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Help Feed The Hungry With Friends Of the World Food Program

Updated on January 16, 2012

Many people are reluctant to give money to charity - it's not because they're cold, heartless bastards who don't care about the welfare of others! Sometimes it's simply that they don't know exactly what it is that their donation is being used for. If you're one of those folks - or just someone looking for an easy and affordable way to make a real difference in a hungry person's life - this may help you out:

  • What if you knew that $30 could buy enough utensils for 10 needy children to eat their school lunches?
  • How about $144 to feed a nutritious meal to a toddler for six months?
  • Or $50 to buy one student's school lunches for a whole year?
  • Maybe $100 to encourage a poor child's family to send him or her to school by giving that child extra food to take home to the family each day for 2 years?

These are a few of things that a donation to the Friends of the World Food Program can provide to needy and hungry people around the world.

A Message From The Director of The Friends of the WFP

What is the Friends of the World Food Program?

Living in the U.S., it's often hard to comprehend the scope of the world's hunger problems, but in the next four seconds someone in the world will die from hunger - that's 25,000 children and adults each year. During 2009, over 1 billion people - 15% of the world's population - suffered from chronic hunger. The mission of the United Nation's World Food Program is to reduce those tragically high numbers.

Friends of the World Food Program is a US-based non-profit organization that is trying to build support for the UN's World Food Program in the United States through education, fund-raising and advocacy.

WFP supplies being offloaded in Liberia
WFP supplies being offloaded in Liberia

Thw WFP's Response to the 2010 Haiti Earthquake

The UN's World Food Program

Around the world, hunger is a debilitating problem for millions of people. The UN's World Food Program is the world's largest humanitarian organization for fighting hunger in the world. In addition to providing food in regions plagued by hunger, the WFP also runs programs to educate children and expectant mothers about basic health and nutrition. They also work with local governments to help communities solve their own hunger problems over the long-term.

The UN's World Food Program also assists with disasters and other emergencies - both natural and man-made - and in many parts of the world chronic hunger is an on-going disaster. Even before the recent tragic earthquake in Haiti, the WFP was on the ground in response to the four devastating hurricanes that rocked the country in 2008. In the first week following the 2010 earthquake, the WFP was able to deliver around 1,000,000 food rations to the desperate survivors, and hoped to distribute 10,000,000 ready-to-eat rations within the second week.

More Ways to Help Friends of the World Food Program

In addition to donating money directly, Friends of the World Food Program makes it easy to contribute. On their Partner's web page are links to various other methods, including

  • a browser toolbar that earns a percentage for Friends of the World Food Program from each online purchase you make from 1,300 participating store, including
  • a program to start your own fundraising campaign where people can donate to Friends of the World Food Program directly from your website
  • a partnership with eBay wherein the items you auction there earn funds for Friends of the World Food Program

Drew Barrymore, UN WFP Ambassador Against Hunger

Final Words

In addition to the direct food relief programs above, the World Food Program also assists local farmers, educates people about HIV/AIDS and nutrition and works extensively with school lunch programs to encourage childhood education. To donate or to learn more, please visit the Friends of the World Food Program website at

Christina Aguilera for Freiends of the WFP

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  • Megavitamin profile image


    9 years ago

    Very informative hub! Thanks for spreading the word about such a worthy cause.


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