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Hilary Clinton's Grief

Updated on November 3, 2011

Hilary and Dorothy


Hilary Clinton’s Grief

I recently published an article citing Hilary Clinton as having anger management issues. This hub was written from an observational standpoint but a good friend of mine did give me a scolding for writing the article. As a behavior analyst I am trained to notice any and all behavioral changes. I felt it was perfectly proper and appropriate to report that Hilary Clinton seemed to be suffering from anger management issues. Because Secretary Clinton is the Secretary of State it is imperative she display the diplomacy at every venue even when reporters push her buttons. I would be rather surprised if the international press pool wasn’t out to get the Secretary of State angry and on camera. This is anticipatable and expected.

And normal Hilary Clinton wouldn’t snap at them and would handle them in the manner in which she dispatches most pests. And for a moment I did question her ability to be our Secretary of State. She is a public person and it is the right of the people she leads to question her ability and capabilities. It is a rather healthy part of democracy.

And where Secretary Clinton is a politician and would never apologize she will understand that I am not apologizing as well but clarifying. What I was picking up on was Secretary Clinton’s grief regarding her Mother’s health. And while I am certain her job is filled with frustrations I am certain the latest behavioral incidences I have noticed were based not on an inability to lead but from the pain of leading while her Mother was passing away and wanting to be with her. So if anything I mislabeled anger management for grief. And Secretary Clinton is entitled. And while I respect her families privacy through the horrible ordeal of losing their loved on I also respect she was still out there doing her job on behalf of the American people each day while going through grief.

I am certain Secretary Clinton made her family very proud but at great person expense especially towards the end of her Mother’s life. So Secretary Clinton lead through grief and that is to be commended. I can only hope she is mending well and back as Secretary of State as soon as possible.

All of us must send Secretary Clinton our condolences. Dorothy Rodham died November 1, 2011 at the age of 92 years old. It is perhaps most endearing and human that Secretary Clinton actually grieves for her Mother.

Hilary Clinton


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