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Has the Time Finally Come When a Woman's Word is her Bond?

Updated on December 13, 2017
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

This, to me, is a perfect female employee. She is totally-focused on her computer screen--she is not going about her office gossiping, flirting, or making plans on the job for a big party on the weekend.
This, to me, is a perfect female employee. She is totally-focused on her computer screen--she is not going about her office gossiping, flirting, or making plans on the job for a big party on the weekend. | Source

If you

Will be Patient With

me for just a breath, I will attempt to not just show you some sense of logic, but display some sense of that same logic that is not so prevalent in light of today’s ongoing controversy: Inappropriate Touching and Behavior. Right?

The thing is: if, arguably the most-powerful word around, Time were made of pages, and when we craved some level of sensibility, we could stand still and peer through the huge Book of Time and thumb backward the right amount of pages back to where a certain event or idea was hatched—then decide (with sensible adult discussion) if that event or idea was worth watching it grow bigger or just fade away gracefully.

But we know as God knows too, that will not happen, so we are left with mortal flesh to try and remove what blurred incident(s) a few years ago wasn’t policed properly, thus the “situation” (as it is known today) has grown into a Social Encounter with two parties of contestants sparring each day for peace and a smooth flowing series of workdays that are unhampered by (sometimes) silly accusations and (a lot of) real accusations based on ape-like innuendo—ending with parties terminated; parties moving to a new town and hopefully (some of) the stink of this silly scent of immaturity will be sucked through the air vents.

Don't be so Sure

About Those Pages of Time

not being to be turned right to the exact time and date to where the first hint of “Inappropriate Touching,” by a male aimed at a female in an obscure workplace, front porch where she was watering her flowers because in this time, she was a housewife, you know? And the Proverbial Best Friend and Neighbor, “Chuck,” a successful Office Manager of the town’s Leading Insurance Broker, just happened to have the day off when he saw the glimpse of “Dorothy Masters Winston,” a striking woman in her early 20s, a nice figure, no children, and born with that sinfully-alluring brunette hair, just stand in a certain way that caused “Ol’ ‘Chuckie Boy,’ to connive the reason that he needs to be on that front porch with “Dorothy.”

Suddenly, his prowess from being the Office Manager, a very responsible position that requires Gazelle-like thinking mixed with Chameleon-like skirting what might to be a serious scandal in the neighborhood. “Chuckie,” grabs an empty coffee cup that his wife of 22 years, forgot to sit in the sink in the kitchen on her way to the Market (a store in the mid to late 50s) so he dashes over with the empty cup and watch this: “Heyyy, there! Can a coffee drinker borrow a cup of sugar, uhhh, sugar?” jokes “Chuckie,” who has really taken care of himself all the way since he won two letters in high school for football and wrestling (notice the last sport?) and the same in the same college where his dad and granddad both grabbed stellar success for being such outgoing guys on any sports team they had.

“Dorothy,” doesn’t notice that “Chuckie,” used that second ‘sugar,’ in his initial request for sugar for his coffee. Women in this time-frame although progressive in infancy, was still taboo for a married woman to reject a compliment from a man. A lot rode by the “Dorothy’s” who kept house, raised kids and just kept their mouths shut. What if she had said, “’Chuck,’ now see here! I do not appreciate that inappropriate slang . . .and if you dare say this again, I am going to rake your eyes out and feed them to a covey of Raven that are raising near that wooded place over there!”

The entire neighborhood would instantly be up in arms with the men of “Dorothy’s” block carrying the lit torches to get rid of this whorish witch who came on to the upstanding pillar of the town: “Chuckie.” I may not know a lot about psychology, but I’ve read enough papers and essays about how easy the women in the USA were pushed and pulled around—even threatened by hurting their children if “she” didn’t comply with every perverted male wish that fell from her male supervisor. This includes male doctors, scientists, police officers and the list (might be) enlarging even as I speak.

