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Hillary Clinton's Health Issues Becoming Critical

Updated on January 25, 2021
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I'm on the right side of politics and enjoy a good debate on government, the economy, common sense, and the rights of the people.

Hillary Clinton’s health has been a topic of concern for some time, but the conversation has escalated in the last few days. She has been caught on camera struggling to make it up a small flight of stairs and having seizure-like episodes of rapid head-bobbing and just freezing up. The most recent and perhaps telling sign of her failing health was captured on video at a recent campaign event where she simply stood frozen in front of a microphone and a large audience. It was only when a man, who was not a Secret Service team member, but part of her entourage approached her, whispering for her to start talking, in a reassuring voice, did she begin to speak. Her words were very choppy and she looked and sounded disoriented for a brief time before resuming her regular speaking voice.

Hillary Confused

Hillary Faints

Who's That Guy?

There are lots of questions concerning the identity of the man who suddenly seems to be found at her side all of the time. The assumptions of him either being a top-tier Neurologist or a Specialist in stroke and seizures are what are being widely circulated. Regardless of the man’s true identity, it’s clear that his role is focused on Hillary’s worsening health issues; perhaps he’s been hired to just “get her through” to the election and hopefully the White House. As long as she is sworn in, according to law, she can then step down and hand over the White House to her VP. What has to be concerning is the next 90 days. Hillary does less than half of the amount of campaigning that Donald Trump does, and she still has the essential debates to attend as Election Day comes closer. A freeze up or seizure on the main stage would certainly be devastating to her chances of winning.

Needs Help to Walk up Steps

Bizarre behavior

Unexplained Head Bobbing

4 Years Ago - Falls Boarding Plane

Long History of Health Issues

Her health-related issues go back for almost a decade. She fell and fractured her elbow in 2009 and then fell again boarding a plane in 2011. She sustained a concussion from a fainting spell in 2012 ironically it happened days before she was scheduled to testify in front of Congress on the Benghazi incident. She was later hospitalized after that event when doctors discovered she had a blood clot in her brain from that fainting related fall. At the time, the blood clot she had in her leg in 1998 was brought up and made the news cycle again as reporters tried connecting the two clots. The most recent clot put her down for over a month of rest. When she was seen in public after the long hiatus, she was wearing special prism glasses designed for treating double vision. She is still rumored to be taking a very powerful blood thinner called Coumadin to deal with clotting issues. Of course there are many other smaller issues in the past that have people concerned, but they all seem to be leading up to what she is experiencing right now.

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