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Has Everyone Lost Touch With Reality?

Updated on April 17, 2009

You Have Lost Touch and are Misinformed

If you folks think this mess started with President Bush guess again. Jimmie Carter said "every one deserves a home" and did not go further, but should have said if they will pay for it and if they don't sell drugs, operate gangs and destroy the neighber hoods after they are given the luxury of living in a home and neighborhood they really can't afford.

It has been all about votes. I'll give you what you want if you give me your vote. You come across our borders, you don't pay your taxes, you call our military cowards, you get your free healthcare, you sell your drugs from Mexico, it soes not matter, just give me your votes. Even Clinton had the fore thought to tell congress to watch out. But they did not listen. Did they? No this did not start with Bush. Bush just went along with it and toward the last of his term he flip flopped like a flounder. Capitolism built this country and Capitolism will build it again if Obama does not completely wipe it out with his cowardly, "I appologize for America" attitude. We don't need to be appologized for. We need a "Real Man" with some real backbone and not some a-- kissing coward appologizing to everyone he come in contact with as he strokes his almighty pen and ruins the Nation.

If you watched the news lately you can see there are at least some people in America that are waking up yo the fact that if we don't do something the government is going to be telling you how to wipe you a-- and how much paper to use. If obama is not a facist prove it to me and I will change my tune. I'm waiting. I still say, if you don't know it the Democrat's ruled congress the last four years Bush was in office.

I know I don't want some global currency, do you want Europe in charge again. We had enough lives lost in the Revolutionary War to go through that again.

I say other countries should pay tarriffs on exports and imports and other fees and taxes just as we do. I also think if they don't have better quality control on their products they should keep them to theirselves. For example, the wallboard that is in over 100,000 of our homes that is tainted and the vegetables they pull out of the same fields the use the bathroom in. I could go on for hours but I will give you a chance to respond.

Oh yea. Are you on the hit list for the home security folks that are suppossed to be guarding us, not watching us?

It Gonna Get Betta

I am looking forward to better days.
I am looking forward to better days.


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