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Harry S. Truman's Blunder

Updated on December 27, 2014

For All The Wrong Reasons

It has often been my opinion that the words "State of Israel", used by then President Harry S. Truman in 1948, were politically fueled by an over- reactionary means to a very tragic situation, involving the European Jewish holocaust victims, of the nineteen thirties and forties. As insensitive as that may sound, it is still a fact. What occurred during the Spring of 1948, when then President Harry S. Truman addressed the United Nations, was a calculated political apology for turning away the SS St. Louis in 1939, and for not doing more for the European Jews, in the early stages of World War II. As Britain had done with the German invasion of Poland.

For years now, I have speculated that the former Kansas City, Missouri native needed votes to legitimize his political status, and boost his presidential powers. With the upcoming 1948 Presidential election, President Truman could not rely on the Democratic party for complete political support. Most Democrats at that time, were still angry that he had been chosen as FDR's vice president to begin. Then Senator Truman was suspected to have ties to the mob through a well known MAFIA lawyer Morris Shenker, of St. Louis, Missouri. In a letter written in 1940 by the Democratic Senator to Morris Shenker, Truman writes;

Dear Mr. Shenker:
Thank you very much for yours of the Twenty Second congratulating me on my election. I do appreciate the good wishes of Miss Carroll and Mr. Reardon.

I am very happy that you were pleased with the speech of Mr. Berenstein. I think very highly of Mr. Berenstein, and am glad you liked him.
Harry S. Truman

But the real issue that split the National Democratic Party in 1948 in half, from those who supported Truman's controversial presidency, came after President Truman signed executive order 9981.

  • Which integrated black troops with white soldiers, thus ending racial segregation in the United States Arm Forces (USAF), and abolishing racial discrimination in the USAF.

Which effectively split the Democratic party from those who supported President Truman's foreign and domestic policies. Policies that consisted of;

  1. The order to drop the Atomic bomb.
  2. The start of the Cold War.
  3. Republican take over of the congress.
  4. The passing of the Fair Act.

To those who opposed the desegregation of the United States Armed Forces; the Dixiecrats (as they were called) and the Progressives under the tutelage of Henry Wallace. According to the Truman Library's own website and "Presidential Campaign of 1948" article:

"Even the Democratic party had lost faith and refused to spend their usual exorbitant amounts of money on the election..."

President Harry S. Truman needed the Jewish vote for the United States presidency. Ironically, Harry's dearest friend, Special counsel to the President, and Washington DC political adviser at that time, was Clark Clifford. In an article about Clark Clifford after his death, the New York Times had this to say about him:

"He (Clark Clifford) helped articulate the policies for the reconstruction of Europe after World War II. He wrote the basic legislation establishing the Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense Department. On the domestic front, he wrote some of Truman's most important speeches and helped keep labor peace in the postwar period."

Clark Clifford was no stranger to the National Democratic Party, and was fully engrossed into the everyday policy making on-goings of Washington DC, by the time the Senator Harry Truman took the Presidential office.

The New York Times article also states;

"Few people in Washington, let alone Clark Clifford himself, could have imagined so inglorious an end to so glorious a career. From the time in World War II when he went to Washington as a naval aide to Truman, Mr. Clifford was a highly respected lawyer and public servant about whom scarcely an unkind word was ever uttered.

He was a symbol of elegance -- 6 feet 2 inches tall, trim, wavy-haired, his French cuffs always a precise half-inch longer than the sleeves of his impeccably tailored double-breasted suits."

Clark Clifford new that his friend desperately needed the Jewish American financial backing, political support and grass root votes. The most effective way to gain the confidence and financial backing of the Jewish American voting power in 1948 was really quite simple- land acquisition and a vast amount of it...

Make the then illegal migration of displaced, European Jews to Palestine- legal.

