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Gun Stories

Updated on December 8, 2016
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Author/Writer has served his communities with distinction and honor. He is a published author of short stories. He served in the US Navy.

The Seat of Power?

Why Guns are carried in the USA
Why Guns are carried in the USA | Source
Why I shoot for sport
Why I shoot for sport | Source

Gun Stories Anthology for Readers

Any reader of the following "stories" should take note that these stories are provided to illuminate and not to disturb. However, some readers here who have experienced shootings should be forewarned these stories might be troubling.

The Missed Bulls Eye

A Gun floated into a town's Tavern. The gun moved to a seat at the bar and the bartender set a large, frothy beer before the gun while inviting it to have a "cold one."

The Gun looked at the beer, it was so inviting that very hot day. However, it didn't take the beer in hand to drink. Rather, it pushed the beer aside so as not to drink any of that intoxicant. After all, it was only a gun. The bar tender noticed this and removed the beer from the bar top. Then the man took hold of the gun and shot the gun. Nevertheless, the Gun missed the bull’s eye of the target. -The End

The Killing at a School by a Gun

Once upon a time, in the country known as the United States of America, a gun floated into town to see what it could find to shoot. The gun waited until early the next morning for the time when local schools were about to start receiving children into class. It moved to the parking lot in the front of the school and observed the schoolchildren going lazily to their classes as if they really did not wish to attend. After most of the children of this middle school had entered their classes, the gun floated into one of the back doors of the building where the kids were just beginning to take their seats and place their books on top of their desks. As the gun moved down the hallway, it noticed a mean guard standing watch over the main hallway of the school's building. However, it felt no deterrence as the guard was fast asleep at his desk in the main hallway. The gun floated beyond the guard stationed there and came to the front of a doorway leading into a classroom of thirty children of middle-school age. They all wore nice, colorful clothing and the girls, it noticed, wore short and tight fitting skirts and tops. The gun felt a surge of power run through its cold steel metal. It opened the doorway to the classroom and began to hang in the air and fire many shots of hot lead into the bodies of countless kids who all began to scream and shout for the gun to cease its fire, but the gun continued to shoot until there were no more rounds of ammo left inside it. The gun could see many children laying on the floor of the classroom and it smoked with that cool, calculating, grey-blue puff that it was known for by so many people in the modern world. The gun flew from the classroom and dispersed amongst some trees that were not too far distant from the school building. Police cars could be heard approaching the school, but who would ever suspect a mere gun of killing any human beings? Who…After all? Everyone knows that guns don't kill people. Only people kill people - not guns! Who would ever believe that a mere piece of metal with bullets loaded within it could kill anyone? Who? Only humans can be inhumane to others of their kind!

The stories given above may illuminate the ridiculousness of the belief some people hold that by removing guns from our society in the United States of America we reduce or stop the slaughter of innocent men, women, and children. We must all remember the price so many people paid during the history of our country for the right of self-defense and the right to protect our loved ones with the arms we may carry due to the protected right to "Keep and bare arms." This right is nothing to be trifled, as it is primary to insure defense from those who would take life or limb from those of us who recognize the importance of a safe and secure world in which to live our lives in peace!

What do YOU think?

The author here invites all readers to comment on their experience of guns. Whether any experience one may have be good or ill is of no import here. What matters is discussion that may be brought forward by thought given to this topic of current debate inside and out of our great nation! "Peace, baby!"


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    • stvpaulson profile image

      Paul P Stevenson 2 years ago from Everett, Washington, USA

      Ms. Cochran: Who are the "we" that you refer to here? Do you know all the people (or the majority) of our beloved United States of America? I don't know all of the people, however, I know that I fought for the country in which you enjoy its freedoms...all of its freedoms. Think where we would be if there were no guns; what sort of country do you truly think we would have in that case?

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 2 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      If the proliferation of weapons equaled safety, the U.S. would have the lowest number of violent crimes on the planet. There are solutions out there. We just don't want them.

    • stvpaulson profile image

      Paul P Stevenson 2 years ago from Everett, Washington, USA

      "Mike Russo" take note of this. Maybe you haven't thought this topic through as much as one may. If those who were aimed at in the killings of Paris had weapons of their own, perhaps they may yet be alive.