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Homeland Strike In USA September 11, 2017

Updated on October 8, 2018

The Analysis of a Homeland Strike on September 11, 2017

You might wonder why the USA would be attacked again on September 11, 2017? Then again if you are from another region of the world you might not wonder. Fundamentally, a successful Homeland Strike on September 11, 2017 would prove in fifteen years the USA has done almost nothing to enhance National Security: impotent infidels. It would cause terror and a crisis of faith in the USA government. USA citizens are exceptionally divided and would either become cohesive and it is happening. They are becoming very anti-government. It would be the worst possible terrorist attack ever on USA soil that would transfer all power to the current President and deny an election of a new administration. US Congress is not going to be held responsible during a Coup! Troop levels would suggest we have not been involved in counter insurgencies but Coups. It should be mention defense stocks are at all time highs.

Throughout history turmoil/terrorism/assassination before an election have always been used to destabilize a country to favor one candidate or the other. It creates a sense of dependency on government for protection when in fact the citizens never seem to realize the turmoil is a failure of that administration's National Security credentials.

USA's elections are the most contentious in the world. Everyone has an opinion who should be President. The Queen of England does not want Donald Trump. Russia and its' allies do not want Hillary Clinton. In every corner of the world everyone has an opinion.

in the simplest terms a Homeland strike would secure another term for Barrack Obama.

There can be no doubt about the affects of terrorism in elections as we have witnessed it over the past fifteen years on both sides. From Saddam to Benazair Bhutto to Gaddafi they all had a significant impact on the countries involved and Americans' memories are much longer than they are given credit for by their international friends.

One persons liberator has proven to be another's terrorist over the past decade and a half.

September 11, 2001

Terrorism vs Revolution/Insurgency

The Simple Prediction as Seen Around the World.

No one in the USA is falling for the transgender bathroom news media story. The foreign correspondents have taken a real credibility beating in the last fifteen years for not addressing the real issues. Americans know there have been terrorist attacks all over the Middle East in the recent months. They just check other countries newspapers and look beyond our country's Propoganda. The Philipines is now communist and Russia is expanding its' foot print in Asian. There have been terrorist attacks in many countries under the auspice of various terrorist names. Young Asians are being recruited to become terrorists now. This has been going on for quite a while with the Tamil Tigers but now they are recruiting women too.

What Do You Think?

Do You Think a Terrorist Attack will Occur on USA Soil September 11, 2017?

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Terror in Kabul

If Terrorist Bombings are Occurring in Places Our Military Resides Then How Safe Can We Be?

We have troops and I personally know private contractors over in Kabul who are ex-military and exceptionally skilled at their jobs. If they can't stop terror bombings there then what makes you think you are safe here? The military can not stop these attacks nor is it in their financial interest to do so. MIlitary Industrial Complex makes a lot of money during wars. If the terrorists thought it through they would be passive as not to make their enemy richer.

The truth is I already suspect that the terrorists are in this country. This has been planned out for a very long time. They are among us and if you are vigilant that gives you the advantage. Let me be the first to tell you if you suspect someone is a terrorist, it does not make you a racist or bigot. You have a responsibility to work with law enforcement. Trust me I know how challenging that can be but I also know how rewarding it can be. Law enforcement is overwhelmed so they need people willing to be good stewards. You have the power to thwart the next terrorist attack!

But you are probably thinking it only happened in Kabul so why should you worry, right?

My Prediction of Another Terrorist Attack On September 11, 2017 Happened. It Is Not Rock Science Folks.

You Have to Wonder What is In Mosul that Everyone is Willing to Die There?

Terrorists Attacks Around the World 2015

The Victims of Terrorism/Revolution

This map is incredibly disturbing if you are sitting home with your babies on your lap reading this article. As a person who does not watch television or read Propoganda of any kind nor spills it, this shows a very disturbing trend of increased terrorism around the world. What is interesting is terrorism is occurring in some of the places that are affluent, peaceful and generally happy which means that one could argue that civil wars are occurring in those regions.

If you take the terrorism map and overlay it onto the happiness map (shown below) you will see the opportunity for coordinated multiple strikes with military precision on September 11, 2017. no self respecting terrorist would attack any other day than September 11, 2017.

But look at Forbes Happiness Map. They make it too easy for terrorists. A terrorist worth his weight in C4 has left their country and are inside the USA for years now. Too bad we give refugees and aliens fantastic housing, healthcare benefits, and fantastic jobs. Let them go hungry, be sick without being able to get medical help and without being embraced by the USA. They would not last long here. Taking benefits from them including English language schools and schools in general would at least force their sponsors to create a network that makes the insurgent more visible in society hence highlighting these hidden networks.

We give more to terrorists than their victims and our own people. It is disgraceful. 1980(s) thinking of feeding terrorists until they are too fat to bomb is antiquated. Starve them, kick them, let them struggle for any basic human service then they will be too weak to commit terrorist acts.

