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Help!!!! I Am Being Tempted to Sin!!

Updated on August 17, 2016

Enter Not Into Temptation...

I had heard of the plight of Asia Bibi the Pakistani mother of 5 who was accused of blasphemy. Well, tonight I actually read the circumstances of her case and find the situation to be absolutely ridiculous.

The more I think about it the angrier I get. The angrier I get the more I want to sin. The sin I want to commit is to tell somebody off. I want to go into the forums and attack those who call Christians fools. Those who say we serve an imaginary sky god. I feel very indignant that the precious freedom of speech that we enjoy in the USA is not experienced in other countries.

This woman, Asia Bibi allegedly insulted Muhammad while arguing with some of her female neighbors. They were picking berries and Asia Bibi got water for them in some bowl or cup and one of the women refused to drink the water because the container was handled by a Christian.

I can talk about yours but don't you talk about mine...

Reports say Asia Bibi and her family were only 1 of the 2 Christian familys in the locale and they family believes these false accusations were made because of Asia is a Christian in a predominately Muslim neighborhood. The Muslim women say that Asia Bibi remarked that Mohamed lay sick in his bed the entire month before he died, that he had worms in his mouth and nose and was a fake.

Apparently that was more than enough information to get her arrested, beaten and sentenced to death. That's right, sentenced to death!

She has been locked up since June of 2009. They say if she is acquitted the will have a civil war because the law must be upheld. She is the first woman accused of blasphemy, although I am sure there are others who have said that and more.

Keeping it Real

I think about the religious forums here on Hubpages; the endless arguments and countless discussions which we engage in as an effort to "give a reason for our faith". I think about some of the stupid stuff some of the non-believers come up with, the fact that we are commanded to use wisdom and loving kindness when we engage in conversation with unbelievers.

After reading about Asia Bibi, I didn't want to use wisdom, I was Holy Ghost indignant and actually went into the forums looking for stupid topics that I could rip apart.....

This is why I am so glad I have the Holy Spirit. I found a stupid question, and, I knew it was written to draw believers into an argument; but I was going to engage it anyway. As I started to respond and tell the writer what I really thought about his post, the gentle but stern vice of the Holy Spirit said, "Don't you do that...don't do it, don't do it..."

His power calmed me and I was able to resist the temptation to sin. The Bible days be angry and sin not... I was angry and about to sin...thank's be to God who cause us to triumph in Christ Jesus!


Living in America

We are truly blessed here in the USA and in any free speech nation. I would have been dead a long time ago if I lived in a restrictive speech nation. They would have either called me "martyr" or "fool". In either case, i would have been in trouble.

My anger is subsiding as I write this, Praise the Lord. I am so glad, now my vision is clear, I would have proved nothing by attacking the non-believers in the forums. I would have only hardened their hearts more....and that wouldn't have helped anyone.

Thanks for listening.... 

What does this mean to Believers

World wide persecution of Christians is on the increase. Asia Bibi's case is getting press because she is the first woman to be accused of blasphemy. But, as the body of Christ, we should remember our brothers and sisters in the persecuted church.

Why not pick a non-christian nation and begin to believe God for the gospel to have free course in it; that laborers would be sent who would be steadfast and unmovable.


Do the Right Thing

Now that I am back to normal, I can add my faith to Asia Bibi's faith and rebuke the devils on assignment against her. I can believe with thousands of others who are crying out to the Lord for her release.

When I was angry, I would have been praying in malice and would have been more of a hindrance to her than a help.

Thanks for listening.....


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