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Hatred among the people of America

Updated on June 6, 2016
We are the people and damm proud
We are the people and damm proud

I sit in a chair every day checking people in a court house who don't want to be there. In my spare time I blog on the current news of the day. One of the things that alarms me the most is the lake of respect that people have while blogging on Yahoo or whatever.

I have always believed that if you have anything to say be proud of it, however I find hundreds of people giving their opinion to stories without any regard to any other person's feelings at all.

I would guess that most of the people in our country on line feel like this little space is private and that they can just hate the world and everyone that doesn't agree with them.

We act like our country is in flames and the last hurrah is just around the corner, "get out the shotgun ma we are going to defend this position."

America means something different to each of us and the way that our leaders are chosen is not always in the best interest of the public at large. Politicians are so removed from the process and only use the American people when it benefits them. I speak from my heart when I say this and it's only one man's opinion though but here it goes.

I believe that Americans have led to the moral slaughter some years ago, in the way we were led to believe or parents, teachers,coaches and to follow politicians as if they were some kind of God's.

Take a minute to reflect back into your childhood to the first time your teacher told you something different than your parents. Do you think this was an accident, no, People had to be made to obey a supreme leader not a God, mistake one.

Laws of the land shall not interfere with your religious beliefs what ever they may. That's all fine and well in the sixties we had only a few major religions in America. The population was primary Christian and along comes political correctness from somewhere in the country this started , my guess is California. A movement takes a while to get its legs and not everyone agrees with a new movement. Now the best way I know to get all the people in the country on the same page is to make it a law. After many years of open discuss and debate we are losing our Christmas season in our towns because of the so many different religions that are abundant in our life's.

Can you just remember when kid's at school performed a school play about Christmas, I do , I was Scrooge at Cleveland Elementary School in Tampa Florida in around 1957. Plays were a part of our life then Easter etc.. We may not have fully understood every reason we were doing the play but our parents had also been a play before us as well. We went to the same schools that our mothers and dad's went to and received heat because of our older brothers.

Well life seemed to be grand then, but this has all changed Our parents don't seem to have very much control of our children in the school system around the country. We all have a certain heritage and belief system that has guided us thus far, but due to all the mass movement around the country by families trying to find work or just a better place to raise our children we lose site of what guiding stare led us to where we are now.

Mortal man is not all that important and surly cannot be giving advise on how we should be raising our children or where we should attend church or not go at all.God is in everyone where they attend a regular name brand church or not. Follow your heart it is predetermined to be correct if you let it.

History has taught us all one thing from the taking over of this country from the original owners the American Indians who were not lost but very happy in their way of life. Our fine government has progressed one step at a time until all were made into slaves of our way of life. It doesn't stop here after the Indians were out of the way. We could start with the Civil war and all the atrocities that occurred then but we would never finish,

The fact is that we are here in 2009 with a new President that the country is divided on and people have lost the ability to communicate on a level that is respectful to each other. How in the hell are we going to solve any problems in our country if all the people don't bind together like a big cake and make the politicians obey us.

The American people are the American system, If other cultures want to live in this country they need to assimilate our cultures into there way of life, we don't need to change our life's to opeases them. I'm sorry if you think I'm wrong than you have no life of your own. Be proud of who you are when you say something on the web let the world know who you are.


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