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Harry? Is Anybody There Harry?

Updated on December 22, 2013

Hypocrite Or Beyond?

I have many times contended that Harry Reid, our illustrious Senate majority leader, is daft and a little on the senile side but come on now. I do know that Harry Reid is a complete and utter partisan hypocrite. He seems to think that the rules that they make on Capitol Hill apply to us and not them on high.

He's the chief reason that Obamacare was rammed straight down the American public's throat. He engineered taking a bill that the House sent to the Senate, stripping it down and creating the Affordable Care Act that completely violated the origination clause of the US Constitution. then once that it was written behind closed doors was sneaked through using an outdated procedural farce that passed it on Christmas Eve even though no one had read it.

So Obama promised the nation that health care insurance premiums were going to go which way?

So Lets Review Reality

So this past week lets enter Senate Majority Speaker Harry Reid who appears to be safe from a reelection bid for at least 4 years. The first thing Harry did was to exempt his staff from the provisions of Obamacare this past week. He's the only legislator, so far anyway, to perform this stroke of genius. I'm be facetious so relax.

Barack Obama famously uttered the promise that Obamacare would cost the people who actually will pay for it less money but "I'm Going To Exempt My Staff" Harry Reid,is proof positive that the reverse is often true. That's right! The same Harry Reid who told us it was going to be good enough for us is now saying it isn't good enough for him. How much more hypocritical do you care to get?

You see Harry has accepted the Congressional exemption and is wiping his brow with this statement, "Under Obamacare, my insurance costs me about $4,500 more than it did before, Yes, because it is age-related and it wasn't like that before." Well of course it wasn't like that before until you, Pelosi and Obama decided that it was fit for everyone else but yourselves. Obama hasn't signed up yet like he promised that he would,

At the same time he was talking about himself he told the nation that 150 million families get insurance through their employers, "so should all federal employees." All of them except him and his huh Harry?

This One Is Really Hard to Watch Without A Barf Bag

That was Reid's sidekick of "Pass It Find Out what Is In It" fame. So it's easy to defend a law that you are exempt from is it Pelosi? Harry is worth between 2.8 and 6.2 million clams give or take. Pelosi is worth much more than that. Both have made a career of picking our pockets at a salary that isn't close to what they have skimmed into their bank accounts. Neither of those two stooges, nor their boss Obama, qualify for the subsidies that are being offered as a carrot.

Remember back when Pelosi was selling Obamacare telling us that ":everybody" would have lower rates? First question how that is done then see how fast she backtracked saying she doesn't remember saying that. I use videos many times so my progressive buddies don;t scream, "You lie! You lie!" because when they're caught on tape the jig is up.

I'm wondering how Harry and Nancy are reconciling that lie since he has admitted that his premium would go up $4,500 a year and that is well beneath him to pay more. but not you the taxpayer you understand. A series of pathological liars are on the war path in this nation's Capitol.

Lets review another video.

Selling snake oil is easy huh Pelosi? We're now seeing what is in the bill and we still don't like it. But Harry guess what? A little study done recently by the American Academy of Actuaries found that tens of millions will see higher insurance costs. With or without subsidies Harry that is what we see happening and will continue to happen due to your stupidity. You can avoid your economic destruction Harry but the average American cannot do so. We're not exempt.

Senator Ted Cruz was spot on when he termed Reid's move as follows: “(it) is the clearest example yet of Obamacare’s failures and Washington hypocrisy. His staff worked to pass it and continue to promote it, now they don’t want to be part of it because it’s a disaster.” Supposedly Ted's statement hurt Harry's itty bitty feelings. Tough luck Harry that the truth kinda stings huh?

Here was Harry's whine back, “I was really troubled when Ted Cruz complained. That really hurt me to the core, The only people complaining are those who don’t like the Obamacare. I followed the law." which is not at all true. what Harry is following is Barack Obama's unilateral decision to exempt Congress from Obamacare. Are you, the reader,exempt?

There seems to be a wealth of videos pertaining to these lying sacks of crap. So lets see what Harry had to say before he knew his premium was going to go up by $4,500.

Dinghy Harry At Work!

Then we have the lie to compound the other lies by Barack Hussein Obama, "If you already have health insurance, the only thing that will change for you under this plan is the amount of money you will spend on premiums, That will be less." Really? And what is it we now see Harry? Your's is going up by how much? Why? I'm sure there must be a reasonable explanation.

So Harry just how much is your cell phone bill, not that you pay it? We do. did you really expect to "insure" 30 million people with it costing us a dime? That's what was said. In less than a week huh Barack? Might I suggest you close your pie hole and wait until you either leave office or are impeached. We know what change looks like now and we don't like your brand of it in the least.

Less Than Your Cell Phone Bill? Yeah Right!

Thanks to you Obama the nation's health care system is in total disarray. You want to blame everyone but yourself so turn on the light son. The majority of us can see what you continue to deny.

Vote It," "Like" It, "Tweet" It, "Pin " It, "Share It" With Your Followers. Time to let em read it and keep reading it.

As Always,

The Frog Prince


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      I am waiting to see if the ferris wheel actually stops somewhere. It's a circus still in DC!

