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Healthcare Really does Suck!

Updated on June 24, 2009

Government Healthcare Won't Solve the Problems

I don't care what they say Government run Healthcare won't solve the problems. You have seen what government hands will do when you give them a little power. They abuse it. Especially those that have not got a clue on how the country operates. They will just run it in the ground but they do need healthcare Regulators. Its that simple and then they need to pay attention to them. Not like the regulators that told the government about Bernie Maddoff and ignored their warnings to the tune of people loosing 50 billion dollars. They could have stopped Maddoff at $7 billion but did nothing. You can point fingers all you want but if ignore your own people and someone or alot of someone's are going to loose bigtime. But, hey, it did not come out of our "you can't touch me government ZCARS" pockets (isn't that what Obama calls them now), did it?

One thing the government should do is get someone that is neutral out there regulating the way healthcare industry and take the stupidity out of it. Why should you pay for someone that does not even try to pay for their healthcare and why should you take 5 test when a knowledgeable Doctor should be able to half ass diagnose a problem without hitting you with five more charges than you need. I mean they did go to school for seven years. They did not take ripping the patient, they took courses to help them be supposedly Dr.s and Nurses and be able to diagnose a problem without having to hook a $100,000.00 machine up to tell them that you broke a bone or show them how to stitch a would.

I tripped last night over the neighbors drive and pulled the lawn mower over my foot for which after the lawnmower mangeled my show it did quite a lot of damage to my foot. Well I went to one of these local around the corner family Dr.s and they would not touch my foot because it was bleeding. Now let me tell you this place has millions of dollars in equipment, and yet they would not touch my foot. Most os the damage was limited to the big toe. It tore about 90% of the nail off and mangeled yp my toe but not to the degree that it could not be cleaned up. Well, the next step was to send me to the ER, eight miles away. I was at the ER 5 hours, in which, one guy half ass cleaned my foot. one guy stuck it with a needle to numb it. one girl stuck me with another needle for a tetnous and another wrapped up my foot in a fashion that would not get him a job wrapping gifts at Macy's. He had to come back and up wrap the thing and wrap it again, and it was still half done.

So they said, I would have to go to a podiatrist the next day. I did and he took care of my foot in so much more professional fashion. Even the African Nurse that worked for the podiatrist was so much more professional than the African American that checked me in at the ER while all the time I was dripping blood like Maxwell house. She would stop and talk to a buddy passing by or whatever she could to not get me checked punctially, and then they took a latin family in ahead of me that came in thirty minutes after I did.

There was no reason for not less than five people to come in my room. Are they not busy or am I going to get a bill from each and every one of them like usually.

The bottom line is we are being tested to much, overcharged, and not cared for like we should be and given to many pills, especially our kids. They are trying to keep our elderly alive to long by having the populus spend a fortune on pharmasuticals.

Check out the following site to end binge eating once and for all. I can't help all but I can help a few. This worked for me so at least I have lost weight and they cant blame it on that.

Its enough to make a person sick! But, you don't want to go to the Hospital ER!


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