The Above

Scene Would Have

been “curtains” for “Dorothy,” who was minding her own flowers for they needed water in order to flourish. And truth (in this case, a rare commodity) be told, “Chuck” was up to no good and for a long time while he and his wife, “Joannie,” his high school sweetheart and co-captain of the cheer-leading squad, played Hearts with “Dorothy” and her husband, “Jim,” every Friday night for years—he knew exactly when she was going to get up from the card table to get more coffee for the “gang,” and he loved it when she would ask “Joannie” to help her in the kitchen to bring out a Devil’s Food cake for the “gang” to eat. Yep. “Chuckie,” would many times, tell “Jim,” that he needed to get a cold one and did he want one also—giving him free way to the kitchen to lust after “Dorothy” who wore gold hoop earrings when company was present.

And on occasion, “Chuckie,” did let certain things be known in his cut-up fashion of talking. He prayed for years that “Dorothy” would pick up on what he was really saying to her and maybe one day, make a bold move and take her to an out-of-the-way motel: “The Iron Horse Motel” on I-26, near their town. The motel owner just happened to be a frat buddy who graduated with “Chuckie,” and of course, the room would be free if the opportunity afforded itself.

Sometimes the inappropriate touching might be “Chuck” purposely sliding his hand over “Dorothy’s” hand to get a cigarette from the card table. Maybe he would just wink at her and he knew that she liked his attention, but what else did she think was going to happen? I should not have to answer.

In Real Life

Near Birmingham, Alabama

we watched and witnessed a former Chief Justice, Roy Moore, a Republican, narrowly-losing to Democrat, Doug Jones, a lawyer who had worked for the District Attorney, and won the Senate Seat for the State of Alabama. This was the most-highly contested political contest to date. The last time such a contest of political ramifications such as this one was when former-Alabama Governor, Don Siegelman ran against challenger, Bob Riley and it was a dog fight like it was in this contest.

What tipped the scales to Jones and his supporters, mostly women, were allegations from a group of women who (said) that Roy Moore “made inappropriate actions” toward them when he was younger. Kissing her and taking her home from a social engagement—no sexual actions were told by the four women, just inappropriate behavior. That was it.

So without sounding off like an over-killed issue, Inappropriate Behavior (also counted as) a male touching a female in a sexual way (advance, kiss, grabbing of behind, breasts, legs) is considered Inappropriate and Sexual Harassment on the job or out in public—because the day has risen true that the word of women, and I would hope, the word of a male, have now been given more validity than just a “He said. She said,” throw the case out!

Women do NOT want such behavior. They just don’t. Okay. To be fair, some women do like the flirting or the occasional “off-the-job activity” because it (used to be) a Victimless Crime. But is it? Do you remember just last year when our state, Alabama, rose up with righteous indignation about then Governor Robert Bentley who had a running affair with his Chief Political Adviser, Rebekah Mason, and chose to resign rather than face impeachment.

The close relationship between Gov. Robert Bentley and his future political adviser, Rebekah Mason, began with Mason telling her Sunday school teacher, during an elevator ride, that he had "no chance" to be elected governor. That relationship eventually became romantic, shattered Bentley's 50-year marriage and pushed him into a showdown with the state House of Representatives over impeachment.

"If Gov. Bentley meant to hide his affair from his wife, he did not do it well," said the report released on (a) Friday from Jack Sharman, special counsel to the House Judiciary Committee impeachment that was investigating Bentley.

Though the affair did not become public until March 2016, Bentley's former wife, Dianne, "began to have concerns about Mason" as early as September 2013. It was two years later before Dianne filed for divorce.

So now

Do Facts Verses Allegations

change the Relationship between Females and Males in the workplace—whether it be political, spiritual (church pastors, committeemen) or industrial? I think facts speak and have spoken louder than any founded or unfounded (in Roy Moor’s case) allegations said yesterday or in Moore’s case, over 30+ years.

What bugs me and this is the only thing I want to vent about is this: An impartial team of investigators met with the women who accused Roy Moore about his inappropriate behavior and found that (some) of these women had no knowledge of ever knowing Moore or working in places where they (the women) said that they worked.

