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Hold Politicians Accountable

Updated on October 30, 2010

This year unlike election years in the past has greater significance. We as voters must hold politicians at any level of government accountable for their actions. This is irrespective of any political party. We as individuals are held accountable for our actions and the same should be true of politicians. This election year the choices we make will set the tone and path our country will take in the future. It is a critical point in the history of our country.

Today there is much talk about in political advertisements on issues surrounding not only incumbents but those hoping to take their place. When an individual takes the initiative to run for public office they must understand that they will be held accountable for their actions. While this in some cases has not taken place in the past the political environment of today is different. Politicians make promises before they are elected and sometimes they make excuses for the promises they fail to keep.

Broken promises made by politicians have become an expected outcome after an individual is elected. This must change and the environment we have today may be a start to making that change. While there are times where a politician makes every effort to keep the promises made sometimes actions by other politicians hinder keeping those promises. I do not fault those who have made promises to get elected if circumstances beyond their control keep them from completing them. I do hold them accountable with respect to the votes they cast on legislation that comes before them for a vote if they are not in agreement with the promises they have made.

There are many fine politicians of both parties but the time has come to send a message that decisions made will be examined by those of us who vote in this election year. This election year many issues and actions that have been taken which have been received an unfavorable response. This can be seen in the many polls by various organizations. Before we vote we must examine the decisions made by those who represent us and ask ourselves if we agree with the decisions they have made.

Accountability is a term with which some politicians are unfamiliar. Those that get elected this year must understand that the public will hold them accountable for their actions in the next election. As individuals we are held accountable for our actions and we must accept the consequences. Politicians must also accept the consequences of the actions they have taken since the election in 2008. While many are unhappy with the current state of affairs we must not make the mistake of voting out those who have heard our voices on the issues and have voted accordingly. This has nothing to do with a particular party but the character of the individual in office to listen to the people who elected them. Politicians must remember we do not work for them, they work for us. Those who have lost sight of this fact will learn a lesson in this election year. Many incumbents in this election are facing tough battles and this is something that has been unheard of for incumbents of the past. It should be a wakeup call. Voters want their voices heard and they want their elected officials to listen and vote accordingly.

In this election year let us hold politicians accountable for their actions. The current approval rating for Congress is one of the lowest in years. As voters we must examine in our own minds what has caused this approval rating to be so low. The mood of the voters today is unlike any elections of the past. It is great to see the interest and activity of the people at the levels shown in the news. This is a mid-term election but since the general election in 2008 there have been other elections the results of which have sent shock waves back to Washington. Holding politicians accountable does not stop with the results of this election. Elections are a means to hold politicians accountable not only for their actions but also for their promises. When an individual makes a promise we should expect that promise to be kept if it is within his/her power to do so. Let us always hold politicians at all levels of government accountable for their actions. We must remember the actions they take in representing us affect our lives every day.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 5 years ago

      Thanks for your input.

    • profile image

      Paul Watson 5 years ago

      I get so tired of hearing politicians saying "that they put that pork in without us knowing about it",Don't each elected Congressman and Senator have a staff that could research every bill put before ither body,and identify any pork and its sponser and make it available to everyone including the public.The Sandy bill was such a bill and the ones that added all the other spending should be identified and made public.I hope congress passes the relief for Sandy part only then see what the Dem. controled senate does.I'm a Dem.but spending has to stop somewhere pork is a start along with the loop holes on taxes.