Forbes Happiness Map for 2015

Terrorist Attacks September 11, 2017

Forbes apparently is not talking to everyone in those regions. I am certainly not happier with terrorism through the world. In a comparative analysis of the terrorist attacks vs the happiest places in the world 2017 there is one country which appears to be gaining more happiness as terrorism increases. I disagree the USA is entirely to blame. Europe is doing quite well financially as is South Africa and Australia. However, I know people from these countries and they are not happy with terrorism and agree that softer tactics and building allies is a path to strengthening security for everyone. While we do not publish (I haven't until now) our opinions, we all agree.

Those who are gaining financially are so few that they would be but one little spec on the Happiness Map.

That means a terrorist attack on September 11, 2017 will result in the shedding of more innocent blood.

When: September 11, 2017 (Still will not be a good reason to elect Hillary or JEB!)

Where: Multiple targets in the USA.

How: Bombings. (Motor vehicle/plane hopefully not nuclear or biological/chemical.)

Terrorists: They are already here. I have a profile I am not going to publish.

Result: Catostrophic!!

Join Crimewatch and Make the Connections

The National Security Agency

i think I need to address this for my readers. The National Security Agency (NSA) can read what is on my computer. They would probably send me back to college to learn the EnglIsh language. I have no intentions of doing anyone harm so who cares? As a matter of fact, I might be caught actually doing some nice things. Wouldn't that be shocking?

NSA does not care about what you and your significant other(s) are doing. Honestly, your vigilance in preventing a Homeland strike is all they want from the majority of us. I do not know why so many people believe what is on the tv. The media lies to you. My suggestion is to find your own truth. If you can find any evidence the NSA is on your computer then by all means hate them. I feel differently about the NSA but I have known about them a long time before Matt Damon and Ben Affleck announced the agency on the ever so distorted, "Goodwill Hunting". Hollywood did more damage to the intelligence community in that movie and then the tragic, "Alias" has just been embarrassing. Even the character James Bond was invented to recruit Americans to serve in foreign intelligence.

I am not suggesting you go that far but to be vigilant in the Homeland.

I do not work nor have I ever worked for any intelligence agency. I would not be able to write this article.

The best weapon the United States of America has against terrorism is your observations and co-operation with authorities but maintain records so the Intelligence Community can be held accountable when you report in.

Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Country But What Your Country Is Doing To You In The Name of National Security!!.

National Security Begins With You!!

The President can not be solely responsible for National Security, even though that is his job. You are responsible for your own safety. The simplest way to get the training you need and to make the connections you need to make certain a terrorist is deterred from committing an act of terrorism is to join you local Crimewatch group.

They will teach you how to observe, detect and report suspect terrorist activity in your local community. You have the power to stop the next attack because when law enforcement gets multiple reports about one individual they follow up. You will have to get up and attend your local crimewatch group. You will have to be vigilant but you should always be vigilant for your family, your community, your state and country. Eternal vigilance is the price we all pay for peace and peace is long overdue. This is true in America, Jakarta and everywhere in the world.

Peace be with all of you!!

Update: Terrorist Attack at Pulse Night Club

Sadly, this hub was published just before the Terrorist Attack on the Gay Night Club:Pulse in Orlando, Florida. A Gay man attacked people in a gay club. His Dad was running for president of Afghanistan and has close ties to the Deno ratio Party. He did attend Mosque regularly and worked for the Department of Homeland a Security. Multiple individuals had reported him as a possible terrorist but all of their inquires were ignored even though the terrorist had been investigate atleast two times by the FBI.

It is our government's failure this terrorist attack occurred. Their answer was to take 2nd Amendment Rights from law obit ding citizens because they failed to do their jobs. What is scary is DHS uses private contractors too so it is very difficult to tell which government employee is a terrorist that has infiltrated government, a government sanctioned intellige operation or a PSYOP.

What is clear is terrorism in the Homeland is now occurring with greater frequency. You have the power to deter the next terrorist attack.

Another Terrorist Attack on USA Soil

Democratic Fundraiser Congressional Sit In

Senator Bill Nelson's Pandering for Votes

Heightened Alert

At the end of Ramadan, I published the update that another terrorist attack did in fact occur on USA soil. It happened before September 11, 2017 but I have no doubt it will be the last terrorist attack to occur. Now you know you are your only defense because the terrorist had been investigated and cleared by the FBI on atleast two occasions, was a government employee affiliated with the Department of Homeland Security.

We are in for a very terror filled Election season and what did the Democrats in the senate want to do? They wanted to take your 2nd Amendment Rights because of a terrorist? How is that not letting the terrorists win? Terrorists are only allowed to weapons? What is worse is that the majority of Democrats sitting on the floor of Congress owned guns but were willing to prevent you from having them.


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