that were privately owned in the US. It would take a fool to believe that we are still at this level today.

Assault Weapons

The word "assault weapon" means just that, a weapon used for an assault. A military weapon. The word "assault" on its own means to make a physical attack on someone or something.

While the NRA would have people believe that it's the liberal left that calls them assault weapons. The fact is that it was the manufacturers, the wholesalers, dealers and importers and the NRA that felt it would give it that manly ring. It was created by them to stimulate sales and have been fighting that stigmatism since. Because in essence, these are weapons for assault that they are trying to pass off now as hunting rifles.

The description of an assault rifle is one that is capable of switching from firing automatically (1 round) to semi-automatically (multiple rounds). An Assault weapon is strictly semi-automatic. The majority of these assault weapons were designed for our men and women in combat to protect themselves from large scale attacks.

An assault weapon is easy to identify by the following six items:

  1. Semi-automatic weapon can accept a detachable magazine (cartridge that holds ammo)
  2. Folding or telescoping stock
  3. Pistol grip that protrudes beneath the action of the weapon
  4. Threaded barrel that accepts flash suppressors and muzzle break
  5. Grenade launcher
  6. Barrel shroud

Democrats, want control of weapons because of the mass gun violence we've had of late and the escalating number of blatant random and mass shootings. While many Republicans will not agree to it on camera, many have voiced the same opinion in "private", as was said by a Republican correspondent on CNN over the weekend. This issue has begun to divide members of the Republican party itself.

The Governor of Montana, a "red state", did the unthinkable; he called members of gun rights activist to meet and to come up with a solution for making laws that allow for gun safety. And they came up with an agreement. One that includes background checks.

The Governor of New York, wants to Make America Safe Again and has a plan on background checks, database of those unfit to purchase a weapon on a federal level like the one they have in New York.

If they can come to agreements and solutions on the state level, what is keeping the House and the Senate from doing it on a federal level? Lobbyists and kickbacks?

It is time to take the politics out of the equation and make it about the people. Those that elected them to represent us all.

Can both parties come together with a solution? It will be interesting to see.

When Donald Trump campaigned and was awarded the Presidency in 2016, his rhetoric was viral when it came to race and divisiveness. He wouldn't apologize but instead tried to turn the blame on others. Shootings increased, attacks on minorities increased and many people gave up making the excuse "he's just Trump".

That rhetoric, no matter what the President says, has been a catalyst for the shootings that took place over the weekend leaving 70 dead and many more wounded.

In February of this year, 49 people were killed in an Orlando Night Club by a supporter of White Supremacy. And two months later, April 2019, Trump spoke at the NRA Convention, one of his big supporters. He called started by saying "You are great American Patriots".

He continued with "I want to thank all of you, the proud card carrying members of the NRA. Every day, you stand up for your God-given rights, without exception, without apology."

Then he attacks the Democrats by telling the crowd, " In recent days the Democrats have proposed banning new guns and confiscating existing guns from law abiding citizens. What they don't tell you is the bad guys aren't giving up their guns. And you aren't going giving up your guns either."

And then the biggest kicker of the speech when talking about the Democrats.

"In fact, they like criminal aliens, aliens so much that when we're forced to release them into our country because of the horrible immigration laws that Democrats refuse to give us the votes. We give them as many as they can handle."

Not only is Donald Trump lying to these people, sadly, he's telling them what they want to hear and its racist and dangerous. And the fact that Americans are dying in mass shootings at what seems on a weekly basis of late will not keep Donald J. Trump from spreading the hate and rhetoric.

His words have become a cancer that is killing our country and no one is willing to hold him accountable with laws that will put a stop to this behavior. How said for America, and as I am writing this, another place in America is on lock down.

And Trump's friend and allie at Fox News has come to his defense. Calling white supremacy a hoax. Defend the fact that Trump is not a racist and it's all a hoax, just like Russia, only that the Mueller Report and Mueller himself before Congress said it was a fact, not a hoax.


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