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Handicapping England’s Exit From The European Union….

Updated on October 16, 2016

Handicapping England’s Exit From The European Union….

There are those who write in this forum and elsewhere with rabid biases, but do not convey this to potential readers – I am not one of them and to that noble, transparent end, I write through my bias… which is the prism of my Traditional Christianity. This means that Political Correctness is anathema to me - on any issue - including my handicapping of England’s exit from the European Union (EU).

I found it ironic because, if anyone has seen the latest Captain America’s Civil War movie, the very issue of sovereignty is a major theme in that action-packed opus - incidentally, see my review of that movie in this forum. This issue of sovereignty, and the reason for the England’s break with the European Union, is the salient political dispute in Europe, specifically with our cousins across the pond. Apparently, in England, we have the typical English voter, voting on a given issue and depending on the particulars of that issue, some unelected bureaucrat down in Brussels - the headquarters of the European Union - can basically disavowed the wishes of the English voting public, seemingly by fiat, on that particular issue and, apparently, on other spate of issues.

Whether or not that you are a partisan for the European Union, believing in the nobility of legislating and enacting laws for the collective good, I hope you can objectively see the problem in the bureaucrats down in Brussels seemingly having the power to thwart the will of the English voting public? It does not help matters that the English contribute more to the proverbial succor pot than those who are eating from said pot. The situation is akin to the problem we have here in the United States where the United Nations has a say on some issues, notwithstanding the objective ‘rightness’ of the cause or causes - but it is the principle that someone who is unelected can disavow the will of the voting public. Now, if the voting public here or in England wants to vote and gives its sovereignty to the United Nations or the European Union… that is legitimate – but at least in that situation it is not usurpation.

We are told by the carping critics that it is regrettable that England left the European Union, in light of the billions lost in the equity markets in the days that follow… but I chalk that up to the situation akin to the birth pangs that accompany a mother giving birth. A mother goes through the labor pains only to enjoy the attributes of having a baby that caused the pains. There are apt examples in our history: it was rough when the slaves were initially emancipated; and so too for the American colonists when they broke away from their English overlords during the Revolutionary war... yet the benisons of freedom were eventually realized.

I opened this blog opining about biases and objectivity… and to that point, I must confess that though I may believe that every country must be secured in its votes as sovereigns, but there is also potential danger due to England’s exit from the European Union. This danger comes from geo-politics whereby President Putin is probably salivating because of England’s exit of the European Union. This is so because to President Vladimir Putin it is a potential breach of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO’s) resolve; only England, which sometimes sways the other European countries, tows the line against Putin when voting on maters in the United Nations, and moreover, security issues. It is true that most of the times that England basically rubber-stamped the United States’ positions on these issues; however, with a schism among the denizens in Europe, it could affect the West’s resolve to thwart President Putin’s hegemonic aims, especially in Eastern Europe, which makes up the former Soviet Union’s Satellites….

There are those that say that there should be a do-over… in essence, throwing out the vote that sanctioned England’s exit from the European Union - but does the Brits who lost in that vote want to go down this ‘slippery slope’? Are there not votes that took place or will take place where those who lost the vote on the European Union situation are going to want the opposing side to abide by the rules when they win? To my cousins across the pond… stiff-upper-lip and long live the Union Jack! Once again, I have used music - this time from Buffalo Springfield - to help flesh out the themes of this blog.


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