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Historic changes in Cuba

Updated on April 20, 2011

Fidel Castro Steps Down

The revolutionary leader of Communist Cuba , Fidel Castro had stepped down himself from all positions of the party and government. Fidel Castro was the first secretary of Cuban Communist Party since its creation 46 years ago. His brother Raul Castro who is the present president of Cuba and 2nd secretary of the party will be the first secretary of Cuban Communist Party.

The party congress that held four days meeting in Havana came out with many historic changes. The decisions that may create historic changes in Cuba are –

1)      Right to acquire private properties

2)      Maximum time limit for being in official positions

3)      Decentralisation of agricultural system.

The Cuban Communist Party Congress 2011 was meeting after an interval of 14 years. In this historic meeting about 300 amendments regarding the economical policies has been introduced. This was the eighth congress of Cuban Communist Party. This congress mainly aimed to put forward the ways to sustain in the era of globalization.

So far Cuba was following socialist system. In socialist system private property was not allowed. But the Cuban Communist Party Congress 2011 decided to allow private property for the citizens of Cuba. People can buy and sell land and homes. So you might have a doubt. How one can acquire a house in Cuba? Till this day Cubans have to handover their house or land to their own ancestors only , not able to sell. Also the control that government imposed on buying and selling of vehicles will be withdrawn. In a strange decision , about 10 lacks  posts in public sector will be stopped.

The second major decision of Cuban Communist Party Congress 2011 is regarding the office period. The maximum period of office either in party or in government is limited to 10 years only. Also this will not be continuous for 10 years , but two five year terms. Fidel Castro was in power for about 46 years. According to this decision he is stepping down from party positions. Fidel Castro’s position in government had already handed over in 2006.

Fidel Castro’s brother Raul Castro will be the new first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party. The Vice President Jose Ramon Machado will be the new second secretary of the Cuban Communist Party. A new 15 member politbureau has also been constituted.

Cuban president Raul Castro  had revealed that eventhough the financial policies of the country are enhanced it will not accept the Chinese model of liberalisation. Cuba will still hold the socialist policies. The accumulation of wealth in a single position will not be allowed. China had welcomed the policy changes of Cuba.


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    • manofthewill profile image


      7 years ago from Serbia

      Every nation has it's own specific cultural and traditional properties, which reflect on economic and social policies. If they don't harm any other nation, why would anyone try to push them to changes they don't need substantially mentally.


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