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He said, she said....still a government shutdown

Updated on October 21, 2013
Eric Cantor
Eric Cantor | Source

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No government...

White House Deputy Press Secretary, Bill Barton claimed that the President had negotiated with the Republicans to keep moving forward and not shut down the government. It was found to only be a half truth. The president did negotiate on government spending, but in a roundabout way as politics always are, it was not in reference to the debt ceiling or was it?

A memo from Republican, Eric Cantor stated that he expected a "short-term" resolution to keep the government moving forward. He also laid out his "hold up" strategy that the party was using to defund and delay what they call Obamacare (Affordable Care Act). As he claimed, "doing so would be a victory".

What Eric Cantor and the rest of the Republicans didn't count on was having their "Tea Party" Republicans throw a monkey wrench into their plan.

While Rep. Dennis Ross of Florida was calling for an end to the government shut down and using the claim that for the first time since the Korean War, the U.S. federal spending has gone down two years in a row; showing that the government is working and needs to continue doing so, Tea Party Republicans like Ted Cruz was creating issues for the President and their own party as well and in turn creating strife for the American people, especially those that work for the federal government, who are now without a job, until the government can move forward.

Official Website Notice of Shutdown. Not the program
Official Website Notice of Shutdown. Not the program

Conservatives run with scare tactics over shutdown.....

Parties quickly looking to stir the pot. A conservative website;, had people in an uproar over all the government closings; with half truths and exaggerations.


Obama shuts down the ocean! The fact is that all federally funded parks will be closed until the shutdown ends. All federal programs and properties that federally funded are closed due to the shutdown.

Also running rampant among the naysayers:

The Amber Alert website was shut down as well because it is manned by federal personnel. The Amber Alert program that is state run and funded by a nonprofit organization called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children was not affected by the shutdown.

Once again, the right wing propaganda machine has people believing things that are not true.

So how did we get here? In plain english

Like in everyday life, there are checks and balances and like us, the government has to balance the checkbook and pay bills. When you reach a level of spending in your budget, then you stop or you allow yourself to get into more debt.

If you don't have money, you starve, you can't pay the rent, the care payment, etc. and you suffer. When the government does it....we all suffer.

The saddest part of it all and something they should, but won't consider is when they decide to shut down the government, instead of furloughing the federal workers that work hard to support their families, the men and women in service who work to protect us, they should take and furlough the checks of those hundreds of retired or replaced government has beens that still get a check because they served in office for two terms. If they took all that money and applied towards the deficit, how much would that help the country?

Well, I digress. Our elected officials take it to a vote. The first vote, "cloture vote" is very everyone to vote to discuss it and move forward to the actual vote. Unless you are a complete fool, most will vote to continue, especially in this case. The vote requires 60 to pass and continue. Seventy-nine voted for it, 19 voted against it (probably those looking to get re-elected soon) and 2 no votes. (25 Republicans voted).

Then a bunch of grandstanding and fighting among the party members because as usual someone wants to add stuff to the bill before it's signed and it's usually pork. Then the vote. In this case there were 54 democrats and independents that voted to move forward, not a single republican voted for it. stalls and no one gets paid, except the government officials.

Grandstanding maybe, but some Republicans got on the Senate floor and spoke of not supporting Obamacare, but they didn't think it was worth shutting down the government for..if they convince others to vote their could have ended. However, the Tea Party republicans would not go with it.

What next? Back to the drawing board until the country is destroyed...which won't happen or they go back in vote again and move forward.

They moved forward, only to have this battle another day in February. The government at work, same s*@!? different day.

Shutdown is over...really?

The politicians in Washington have given in and gotten people back to work and getting paid, but is the shutdown really over. Not really, this is a band aid on a serious problem that will revisit the American people in a couple of months.

American's deserve better than that. These tug and pulls at the economic stability of our country and it's people have got to come to an overall end.

The Republicans are quick to want to stop the welfare checks and handouts, why not start with them and the Democrats as well.

1. There should be term limits

2. They should only get paid while they serve and when they are done..the payments stop.

3. They should have to buy insurance like all hard working Americans

Our troops serve the country and put their lives on the line, but when they are no longer members of the Armed services, they don't continue to get paid. Why then should a politician, who serves and lines their pockets then continue to be paid and have the best medical coverage in town at the taxpayers expense?

It's time they paid their way, the American way.

If every politician living, past and present, that are still receiving "welfare" from the taxpayers stopped receiving their non-earned pay, the country could pay off a large portion of the deficit.


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