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Hey DNC, Do You Also Apologize for the People in Arizona Who Stood in the Sun for Hours to Vote, but Couldn't?

Updated on July 27, 2016

The DNC has issued an apology to Bernie Sanders for plotting to steal the primary from him, which was resoundingly successful. Now that it has admitted that there was a motive for the election fraud we saw running rampant throughout the Democratic primaries, against Sanders, will it apologize to all the disenfranchised voters who didn't get a chance to vote, or have their votes counted, in the incessant scheming against Sanders?

How about those who stood in the hot Arizona sun, no joke even in March, in lines that went for blocks, with some voters dropping out due to family commitments, and others finding that they could only get a "provisional" ballot, which was not counted?

It seems that now that the DNC has admitted that the election was not fair, the only right thing to do is to re-do the nomination, this time with a full roll-call vote, and all pledged delegates released to vote their personal conscience.

How Bernie Sanders Really Won the 2016 Democratic Primary

Delegates should at least put forward a motion.

If the DNC is sincere in its apology, it should also throw its weight behind a new initiative, Scan the Ballots, which will ensure it will be much harder for Hillary or someone like her to ever steal their way to the nomination again. Scan the Ballots will be a simple law at the state house level which will require all ballots to be scanned after voting, in a careful and deliberate manner. Such a measure will make citizen auditors out of anyone who cares to be, by putting all ballots cast in an election on a DVD, as the election integrity organization The Humboldt Project recommends.

The Humboldt Project says scanning the ballots would:

"establish a new level of transparency for public elections that would allow any member of the public to independently audit the election. It would enable the public to detect any discrepancies between the official totals and the scanned images if errors or fraud occurred."

If officials or whomever hacked the machine totals for Hillary knew that people would be poring over the physical ballots and discovering fraud, Hillary might not be the official nominee today.

There are many ways to commit election fraud, such as the mass voter disenfranchisement in Arizona, New York, and California. But the most problematic, because it is completely invisible, is the hacking of machine-counted vote totals so that what is in the ballot box is not what is in the published numbers. Based on exit polls it is likely that this was the major part of the cheating against Bernie Sanders.

One of the most important elections in US history is coming up. Let's use the energy unleashed by this election season to demand our legislatures pass and implement Scan the Ballots by November. It is more important than ever before for the public to have confidence in its elections.


Break the Democratic Establishment's Hold on a Rigged Primary System This Convention - Scan the Ballots


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