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Hillary Clinton

Updated on June 28, 2017

No man or woman in America was more qualified to be President than Hillary R. Clinton, her resume is impeccable.

Hillary was born 10/26/1946 Chicago Ill to Hugh and Dorothy Rodman, she grew up with two younger brother in Park Ridge a upper class neighborhood. As a child she was guild by her faith and education, there was times when she would babysit for immigrant worker.

In 1965 Clinton attended Wellesley college in Massachusetts, where she major in political science and Phycology. In 1969 Clinton went to Yale earning a degree and served as a Congressional legal serve counsel with an interest of advocating for poor families and their children. In 1975 Hillary married Bill Clinton the former Governor of Arkansas as stated a career in politics.

In 1978 she was appointed the first female chair of the legal serve and the first woman partner in Rose law firm. Hillary experience at Yale peeked her interest in helping children. Hillary worked with Marian Wright(1939) -A civil right lawyer who headed a Washington Research project group. The group was called the Children defense fund.

1993 Hillary Clinton was elected to the United State, in 2001 she became the first America Lady to win a public office seat . In 2008 Hillary ran for President of the United States against Obama, she won more delegates but Obama won the nomination.

From 2009 to 2013 Clinton served as the 67th Secretary of State under President Obama. In 2012 September 11 Islamic Militants attacked the United State Consulate killing America Soldiers. After the Benghazi attack Clinton terrified for seven hours before congress no evidence was found against her.

During the 2016 debate Hillary should have taken off her gloves and treated Trump like he treated her, that was what most Americans was waiting for. Sometime being a graceful lady in this society doesn't work, you have to fight fire with fire and Hillary didn't.


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    • CELEBSFAN78 profile image

      Ara Vahanian 

      19 months ago from LOS ANGELES

      This is a okay article as a start. However, I would suggest a few things:

      First of all, I suggest that you add more information to prove or strengthen your argument as to why Hillary Clinton should have been the next President of the United States. Also, I notice some issues with the grammar that can be fixed, this is just a polite reminder that you can make this article better. Otherwise, this is a good start.

    • Sharlee01 profile image


      19 months ago

      Not sure why o many think of President Trump as a Liar? No really, I can't actually find anything that could technically be called a lie? Could the media be causing a form of hysteria by twisting words, and leaving out sentences before and after? When this kind of journalism is practiced it is very easy to create hysteria. Although it seems to be only affecting a certain segment of Americans population, one can see it is happening.

      In regards to comparing Hillary's untruths to that of Trump's untruths it is very easy to do. Trump was called a liar for stating he had a bigger audience than Obama had at his inauguration or lying about numbers, such as saying millions instead of thousands. Hillary lied about more serious events, such as the scandal about a riot in Benghazi. Her lies are as a rule planned, well thought out. While Trump's lies are innocent and off the cuff... So all and all, it is clear Hillary lies hurt and people and distorted well know facts. These kind of lies have followed her throughout her time in Washington, and are many.

    • jada67 profile imageAUTHOR

      Maxine Daniels Foster 

      19 months ago from Boston MA

      Hillary Clinton should have been the next president of the United States, she was classified as a liar and dishonest. If Hillary is a liar and dishonest what is Trump.


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