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He Hit Laquan: Why Police Officer Jason Van Dyke Ought to Remain Free

Updated on October 25, 2016

The Raw Footage of Justice

Striking Down a Savage

Like an animal on two legs, Laquan McDonald fell in a hail of bullets by officer Jason Van Dyke. This shooting, though it may appear familiar, is actually just another example of a street savage succumbing to the barrage of a capable police man. In a city that is known for its acts of force perpetrated against innocent individuals, Chicago, Illinois also known by the vicious pun Chi-Raq, Killinois, thugs like McDonald only jump up to get shot down in the dirt. While it is tempting to compare this particular incident to that of the cases of Michael Brown and Darren Wilson or Freddie Gray and officers Caesar R. Goodson Jr., William G. Porter, Brian W. Rice, Edward M. Nero, Garrett Miller, Alicia D. White, or Walter Scott and officer Michael Slager, this action by officer Van Dyke is one of out and out heroism.

Instead of resorting to stay politely in the confines of a private residence and get high on phencyclidine (PCP), McDonald chose to brandish a knife and walk in the streets like it was the right thing to do. By breaking into parked cars and trucks, McDonald exhibited a sense of lawlessness and complete disregard for authority or private property. His violations lead to his demise. Officer Van Dyke could have easily dumped more than just a single clip into McDonald. The way that he carried himself in defense of himself and the other officers ought to be commended, not condemned. For protecting his values, officer Van Dyke represented the police force of the city of Chicago and exemplified the character of a man of the law. Upon the review of the video from the night of the shooting, Van Dyke’s arrest marked a twisted day in the annals of justice. At least he was able to post a percentage of the $1.5 million bail that the judge set and broke from the walls of jail.

Police Lights

This is a picture of police lights. The sign of the boys in blue remains those flashing lights.
This is a picture of police lights. The sign of the boys in blue remains those flashing lights. | Source

Get Rid of the Mayor

How is this case different from the incidents listed above? Well, no one can say that the assailant was unarmed here. McDonald wielded a weapon that threatened the lives and property of law enforcement. This barbarian deserved the slugs to the mug which he received. That knife could have been used to issue a swift “buck-fifty” (150 stitches to the face as a result of slashing) to one of the officers that accompanied Van Dyke. In a city where the code of the streets is to cause murder and mayhem, it is only fitting that the police men and women safeguard their own. The constant attacks and shootings and killings that go on in this town must create a sense of urgency within those sworn to serve and protect it. Can Chicago go a holiday without reports of at least one death and dozens of shootings? Has the mayor and the political establishment continued the corruption from the decades past?

The decision to fire the police chief, Garry McCarthy, only exacerbates the situation. This is why the protests were insufficient in representing anything. Rather than push for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s ouster, packs of dissidents stormed the shopping districts of Chicago to prove...what? Maybe it was to garner media attention. Or maybe the goal was to disrupt the much anticipated holiday commercialism. Regardless of the poor excuses, the protesting failed to bring down the root cause of the backward policies and injustices that the demonstrators alleged: Mr. Emanual. The site of the protests ought to have been city hall. They should have held up signs and chanted for the mayor and his cronies to step down from their positions. No, they rather interrupt the exchange of dollars and goods during the happiest season of all. And where does the money sit with the McDonald family? Their award of $5 million displays the incompetence and injustice involved in the legal system in Chicago. To give this miscreant’s relatives, whom he had broken ties with allegedly as being in foster homes, this kind of cash only worsens the stance of the city.

Police Questionnaire

Do you think that officer Van Dyke acted appropriately?

See results

Can peace be achieved?

GIve chance a piece? Or give peace a chance?
GIve chance a piece? Or give peace a chance? | Source

The Proud Policeman

The uproar is completely unwarranted here. Until the city of Chicago fight the true problem which is gang violence which is drug warfare which can be solved by legalizing all drugs, the city will continue to see the horrid side of inner city life (and death). McDonald was just a pawn in the evil combination of drugs and weapons on the streets. The necessity of his death remains as he perpetrated force against law enforcement. It’s not even tragic. It’s just justice being served. So, for any marching protest group who wants to stir up racial tensions and continue the poor relations of cops and citizens, take heed. There exist laws which govern the actions of individuals in the semi-free country of the United States of America. McDonald signified the brute who chose to go down the wrong path and found bullets to match his wayward intentions. He decided to live the street life and have no reserve for rectitude. For his actions, a cop just wanted to ensure that innocent bystanders, his fellow police officers, and he would make it home safe that night. In the city where the murder rate is so high and the trust for law enforcement is so low, might this incident be a bellwether of what await an ogre of the streets? May this indicate a turning point in how the wolves in the neighborhoods function on a daily basis?

