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Helping Countries; Beside Refugees, Terrorists, Ethnic People

Updated on November 20, 2015


Homeland to us, usually refers to the country, state, province and city in which you live.

Homeland to me is Rapid City, South Dakota, United States in north America.

We are protective and possessive of where we live and who we invite to live in our “Homeland.” We can become resentful, angry, frustrated and at times, act out in the form of violence against those we dislike, hate or whom we see is different.

Our leaders

  • don’t adequately respond to our desires as we wish them to
  • or, they don’t not act at all
  • or, they over respond and

each one of these causes anxiety, fear, anger, hatred, violence and unrest.

How Should We Respond

North America is trying to respond to this dilemma. Our government has decided to ‘accept’ a certain number of refugees.
Do any of you think that this will solve any of the problems?
I don’t think it will even be a drop in the bucket to solving the refugee problem and only helps a ‘select few’. Which is not fair nor helps those who decided to stay in their homeland.
Instead, I would like to suggest a different solution, which might help their whole country.

A Little Background

There have seen different responses to the problem of very poor people in all the world’s countries.

  • We have given large sums of money, we have sent food, medical supplies, arms and ammo, people and all kinds of implements to help out these poor countries.
  • We have helped overthrow dictators, and other evil leaders. If we are going to rid a country of tyrants, than we should help them get started on the right tract.
  • Our Government has tried all kinds of ways to help, aid and support. Most of which resulted in resentment, anger and frustration from those same countries who came begging and looking for help.

They look to us as the “Big Brother”, and yet expect us to ‘always’ bail them out of ‘their’ situation and troubles and when we do try to help – do we get thanked?

No – they resent us more and want to destroy our life and kill us.

And to top it all off, we find them wanting to immigrate here and when they do, they are resentful and refuse to assimilate into our culture.
I believe if you move to another country, you should learn their language and do as they do. Not try to keep your language and your culture. If you wanted to keep your culture – you should have stayed where you were!

Our Own Select Problems

We even have people here that have been here for generations and still refuse to assimilate into our culture. We find they want special privileges, want to be called differently than what they are – “Americans”.
It’s getting to be a very big problem and concern, especially when we have a ‘president’, who is actively encouraging and creating more problems.

He is creating a violent situation instead of solving it.

We are “All” Americans, and should be proud to be an American -- if you’re not – leave.

You should not expect to have special privileges than any other person. We have all had problems, most of us have experienced bullying, name calling, been beaten up because we didn’t ‘fit’ into someone else’s slot. This just made us work harder and to be a better person, sometimes spurring us on to greatness!
We didn’t wallow in self-pity!

The majority of us didn’t complain and holler – “You called me a &”#@?”!” and expect special privileges because of it.
Being alive does not mean you have special privileges.

  1. “Life is not easy”

  2. “life is not safe

  3. “life is not equal”

  4. “life does not owe you anything”


We can’t take in all the world’s refugees!
Did you know – most of the world makes less than $2 a day! “No matter what you think, we can’t fix this.

I can hear you say: “But, we can take in a boat load.”

I ask you: “What about the next boat load and the next and the next? How about taking in 5 million people each year? Would that be enough? And how soon do you think all these people would overrun our country and bring us down?

And how is that helping them? Won’t that cause a lot more unrest, maybe even a civil war crisis in our country?”

I find it very disturbing to think that we are choosing and picking who we are going to let in and who we aren’t.
Who do you think should be choosing what people to come here?

Do you trust the government to do this?

You can’t tell by looking at someone if they are going to become a terrorist or a good citizen, no matter what age they come in.

Thinking Differently

How about trying a different solution?

Don’t misunderstand me – “this – will not solve the world’s problems but it might be better than taking in refugees”!

Get rid of thinking that other countries should be like we are in North America. We are free, democratic and based on capitalism – they will never be like us and they don’t want to be like us.
If we take in refugees, we expect them to assimilate and most don’t wish to become Americans or Canadians – which creates lots of problems not only for them -- but for us!

  • How about finding out what their needs are within their own country?
  • How about not trying to fix everything in another country?
  • How about helping them in their country instead of thinking we are going to solve all their problems by bringing them over here as refugees?


Let’s send people who are expert in their field and see if we can help them solve their own problems – in their country!

  • If they say get rid of the terrorists and dictators – let’s help to do it!
  • If they say they need education, let’s send people who can help educate them to educate their own people.
  • If they say they need medicine, let’s help educate them and how to treat their ill people.
  • If they say they need clean water, let’s help them on how to get healthy water and clean up their sanitation problems.
  • Let’s teach and help them how to police themselves and be independent.
  • If they want to plant their food, let’s educate them on the best crop for their country and how to take care of that crop and help with the tools.

This certainly would be less expensive than the billions of dollars we are already sending them without any accountability.

If we are going to be “Big Brother” to the world’s problems, then let’s start by leading them to be self-reliable and how to take care of themselves and stop thinking we can solve ‘everything’.

We can’t – only God can solve everything.

Let’s help solve small problems and let them solve the big ones.

What Not To Do

  • Let’s not help them build nuclear bombs.
  • Let’s not arm nations.
  • Let’s NOT supply them with money to pad the politicians and leaders pockets.
  • Let’s not take in refugees, this only helps a few people – let’s help the whole country instead.
  • Let’s not airlift supplies and drop them off so the terrorists can hoard the supplies from those it was intended for.

Let’s not help a select few.
Let’s help their ‘whole’ country.

Do What Christian’s Do

This is what the Christian’s are already doing and have been doing for years.
They go and actually “help” people build or create a better life, a little at a time.

Christians help to educate, teach and lead them, so they can take care of themselves so they can go and educate and teach their own people.

Our government would be better off in supporting these groups.

Our government would be better off listening to the Christian leaders and helping them to be ambassadors for our country.


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