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Hero's and Villain's

Updated on July 22, 2015

The Man

Let Talk About What's Right and Wrong

Right now is a very confusing

time in America. If a

President or a Sharpton

lies to you or implies

something is very

wrong with the Police

departments and so on, that's

OK, but if a Presidential Hopeful says something you think is

over the edge, that's irrefutable. Government does not

have the guts to talk about or do anything about and I

am sure he will bring up many more.

At this point we will call the Donald a "Villain", but I

think you might change your mind after a short read.

What about Michelle ( Michael as Hussein calls her )

Obama said, "she has never been proud of America".

Does that not qualify as the same statement Trump said

but even more of a fire starter? No one said a word!

But it's OK if she speaks her mind but not Donald Trump? Why!

Donald Trump made a statement the other day about John

McCain that did not go over very well ( even thouigh

McCain has done very little but run his mouth about

the Veteran's situation and waiting periods whn it

comes to their welfare )and now everyone wants to jump

on him for doing so.

Well, he might have not meant exactly what he said, but

if Eisenhower had a Military force made up of POW's he

would lost the War, and If McArther' x ships had been

filled with POW's instead of fighting service men he

would have been sunk. Is that understandable? I know it

sounds gruff, but it's a fact and also it's a fact

soldiers get captured and killed in war and that's a

crying shame, but it does not make them hero's, does it?

A hero is a person that gives their life or happens to

make it out of a situation that is over and beyond the

norm of daily routine. Someone that throws care of self

to the wind to save a life or live's.

We have gang members and terrorist activist that go

into the Military under the wire to learn how to fight

against us. If they get captured, are they hero's?

They did nothing extra to save lives, only improve

self. We have people that have no where else to go

or no jobs available to them so they go in the military

so the Government to get assistance and do nothing

outside of the window to help anyone but themselves.

If they happen to go to a fight zone and are captured

does that make them a hero. It make them a hero or

would you call them a Patriot?

Once again when a soldier get captured it does not

make them a hero and when someone like the 1st lady

says "she has never been proud of America", it makes

her an anti American just like the President! Why

hasn't any action been taken against Obama for being

against Obama for doing every thing he can to undue

what has been done to make this a great instead of

getting uptight about what someone said about a

person that called "his followers crazy's".

Do we not still have the freedom of speech or is It

just for the Socialist's of America?

Obama made a deal with a terrorist backing Country

( Iran ), did not even contact the family in San

Francisco when their daughter was killed by an

illegal or order the flags to be placed at half

mast when five military personal were killed by a

young Muslim radical!

Does anyone get where the leadership is coming from

in the White House yet? It's un-American and it's much

more terrible than a statement someone made!

Our so called President can't or won't even condemn

Islamic Radical's! He's a Muslim and he is sticking

by them all the way to the ruin of America and I think

that is much more important to take a look at than a

statement made by a private citizen. Trump still has

my vote.

Addition to blog..I think the recruiters should have vest

and be armed. If Obama needs be protected they do to!


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