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H.O.W./ A New Hope For the World and Our Country / Giving Back with a Heart

Updated on December 9, 2012

Our Mantra

This is response to Bill Holland. Sorry Mike AKA Cloud explorer for taking your niche intro.

A crusade is being launched by writers like us who at one point were in financial distress and sometimes facing a one way alley. I recognize that so many authors are having a hard time putting food on their table as of this minute.

What is going on ..?

What we know so far is that the economy is not showing signs of relief. The real pictures and statistics are out there. You see them walking the streets; souls that never knew they would fall to a low level. A view of the miserables on the richest nation, that is capable to help other nations and still trying to play this policing issue of the world. Election is over, and the elected is ready to pay back dividend to supporters and lobbyists. That's the way politics work unfortunately, but...

What can We do For Ourselves? The Average Citizen?

I think is all about Karma. Two weeks ago I was hit by Sandy and had to send money to my children that were in PA. I knew I was limited in my income for the week, but helped my kids anyway. Suddenly, my boss told me that Governor Christie approved this act of god relief for the day we missed work due to this inclement hurricane. In less than 48 hours the money we gave away, was restored to our account. See folks, is not that I want to be preachy, but the moral of the story is how we feel better reaching out to people. I wrote about this before and I'm supporting Bill 100% with his H.O.W. project.

I Know Joseph, but What is your proposal?

We just had our turkey and gathered around our family, but have you ever thought of so many others that were actually trying to feed themselves out of a can of soup from a 99 cents store? Think about it. Were you really raised to be blinded to the world?

Did you remember the days when you couldn't wait to play with your toys that dad bought with his own well earned job? You still remember those Disney shows and a life away from worry. Today America is at danger. Your grand-kids will have to face these disgruntled kids that were brought up with no parents and no joy at all.

You'd be better off if you move to an island. But we are in our own country that our founding fathers forged. Washington, Adams, Paine, Franklin and Jefferson, all were just normal citizens with the same capabilities as us. Thing is, we have more tools to succeed today. We all can be a powerful nation if we unite... again, for the sake of our children and grand children. Just to let you know that I'm writing from my heart. No copying and pasting from nowhere.


Ideas, Ideas...

  • Start giving what you can give
  • Walk out and take with you some stuff that you don't need and donate
  • Is a holiday and is time to help, you will be blessed somehow
  • Join us and pass the word
  • Come up with other ideas of your own and let Bill know
  • What expertise you can give to others in need? For just a dollar?
  • Do you love that 52" aquos Flat screen TV, but how abou saving that money and help someone? I mean, you won't miss that touch down, on February of 2013, on your 36."


Our Total Support to Bill Holland!

We don't want to use the word "paying it forward," used by our fellow writer Cloud Explorer, but jokes aside, this is a serious matter. Since late 2007 millions of families have lost it all. The other 60-70% is still holding ground. However, think about it, anarchy is a word that we don't want to use and it would be sad to see this country in complete despair to the joy of our recalcitrant foes.

We don't play the blaming game and we just write with our own style. Is what you do today for another human being that will change the course of history. Did you read what I wrote? In a hundred years for now, history will be read, and luckily we will be read as saviours of our own nation under one God.

Technology is out there. No founding father had instagram. cloud technology or tweeter. Mail was delivered in 3 weeks or less, but today we can write these hubs and we can email each one with no problem. The nerdy heroes that invented the net and all these powerful technology depended on caring parents or at least a roof over their heads. We want you to start changing on your own terms. We are giving back as well. We were helped by others. Our writing grew in here, and we thank our fellow writers for their support. Thanks and please support our H.O.W.

Joseph D.


Wouldn't be so nice if...?


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