Jewish Americans also felt that the world owed the Jewish people a country, for ignoring the atrocities of Hitler's Nazi regime. Therefore, a one time haberdasher salesmen became one of the most influential men of, Middle Eastern affairs for the twentieth century. It is a well known fact that as presidential adviser;

One of his (Clark Clifford's) most significant contributions was his successful advocacy, along with David Niles, of that prompt 1948 recognition of the new "Jewish state" of Israel, over the strong objections of then Secretary of State, General George Marshall.-wikipedia, Clark Clifford

What many people do not realize though is that the Palestinians, living in the region in 1948, were doing so in relative peace and alongside with Christians and Jewish settlers already living there. Those citizens of the Palestine had a government in place, internationally recognized land borders, and quite frankly, didn't want their lands given away to Europeans from the North, regardless of their heritage. As many of us would do, if our own homes were stripped away by a far off world superpower- the citizens of Palestine revolted against this new American policy. Thus war soon ensued, which has lasted for more than sixty years.

Egypt was the only country that offered the Palestinians' military aid and domestic help. America had boldly made her decision, while clearly underestimating the recourse of such a huge mistake, in the unsystematic creation of a new Jewish state.

Jewish Homeland Poll

Was Harry Truman wrong to recognize Israel as a individual statehood in 1948?

See results

Palestine in 2009

Palestine in 2009
Palestine in 2009 | Source


For nearly sixty years now, America has chosen to toil with Middle Eastern lives, and pretend to be blind to the facts at hand. Israel has been a shameful role model of how effective brute force ignorance can be and how irrational behavior wins the game. Aren't those supposed to be the ways only held by terrorist? Well we should know- we created them. Israel created terrorist. Israel is a country of terrorist. They should know better than anyone of terrorist tactics. They wrote the book on it. The hate for all things American & Israel, especially under certain American administrations, has caused anti-American sentiments to soar to feverish heights. Though now that President Obama is in office, I personally see a chance at redemption and change. Still though, a great American journalist was force-ably retired, for having the same fore-thoughts as I. A shining example of American liberty, and how freedom of speech is no longer warranted, but challenged. Another example of a crying shame, in this deadly game we are playing in the Middle East.

Is America finally going to admit fault here? Not likely- but what I do see America doing is reassuming a role as peacemaker, friend, consultant, and world wide helping supporter. Palestine needs us the most. Fix Palestine and you've fixed Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, and the whole Middle Eastern Region. America has an opportunity to bring peace to the region. We have the perfect unique, opportunity to re-assume a peaceful stance with positive backing firmly stood behind the Palestinians. Why? With out a doubt, Palestine- has been America's greatest folly. America's personal interjections of favoritism towards the State of Israel has kept Palestine from being a peaceful nation. That is the cold hard facts. Somehow inadvertently America created these tyrannical and terrorist leaders by handling the State of Israel and Palestine the way they did. All this turmoil and blood shed over blind American pride and arrogance.

There is no time like the present to start making Israel face those they've systemically executed and destroyed. America needs to reposition herself away from the State of Israel. The favoritism has been overwhelmingly devastating to the region. Palestinians today are forced to live in mud huts because of Israelite embargoes. That's ridiculous. It is that kind of inhumane activity that America needs to stop. It is time we starting showing Palestine some good will and act as a positive ambassador for them. We need to be enforcing the wheel towards compassion, empathy and strength to the under-dogs who need it. The past sixty years have been nothing but failed foreign policies one right after the next. Obama brings hope to us all. He brings hope to everyone around the world. It is a monumental task he's facing. Americans need to recognize that he needs us just as much as we need him. However if anyone, or any country ever need a guy like Obama in their corner- the children of Palestine need him most. How come? All too often religion comes to play here. It effects the necessary decisions and comprises our positions. The adverse affects of such actions only causes devastation to all who aren't like us. Now this isn't what this country is about. Americans no better than to judge someone or some party off their religious beliefs. Our country was founded on the principle of religious freedoms. Yet we allow religious holocausts to occur under our own watchful eyes. Why? This isn't who we are? This isn't the America I know and love. The madness of murder and mayhem need to be put to an end. And there is no place better than to start with the region where Israel now stands.

Need we all be reminded again, that if you take a religious stance against Palestinians, you first need to understand that Muslims are God's children too! Why must Christians and Jews be reminded of this time after time again? I simply do not understand the religious ignorance we chose to live in. The Islamic faith and Muslim people have been demoniac just as history has recorded the Jews at Jesus Christ's death. And that didn't start with 9-11 either. Everything gets blamed on 9-11! It's time to put an end to that here and now. Anti-American sentiment & hatred- was nearly 55 years old by the time 9-11 occurred. In fact, 9-11 was a direct cause of American pride, unjustified ignorance and arrogance in which we had CHOSEN to lived by. That's what caused 9-11. Not the religion! Not Muslims! WE DID!!!

