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Hate and Violence, Why?

Updated on December 12, 2014
You have the means, the power, and the ability to do this.
You have the means, the power, and the ability to do this.
There is just too much of this going on in the world
There is just too much of this going on in the world
Let us stop this... Hating each other
Let us stop this... Hating each other
Please!!! No more of this!!
Please!!! No more of this!!

“Hate, Hate, Hate.”

Why is there so much hate and violence in the world? Why can’t we, humans, just get along with each other? Why isn’t helping our fellow man, just for the sake of it, not enough anymore? Why do we always have to overcome conflict with violence (murders, executions, and wars)? Why can’t we find a peaceable solution to our problems that satisfies everyone? Why can’t we work together without using the greedy and primitive side of our nature?

Yes, I am an American, North American to be exact, currently living in Tulsa, Oklahoma (in my opinion, one of the last frontiers), So, why do you hate me? Why do you want to harm me? Why do you want to hurt my family, my friends, my neighbors, and me?

Your Reasons To Hate

Is it because of my religion? Is it because of what I eat? Is it because of my government? Is it because of the military? Is it because you want my land? Is it because you do not like the way I look? Is it because I disrespect you in some way? Is it because I did not say “hi” to you? Is it because I do not know your language or culture? Is it because I do not know your pains, worries, and problems?

My Reasons to Not Hate

If you hate me for my religion, then you have nothing to worry about, because I do not claim one in the traditional sense. Yes, I believe in things like being kind to our fellow man/woman and respecting our planet.

If you hate me because of what I eat, well I don't know what to say except. This is what my country has to offer, but I am working on eating healthier.

If you have me because of my government or the military, then you hate me for the wrong reasons. I have no control of what my government or the military does, I am just one person dealing with my own life’s problems. To tell the truth, the government is messing up my life too. As for the military, there are only a few soldiers out of many, who joined for the sake of killing. Most new enlisted soldiers are thinking about: paying for college, paying off debt, receiving a paycheck, having an opportunity to see the world, and providing a better future when they join.

I know because I was once an enlisted soldier. My thinking was never on killing people, conquering lands, or being involved in a war. My thinking was on creating a better future for myself and being happy with my accomplishments. So do not hate me for what my government and the military do, because I have no control over their actions.

If you hate me because of my land, then you are welcome to it. I do not own the land I just live and use it. Matter of fact, no one can truly own land because Mother Nature has given freely. No matter how much money pass through peoples’ hands or who lives on it, Mother Nature is the true and rightful owner. In addition, she never paid a dime for it or charged us rent to use it. She just allows us, the people, the freedom to live on it. So, come on over for a quick visit or a long stay, it don’t bother me none.

Do you hate me because of the way I look? Then I am sad to say, you are shallow. I can’t help the way I look. I am not God ( or whatever religious icon you believe in) and I do not control a very complex process (evolution, reproduction, or whatever biological theory you can come up with) that created me. I never ask to be born, but I am glad to be born and to experience what this world has to offer. In my defense, I was born this way and I will die this way.

Did I disrespect you in some way? Is it because I did not say “hi” to you? Well, I be the first to say, I am sorry. I never meant to offend or disrespect you. In my defense, I am a shy person, who observes people before interacting with them. That is the only way I know to reduce the possibility in disrespecting people. Again, I am sorry for my poor attempts to be friendly. Maybe if you smile and say “hi” first than I would do the same thing. If I did disrespect you, then let me know. I am not a mind reader. Most importantly, I do not know your rules, likes, or dislikes, Therefore, the next time I disrespect you take a moment and kindly educate me. On second thought, let us work on becoming friends.

Why do you hate me? Is it because I do not know your language or culture? Is it because I do not know your pains, worries, and problems? Well I am sorry for that too. I am just one person and I cannot travel everywhere and learn everything like I want to. It would take multiple lifetimes, probably generations in fact or longer, to learn every culture, language, and people that resides on this planet. I am not God and I do not claim to be God. All I can focus on are the things that affect me the most: money, conditions of our planet, food, family, and my friends’ problems.

My Solution to Eliminating Hate and Violence

Yes, I am an American, but more importantly, I am forever human, just like you, so why do you hate me? I do not hate you. In fact, I am too busy dealing with my own problems to hate you. It does not matter to me, that we live in different parts of the world. All that matter is that you are human.

How can I hate another human being? Speak ill of you? How can I hate a potential friend? To hate you, is to hate myself, because we are just cousins of the same species. We are sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles of the human race. So how can I hate you? We are family. More importantly, we are human.

The only way to improve our world is to eliminate the hate and violence we have for each other. What do you say? Let’s be different, by purging hate and violence from our world.

Do you think being hateful and violent, is a natural act or a learned behavior?

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Food For Thought

  • Out of all the violence and hateful acts seen around the world, what act do you believe is the most harmful to our society?
  • If you are also troubled by how violent our society is, what peaceful solution can we use to change this behavior?
  • What do you believe is the prime reason we have so much hate and violence in the world?

© 2014 carrieharris


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