    • profile image

      Red Branch 4 years ago

      It works if you ask the right questions.

      And, you need to be asking the right people, the right questions.

      I believe, that only 8 of the 17 9/11 hijackers knew that it was a suicide attack.

      Besides, we are talking politicians, it is not like they are human.

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 4 years ago

      It is rather odd to arrive at a conclusion without doing any testing. These scientists no doubt are government employees?

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 4 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      But Red, waterboarding doesn't work - according to the Obama administration any interrogator and now even scientists will tell you torture doesn't work! I recently read a twisted article about scientists explaining why torture gets the opposite of the desired result. Funny, not one of these scientists submitted themselves to torture to find out if their theory was correct because of course they weren't explaining a theory, their point was made as fact. But what the hell, lets waterboard them anyway!

    • profile image

      Red Branch 4 years ago

      Waterboard all our present and past politicians until they return their ill gotten gains to the US Treasury.

    • profile image

      Jayfort 4 years ago

      And now it looks like Obamacare will mess with the volunteer fire and emergency services in the U.S. The Infernal Revenue Service considers the volunteers to be employees. If a small community has more than 50 employees, it must either provide them insurance or pay a heavy fine. Many small community can't afford either and could possibly cut their fire departments. Not good!

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 4 years ago from south Florida

      The Unaffordable Care Act is not just a piece of garbled legislation but a train wreck as well. What were all those statements made by Obama followed by 'period!' Now it appears that we not only lose our plans and our doctor but also our medications. How will Reid and Pelosi function without their meds? Oh, I forgot. They exempted themselves!

    • profile image

      Red Branch 4 years ago

      And lets not forget that Reid was one of 5 big name Democrats that had to be bribed to vote for 0bamacare.

    • profile image

      Stu 4 years ago

      Once we experience massive optouts by businesses and young, healthy middle class lives due to Obamacare premium loads, Obamacare fee caps will become so low to compensate for the risk pool deterioration that doctors will refuse to accept Obamacare assignments and impose balance billing (make the patient pay the uncapped price in full upfront, and then let the patient wait for a much lower Obamacare reimbursement, which will only be payable after the deductible is met); how will the poor, which Obamacare was intended to help, actually be able to use their new "insurance?" They'll have "policies," but they won't really be covered. Only the middle class (to the extent of smaller procedures) and the wealthy will be able to afford balance billing. In other words, every income class will either be unaffected or suffer under Obamacare, and primary care doctors will be driven out of practice. Total defunding or repeal is the only answer.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 4 years ago

      Dear Frog Prince,

      We were definitely channeling each other this morning! Obama has changed the Unaffordable Care Act to please his friends and even some of his foes. He can do that without approval because he is the King and we are just the unwashed poor voters. The likes of Reid and the rest of the elite will be subsidized. How about you?

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 4 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      Actually I think Dingy Harry is only devoted to himself and associates with the L/P Movement because he knows they are corrupt, he is corrupt and is accepted there.

      BTW Did you hear how Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi met? I think they are making a movie about it called "When Harry met Nancy"

    • profile image

      Jayfort 4 years ago

      Dingy Harry is another prime example of a modern Liberal/Progressive. He is totally devoted to the L/P Movement and turning the USA Into a European-style Socialist country.

    • ziyena profile image

      ECLECTIC PLETHORA 4 years ago from LOST IN TIME

      Hey now Froggy ... you're damn right :)

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 4 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      C'mon Ziyena, you do know you're picking on the salt of the earth!

    • ziyena profile image

      ECLECTIC PLETHORA 4 years ago from LOST IN TIME

      Can't laugh enough my friend!

      Thanks for sharing soemthing that most of us would agree :)

      Nancy Pelosi is next.


    • TheGroundsquirrel profile image

      TheGroundsquirrel 4 years ago

      This is what happens when you tell everybody how special they are at too young of an age to see past their own nose. Not everybody is properly equipped to handle their own individuality without spilling it on those around them. The idiots inside the castle stopped amazing me decades ago. Now, they never cease adrenaline pumping me with their dry classroom lab experiments upon the populace. You'll notice that we have not had a closed accounting system (a signed/authorized budget) for quite some time now. I think it's high time we took the checkbook and the credit cards away from the kids and let the adults straighten this mess out. I still say no lawyer should be allowed to hold public office or be a judge. That conflict of interest has been the bane of this nation since 1800. Finally, all people firmly connected to reality know that citizenship does NOT equal Americanship and right now we too many citizens (with more on the way) and not enough Americans. I rest easy knowing this ... Pirate's rules, they can't catch us all!

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 4 years ago

      As far as Harry's $4,500 increase goes, he can steal that much in one day from any number of pot of money available to politicians. My guess is that not a single one of them will pay an extra dime out of their own pockets.

      The selective memories exhibited in the videos are interesting. Even after seeing themselves saying something they can deny ever saying it.

      I'm afraid we are stuck with this train wreck of a law, and the cleanup costs could make our current National Debt look like chump change.

      We could have just given free healthcare to all the uninsured and saved a fortune.

      I like the way you use the videos to prove what you are saying is true. It is rather hard for anyone to deny the truth after seeing a video. Another great hub my friend.