With Obama at the wheel- many Americans would better off reminding themselves the importance of recognizing that fact. Islamics are the children of Abraham, while Jew's look to Moses as a leader. The Jewish patriarchal figure is still remains to be Abraham. We are born of the same cloth here people. However, that shouldn't change a damn thing in our eyes. We are suppose to be equal opportunist here. (And not on one particular religious side of another.) Shame on us Americans, for allowing that to happen through our own personal pity! Well now it's time to pity the children of Palestine before they become non-existent.

They are all God's children.

I pray and hope, (that whatever be the case), that you support our dear President Obama. Our brothers and sisters, our military soldiers and families need our love and support more than you know. God Bless you and yours.


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  • saudia profile image


    8 years ago

    very good article about Palestine

  • IntimatEvolution profile imageAUTHOR

    Julie Grimes 

    9 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    I don't see things like you do and actually disagree with your positioning. However that's what makes the world go around and keep Hubpages fun and interesting; celebrating our differences. Thanks for the comment. Been out fishing so I haven't been around. Sorry I am so late commenting back.

  • HOOWANTSTONO profile image


    9 years ago

    Israel was always a people a nation without a land, and when they did eventually get the land it was taken away again. The very real problem is who actually created Islam and made them the enemy of Israel, also the same who encouraged the holocaust and assisted Hitler in destroying the Jews also the same that hates "Real Christians" and provokes Islam to be the "True Christians" enemy. The answer is the Holy Roman Empire "Catholic Institution"

    Yes Islam was created to be the enemy of Israel and Christians, this is well documented proof and has its roots since before Islam.

  • IntimatEvolution profile imageAUTHOR

    Julie Grimes 

    9 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    I feel very strongly about that too. It is very worrisome.

  • BakerRambles profile image


    9 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    Thank you for this hub, and the fact that there has been so many trials and tribulations between those two tribes before Israel came into existence will, in my opinion, be the eventual downfall of America's credibility and their UN forced ideals. Now I'm not saying i'm against America in this regard, because they had to make a quick choice, but other countries should have taken the time to work with that region, mainly for the sake of individuality and heritage preservation. The "State of Israel" I believe should be split into two areas, one for Palestine, and one for Israelites, with ample room for ports and sea neutrality. Everyone complains of no room for population growth, but this is the 21st century, and there are high-rises, am i right? Once again, thank you for publishing this, much kudos.

  • IntimatEvolution profile imageAUTHOR

    Julie Grimes 

    10 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Very valid points indeed. However, the State of Israel should have never been allowed. If Palestine would have remained Palestine, the troubles you listed would have been trouble within 1 country.

    But now...., no now we have serious trouble involving two completely split territories, a staunchly divided Mideast, Russian involvement, American involvement and the mass genocide of a particular race of people to top it all off. That is what we have now, and the amazing aspect is that America is suppose to be against the mass killing of people based off faith.

    And..........., not only do we have two super powers now involved, 6+ Mideastern Nations involved, we've got some wackado's, happily living in Pakistan, which happens to be a NUCLEAR powered nation I'll remind you; that cannot seem to get their borders closed to Jihadists........., and for what? It is unfreaking amazing the mess we've have allowed to go on. Amazing. When you think about all the innocent Palestinians, that have systemically killed by the Jews- hell if I was Palestinian I would hate us too.

    No, the State of Israel was a gigantic mistake. It will be the undoing of the USA.

  • ledefensetech profile image


    10 years ago from Cape Girardeau, MO

    One of the big problems in the area is the way the government of both the Israelis and Palestinians use their radical fringe to ensure that their party stays in power. The Orthodox Jews force construction in the West Bank and Gaza in return for political support in forming a government, while the Palestinian Authority uses their radicals, or at least the attacks the radicals make on civilians, as a way to force Israel to the bargaining table. Also by casting the Israeli people as the demons in all of this, domestic dissent is avoided and people don't question why Hamas or the PA are doing such a poor job in providing for their people.

