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Gun Control Is It Really An Issue

Updated on January 31, 2013

NRA & Government Make Gun Control A Dangerous Issue

Gun Control is becoming the top issue in viral emails and social networks. The NRA is using gun control to put fear in the American people, while government elected representatives continue to help the NRA make millions.

Who will suffer in the end? The American people. A few days ago, speaking to an officer of the peace, I was told that it was getting impossible to buy service revolver ammunition because the lunatics are stock piling weapons and ammo.

The demand for guns out of fear has created a rise in the cost of ammo as well as weapons.

Is this something new? No, sadly it is not. This line of fear tactic was used in 2008 and the NRA and gun shops made millions off the public fear. Here we are 4 years later with a new election and a Democrat leading the country and once again it's time to stock up on weapons.

Republicans say the 2nd amendment gives them the right to bare arms. When it was written, we didn't have the types of automatic weapons we have today. So, should that have baring on the law and should there be an amendment to the law? Who goes hunting with an AK47 for deer, etc? To hear Republicans, NRA and avid anti-gun law control supporters, you would think that all deer hunters use them.

In the old days, children played with red rider BB guns and shot at targets like empty cans. Today when you mention a red rider BB gun, a child says what? The new BB guns look so much like an adult handgun that some children have actually been seriously hurt or killed for being mistaken as pointing an actual gun.

Democrats, want control of weapons because of the mass gun violence we've had of late and the escalating number of blatant random and mass shootings. While many Republicans will not agree to it on camera, many have voiced the same opinion in "private", as was said by a Republican correspondent on CNN over the weekend. This issue has begun to divide members of the Republican party itself.

Can either party come together with a solution? It will be interesting to see.


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