Officer Van Dyke, rather than being lambasted for his actions, ought to be met with every citation and recognition for the bravery and pinpoint accuracy he demonstrated. He ought to have not been charged with any crime. Unless that crime is courage under great stress, he ought to be met with support from his fellow officers and other people who respect the law. First-degree murder is not even close to the truth which the video of the McDonald shooting shows. His quick decision making skills and coolness allowed him to deliver shots into the threat and neutralize it. For a seasoned veteran of the force, Van Dyke continued the tradition of cops who though older in years, can still perform at the highest levels of professionalism. Despite the allegations of misconduct, Van Dyke upholds the position of a citizen on patrol (COP). With the support of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police, his lawyer, and his wife, Van Dyke ought to have enough backing to weather these next chilly months. His actions will remain a testament to good stewardship over a city that has seemingly lost its way. For continuing to stay on the right side of the law, Van Dyke and officers like him ought to face the future with confidence, honor, and respect. May the accusers and protesters be damned. The only thing which will stand in time is the will of officer Van Dyke. If he is able to muster up the courage he displayed in taking down McDonald, he just might remain the proud policeman that he set out to be.

The man in blue....
The man in blue.... | Source


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    • Skyler Saunders profile imageAUTHOR

      Skyler Saunders 

      2 years ago from Newark, DE

      Big E,

      I think that the opposite is the case. Black men have been marginalized, emasculated, castrated, brutalized, shot, stabbed, set ablaze and experienced all sorts of indignities perpetrated against them through the centuries.

      Don't you think that a Black cop is the worst cop anyway?

    • profile image

      Big E 

      2 years ago

      Skyler Saunders,

      I think it would help a lot if they took all the white police and disguised them as black. If you google Jeff Kephart or John Howard Griffin you can find two guys who changed their appearance to black.

      I think the police would have more protection if they were black.

      I myself want to change my appearance to black. The media always make white guy look like a fool and black man look strong. Its time 4 the white man to get a race change and eliminate the weakest part of his body.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 

      2 years ago from usa


      I will make a comment #1 or #2, you are the judge

      A true story I was a tradesman working on the Robert Taylor housing project in the 60's

      my partner (b) me (w) were calling for material to do our work our laborer (b) was giving us a tough time

      he was not a nice guy. the action spilled over when he drew his switch blade knife and threathen us. My partner (b ) had enough , keeno ( my partner ) turned pulled out his gun , pointed at the laborer.

      keeno told the young man '' the next time you pull your knife, you will be a dead man

      LIFE IN THE BIG CITIES unless you actually lived it , many people don't understand!

      My only comment not knowing ALL is

      the youth was breaking the law the youth apparently did not respect the officers request the youth turned his back on the officer apparently ignoring the officer only the parties know what was said

      now the finally the youth turns quickly around the officer shoots 1 shot the youthfalls to the ground

      end of confrontation 1 alive 1 dead ALL lives matter

      moral of story OBEY THE LAWs and those who ENFORCE THE LAW self defense??

      Robert Taylor Homes Chicago Housing Authority 26 high rise bldgs 16 stories each 4415 units Chicago Illinois 1961=1962 DEMOLISHED 1998=2007

      11/30/14 MTP: Rich Lowry’s Inconvenient Ferguson Truths Cause Panelist Outrage

      TrayvonMartin 17 2012

      11/5/15 Police: 9-year-old Chicago boy ‘ lured’ into alley and shot

      9/19/14 We are a nation of the rule of law Anarchy is not the answer or solution

      Nothing new in the big cities

    • Skyler Saunders profile imageAUTHOR

      Skyler Saunders 

      2 years ago from Newark, DE

      JON EWALL,

      Does your comment not count?

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 

      2 years ago from usa

      S S

      I don't believe you will get a comment on your hub, if you do there will not be anything to respond to in today's society.

      All life matters


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