  • IntimatEvolution profile imageAUTHOR

    Julie Grimes 

    10 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Though I have a much different opinion, you bring up many valid points. Yes oil production is a problem for the USA. Yes, until we are independent of oil- we are really at the mercy of many Muslim countries. However, I do not think it is entirely their fault. But you are right, this does make for good conversation. Thanks for dropping by Dawn. Glad to have your comment.

  • dawnM profile image

    Dawn Michael 

    10 years ago from THOUSAND OAKS

    The real issue is the terrorists who raise children to hate the Jews and the Americans. This is what is happening now in our lives just as in world war 11, teach young children to blow up themselves in order to kill others, this is sick and if they take over Israel, it will become a war zone just as the pieces that Israel has already given away. The answers lies in the oil that we use, we give these terrorists countries money every day and what they do with the money is hurt innocent lives. If Obama wants to end this madness he will find a way to eliminate oil and use solar to run our cars homes. They will have no longer have money it is really just that basic...

    Thank you for the informative hub it makes for a great discussion.

  • ledefensetech profile image


    10 years ago from Cape Girardeau, MO

    So then shouldn't Islamics remember that we are also People of the Book and not, I don't know, slam planes into skyscrapers? What about Christians seeking reparations for Muslims taking Christians as slaves in the Mediterranean in the 18th and 19th centuries?

    You can go back and forth on this all you want, but the fact remains that history is immutable and unchangeable. What we can change is how we proceed from today into the future.

    It seems to be a two way street. What the conflict is really about is who gets to control the holy sites. Since we're dealing with fanatics on all sides who believe God is on their side, you're going to have war eternal.

    We cannot change the future unless we draw the correct lessons from the past. Perhaps we all need to remember that we are all children of God and reflect a bit on what that really means.

  • wingedcentaur profile image

    William Thomas 

    10 years ago from That Great Primordial Smash UP of This and That Which Gave Rise To All Beings and All Things!

    Very moving. I agree with all of it. I wonder what your view is, of the role of religion here. The deeper, ancient basis for the political, territorial entity of Israel is the idea that "God" gave it to them. Zionism, as I understand it, sees itself as obeying the will of God.

    I also understand that militant Zionism finds its most forceful expression in what's called the radical settler movement. It seems like an intractable problem.

  • profile image

    Twenty One Days 

    10 years ago

    Very well written, Jules. You are correct, both son's are blessed: he would make of them both great nations. The covenant promises may have come through one son but is doesn't mean the promises belong only to one. It equally belongs to them, their brothers -the Arabs AND the gentiles too. The true brothers of Israel are not at war with their brothers anymore. They are displeased how easily their brother is swayed by the West, the Brits too. Just look at Egypt, UAE, etc. They have no problems with the Hebrews, only that -and I quote- wear the dress of the West.

    No doubt now the West is using -of all things- the Persians and Medes to spawn conflict between the brothers. Because they know united, the sons of Israel are unstoppable. They have been trying to divide them for years... -James.

  • no body profile image

    Robert E Smith 

    10 years ago from Rochester, New York

    You knew when you wrote this that I would have a differing opinion so here goes. I believe the Bible. Abraham was the father of the two peoples that became the Palestinians and Jews. It was long foretold that Israel would be reformed as a nation. Not all Jews were out of the area and the lands were unused and unwanted until Israel made it come to life and increased its value. Israel had lived along side of the other nations in the area being attacked and has given pieces of their homeland back to them. The land that was theirs was quite a bit larger than what they occupy now. I do believe that they will again occupy that land. The struggle between the peoples was foretold and will be to the end. I know where you get the standpoint of illegal migration but I totally disagree. Also it was not prime land or useful for much when the Jewish people got there and God blessed them and they created a new country that bloomed like a rose. Then the other people wanted what the Jews had created but not before when it was a wasteland, not irrogated and desolate like the Palestinians have their land now for the most part. Jewish folks are not Christians and I still feel they need Jesus as personal Lord and Savior but the Bible says that too will happen and in their own homeland. You see Julie, I am a narrow-minded Christian and I guess if you love me you'll have to love me as I am. Many blessings.


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