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Haiti Earthquake Relief 2010: What You Can Do to Help

Updated on November 16, 2014

If you have a television, you have probably seen footage on the news of the tragedy that struck Haiti on January 12. The island nation, already poor and struggling, was hit by an earthquake of 7.0 magnitude. The damage was horrific, especially in the heavily populated regions with almost no standards for building codes. Schools and hospitals crumbled from the earthquake centered only ten miles from the capital and most populated city, Port-au-Prince.

Haiti lacks a sufficient infrastructure for disaster relief, but that did not stop the rest of the world from making an effort to help. Reacting swiftly, world leaders and celebrities pledged to help the relief efforts. The United Nations and World Bank have pledged $10 and $100 million to the cause, respectively. But what can me and you do to help the people of Haiti in a time of such pain and sadness?

How Can We Help?

There are several organizations accepting donations for the Haiti earthquake relief fund. Please choose one you like, and do what you can to help. There are time when we must overcome our differences and help our fellow humans, whether they be of a different race, nationality, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. We are all human, and it is in unity with each other and empathy for each other that we are most admirable.

How will we help?

Being disconnected physically from our fellow humans in suffering should not keep us disconnected emotionally to their pain. All around the world, efforts are being made to salvalge what remains of Haiti and to rebuild the country. Death tolls are already in the tens of thousands, with some estimates over 100,000. We may be suffering financially right now, but it is nothing compared to what the people of Haiti have gone through even prior to the earthquake. Over 3,000,000 people have been affected by this tragedy. What will you do to help?


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheez Writes 

      11 years ago

      Jim (soulsurfer),

      I think that's a great idea! It's so nice to see how many celebrities and organizations are really getting involved in helping with the Haitian earthquake relief.

    • soulsurfer profile image


      11 years ago from South West England

      Hi Cheez,

      Here's our contribution to the effort:

      As you can see there, if people would like something in return for their donation Music for Relief are offering a downloadable album of previously unreleased music by Peter Gabriel, Linkin Park, the Dave Matthews Band and Alanis Morissette amongst others.

      The Road to Fondwa team are offering a copy of their excellent DVD about Haiti before the earthquake.

      Road to Fondwa favour Partners in Health. Music for Relief favour the United Nations Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and the Dave Matthews Band's own Bama Works Fund.


    • profile image

      Survival Pack 

      11 years ago

      This is an incredible tragedy. Hundreds of thousands dead and even more are without basic neccesities. It is good to see the world to come to their aid though, I hope all the supplies make it to the right people. It is for reasons like this that I have a survival pack for everyone in my family. When I see this kind of devastation, I'd like to make sure we can make during those crucial first 72 hours. Hopefully the U.N. is able to provide survival packs to the citizens of Haiti.


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