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Helping Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Updated on October 9, 2017
Infrared satellite image of Hurricane Harvey
Infrared satellite image of Hurricane Harvey | Source

"A very significant disaster"

On Friday, August 25, Harvey, a category four hurricane slammed into the Texas coast bringing 130 MPH winds and intense rain. The City of Rockport received the brunt of the force, but many towns from Houston to Corpus Cristi have been severely affected. Damage is estimated to be in the billions; thousands of people will be without homes, proper clothing and food.

FEMA chief Brook Long considers Harvey "a very significant disaster" and has his agency working quickly to bring relief. The Texas National Guard, along with many other government and private organizations will also be assisting in the relief efforts.

Days of torrential rain have continued to bring record level flooding to the Houston area and parts of Louisiana, greatly multiplying the damage brought on by Harvey's initial landfall. The disaster is being considered the worst in the U.S. since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

While many people and agencies are already committed to helping victims, the severity and scope of the disaster calls for nationwide support. This article outlines just some of the ways that people can help by making monetary and physical donations, giving blood, and volunteering.

Monetary Gifts

Financial support of non-profit organizations fuels their ability to purchase necessary supplies and equipment as they respond to the Harvey. All of the following organizations are providing direct support to victims.

The American Red Cross - donate

Samaritans Purse - donate

Feeding Texas - donate

Breedlove Food - donate

Salvation Army - donate

Greater Houston Community Foundation - donate

Austin Disaster Relief Network - donate

Catholic Charities - donate


In-Kind/Physical Donations

Texans can make donations in person. Non perishable food, good clothing, toiletries, and other essential items can be given to food banks, relief organizations, and temporary shelters in Texas to provide immediate support to victims. Be sure to get more info and understand the actual needs of each organization before bringing donations. Food banks and organizations outside of Texas are also helping; the Indianapolis Division of the Midwest Food Bank is a great example.

Food banks for in-person donations:

Houston Food Bank - more info

Galveston Food Bank - more info

Corpus Christi Food Bank - more info

Southeast Texas Food Bank (Beaumont) - more info

Central Texas Food Bank (Austin) - more info

San Antonio Food Bank - more info

A larger list of Texas food banks can be found at the Houston Press.

Donating Items to Shelters Providing Temporary Relief to Evacuees and Animals:

In Dallas, the Dallas County VOAD is looking for donations of non perishable food, clothing in good condition, toiletries, and hygiene items. Donations should be delivered to a donation center on 15660 N. Dallas Parkway which is open 8am - 6pm daily.

In San Antonio, a food bank is requesting donations of diapers, baby food and formula, and water. Gifts can be dropped-off at the San Antonio Food Bank located on 5200 Enrique M. Barerra Parkway.

In Austin, Austin Pets Alive is collecting donations of pet supplies. Their top needs include liquid laundry soap, leashes, and cat litter. Click here for a more exhaustive list of needs and more information.

Blood Drives

There is an urgent need for blood collections. The Red Cross is holding blood drives across the country to support the increased need due to Harvey.

Red Cross - find a drive

South Texas Blood and Tissue Center - more info

United Blood Services - more info

Injuries from the hurricane are creating an urgent need for blood donations.
Injuries from the hurricane are creating an urgent need for blood donations. | Source

How do you plan to help out?

How do you plan to help out?

See results


Volunteers are desperately needed. Those interested in donating their time can find more information about a number of organizations in need of help. Donate your time at a shelter, food bank, or with an organization providing clean-up and rebuilding services. A few options are listed below, but conducting a web search of opportunities in the local area is also a good idea.

Red Cross (many volunteer opportunities) - volunteer registration

Samaritan's Purse (clean up relief and rebuilding) - more info

A shelter at Second Baptist Church in La Grange, TX is seeking volunteers and staff. They are located at 1010 N. Von Minden, La Grange, TX 78945.

Convey of Hope Disaster Services is looking for volunteers who live within two hours of the affected areas - sign up

Salvation Army - more info

Austin Pets Alive - more info

The Animal Defense League of Texas needs fosters - learn more

Texas National Guard members prepare for Hurricane Harvey.
Texas National Guard members prepare for Hurricane Harvey. | Source

Thanks for Helping!

Please keep victims, first responders, and volunteers in your prayers!


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