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Hemp a new way to go green

Updated on April 19, 2009

So you're against drugs you think if you buy hemp your promoting dope, well let me tell you hemp is not just for pot heads anymore. Hemp has had some cutting edge breakthroughs in the products it is helping to produce. Hemp obviously is all natural and can be recycled, which makes it good for the environment. Over the past few years hemp has become a product most of us have heard of, yes you can get hemp clothing and apparel, but did you know a professor at the university of Toronto Canada had come up with many different ways of using hemp.

With further testing it seems possible that hemp can be used for all kinds of things...Like what you might ask...?

Canoes, car dash boards, bus seats, it is believed in a short time hemp will be able to make things like biomedical supplies like blood bags, or even things like airplane parts. Extracting certain fibres and creating a glue substance, the future may even hold hemp constructions materials and fossil fuels. When you think of hemp these things seem like a far cry from the long thought of hemp being a drug. Hemp is a plant and like many other plants can be used to make many other products, and can be used in place of harmful ingredients in other products we use and buy everyday.

If you are wondering why I decided to write this hub about hemp it's pretty simple in a world of changing climate and population it is important that we begin to utilize all the natural wonders this world offers. Hemp is just one of the millions of natural beauty waiting to be extracted from our earth to help conserve the trees, the air and the ground we live on. We need to change our life styles; So maybe you won't go out and get a hemp whatever today but just knowing the possibilities for a better tomorrow are out there and are being perfected everyday is wonderful, isn't it?

. Hemp, wheat, soy, what ever people are using to enhance our home and make it a healthier place I say good for you and keep making new and improved natural products. I hope some of you will consider more environmentally friendly products whether hemp or not.

If you are interested in learning more about hemp products or purchasing some hemp apparel see the links below.

About Hemp..

What is Hemp?

Hemp most commonly refers to the plant species known as Cannabis sativa L., which consists of varieties known as Cannabis sativa Sativa and Cannabis sativa Indica, among others.

Canvas - is derived from "cannabis", the Latin word for "marijuana."

Archaeologists agree that cannabis was among the first crops purposely cultivated by human beings at least over 6,000 years ago, and perhaps more than 12,000 years ago.

The most resourceful crop on earth, cannabis yields industrial hemp for canvas, oil, fiber, and paper among other things; a harmless medicine for gravely ill individuals; and a source of recreation for millions of people around the world.

Hemp prohibition is the result of propaganda by the petrochemical, cotton, and wood-based paper industries, who foresaw competition from hemp. Virtually anything that can be made from petroleum can be made from hempseed and other vegetable oils at a much lesser cost, and hemp fiber is many times more durable and resourceful than cotton or wood-based paper.

More about Hemp...

The cannabis sativa plant produces more protein, oil and fiber than any other plant on earth. Hempseed, for example, was an essential part of our ancestors' diet and is the source of "gruel," the porridge that is referred to in countless stories and books written before this century. However, when new technology in the 1900's made mass processing of hemp possible, certain petrochemical, wood-based paper, and cotton-fiber industries protected themselves from competition by recasting hemp as "marijuana."

Carl Sagan, famed Cornell University astronomer and producer of the television series Cosmos, speculated in his book "The Dragons of Eden" that marijuana might be the very first crop grown . . . the root of the agricultural revolution and civilization as we know it today.

Hempseed oil

Dr. Udo Erasmus' recently-revised doctoral thesis, Fats and Oils, (which has been used as a college text book at many univesities) states that "hempseed oil is the most perfectly balanced source of plant nutrition available".

Rudolph Diesel invented the diesel engine to run on hempseed oil because any diesel engine can run without modification on unrefined hempseed oil, and hempseed could be among the most productive seed-oil crops by a ratio of perhaps three-to-one in comparison to the most productive alternatives, according to reports from Notre Dame University.

Modern use of hemp and cannibis
Modern use of hemp and cannibis


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    • eobi profile image

      eobi 6 years ago

      There are many ways of using Hemp.

      Interested in Hemp products, made out of an unique, pure natural material from Hemp (Hempstone)?

      I am working on creating my "Hempstone Arts" (I am an Art publisher and Hemp activist), the most noble, unique and inspiring hemp products ever created.

      Made without any chemical additives or binder.

      You are welcome to visit my virtual home.

    • profile image

      Stephen 7 years ago

      Just note that industrial use hemp cannot make you high (< 1% TCH: unless you smoked an insane amount of it). The strains which we smoke today have been highly bred and selectively engineered to their current state. Nothing wrong with either statements, just putting it out there.

      Personally I don't think we even need to argue for the use of hemp to make weed legal - as a pure relaxant it trumps so many legal things as a healthy alternative.

    • Rob Volanti profile image

      Rob Volanti 9 years ago

      I cannot believe that with all of the uses, it continues to be illegal

    • raguett profile image

      raguett 9 years ago

      Thanks....very interesting....R

    • Joni Solis profile image

      Joni Solis 9 years ago from Kentwood, Louisiana

      Just found this news article on hemp:

      Health: North Dakota Farmers Sue to Overturn U.S. Ban on Industrial Hemp(NaturalNews) A pair of North Dakota hemp farmers have filed suit in the U.S. Court of Appeals to overturn a federal ban on the production of commercial hemp. North Dakota is the only state that allows the cultivation of industrial hemp, and the state...