None of the women said that any money from Doug Jones, the Democratic Party of Alabama or outsiders gave them any money to bring these allegations to light. And according to listed these nine women . . .Leigh Corfman; Wendy Miller; Debbie Wesson Gibson; Gloria Thacker Deason; Beverly Young Nelson; Gene Richardson; Becky Gray; Tina Johnson and Kelly Harrison Tharp (possibly more) were groped, touched in an inappropriate ways, even engaging in sexual situations with Roy Moore, who (then) not only attempted to go out with these women, but followed them from school or workplaces and doesn’t the “followed them” constitute as stalking?

But . . .even with these nine women’s allegations, the question was then and maybe now, was Why now? Why did these nine women come forward to talk about how Moore treated them many years ago and still, no proof was ever found?

Moore, like any politician nailed, is going to down-play; disagree, even go on CNN and every available news outlets to deny, deny, deny such immoral actions by women who said they were simply tired of hiding these sexually-based events that these women hid for years afraid of what society might say to and about them.

And in all reality, Roy Moore is not alone on this growing list of males who have played one too many card. This may sound like sour grapes, but do you recall when the term, “bombshell,” was being used on CNN and all of the news sources by Bill Cosy, actor, educator, and all around good man and neighbor who was being accused almost everyday from some woman who said with camera whirring that Cosby would take them to his favorite bar, get friendly, and with more drinks, she would wake up not remembering the night before—not from binge drinking, but by Cosby allegedly giving these women a certain pill or capsule to make them more accessible to his advances.

This is serious, folks. Very serious. I wouldn’t be shocked if enough women and I should preface this by being fair . . .”enough truthful women WITH documented proof” who have been “taken for a ride,” (pardon the pun) with their lawyers head all the way to the Supreme Court. Then maybe a person’s word might then be like it was when we turned back (that) Huge Book of Time back to when a woman or man’s word was their bond. And law.

Is the above office atmosphere a Look Into The Future--with a male supervisor being escorted by an impartial male Morality Guard to keep things legal and right.
Is the above office atmosphere a Look Into The Future--with a male supervisor being escorted by an impartial male Morality Guard to keep things legal and right. | Source

© 2017 Kenneth Avery


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    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      14 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, Angel -- bravo, to you also! You're so right. Double standards and harassment should not be addressed, but ERASED!

      Be safe and to You and Yours . . .

      Merry CHRISTmas!

    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      14 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, Kari -- bravo, to you! I mean it. Along with RoadMonkey, you have my total respect--now keep it up.

      Merry CHRISTmas!

    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      14 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hey, RoadMonkey,

      You have my respect for what you talk about in your comment--in which I agree with you 110%.

      An empowered, achieving woman is one of God's greatest blessings---I also find that in the Old Testament that the Israelite women would go with their husbands to do battle with their enemies--and to me, that ain't no Girly Girl. That is a powerful woman.

      Great comment, and Merry CHRISTmas.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 

      14 months ago from Ohio

      More women are coming forward as part of a #metoo campaign. I've never let men treat me that way without calling them out. But, I knew lots of women who were intimidated and scared to say anything. I was lucky, at 5'9" I could look most men in the face. I don't know what it would be like to be 5'2". My word is still my bond, always has been and always will be.

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 

      14 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      I'm very glad Doug Jones won! Sadly there is a lot of inequality and looking at things I'm pretty sure some women would like to be homemakers but income prevents that. Regardless of gender you should be allowed to pursue happiness and work in whatever field you want with a fair, equal wage. Harassment is never okay and double standards should be broken down.

    • RoadMonkey profile image


      14 months ago

      This is a very important area which deserves serious debate. My mother always told me it was "a man's world" and I know many women of my generation would never leave the house without makeup and fashionable clothes. Even when I was young, there were many who believed it was a waste to educate women because they would get married and have children. And many believed that it was a man's place to support his family. With that in mind, it was important for women to be attractive in order to gain the best possible husband. That meant maybe attracting a lot of toads before finding the frog prince. I don't think I participated in that much, that I remember, because my father said we had to support ourselves and not rely on finding a rich husband, so I never used "womanly wiles". I prefer shaking hands and standing up for myself. I am glad that I never experienced the kind of harassment many women had to put up with. And if they complained, remember, there was a 'blame the victim' environment and the women were considered to be sluts, while the men were thought of admiringly. Thankfully, that is changing a little but it will take time.


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