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Homelessness in America is Increasing

Updated on March 5, 2020
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Every day is a new day and there are always issues that are interesting to people who would like to read more about real-life subjects.

So Many Homeless in America

There are always people aware of the issues of seeing homeless people in almost every state and beyond the United States. It isn’t going away and the homeless crisis isn’t getting better. When looking around there is an increase in seeing more and more homeless people who want help or will look as if they want to stay on the streets. No one should ever live on the streets alone or with children.

Many people going through homelessness will get help but will need counseling or will need to get into a shelter before getting back into their places to live. There are so many reasons people are homeless. The usual information given about being on the street is completely different for each individual. Often it's substance abuse, alcohol, mental health issues or family issues.

Still, many people who have these problems mentioned and other causes that aren't mentioned are at risk when being out in the street homeless. Anyone going through this would be in disbelief if being sent a letter of eviction for not keeping up with the high cost of renting an apartment or having a mortgage to pay but isn't able to pay it all the time.

Furthermore, not having family members around who can assist can be complicated too. Such as being kicked out of the house due to teenage pregnancy is another lonely issue for a young girl who doesn't have support from her parents. Also, being over the age of eighteen in general and being over the age of eighteen in foster care is common for young people going through not having their place after leaving.

"Determination is powerful to someone who wouldn't accept hearing that being unsuccessful at something is a possibility."

— Jacqueline L. Smith

Ending Homelessness

So many people are homeless no matter their ages and they don't have a place to go. Many people going through this should always seek help as soon as possible. People must be willing to work hard at trying to speak to individuals who are there to help.

If people who are seeking help to end their homelessness, then their life will slowly get better. People have basic needs that become a problem if their needs aren't being met. For instance, going to appointments, receiving mail, taking a shower or having clean clothes or linens and towels to use is important too.

However, no one wants to help someone who doesn’t try to help themselves. A lot of people can do better if they get off the street and if trying to get a place to live with their children involved. Often a woman leaving an abusive husband or boyfriend is common because she doesn't always have a place to go.

Also, a young teenage girl should speak to someone who can help immediately if her parents no longer want her in the home, then she is on her way to figure out how she is going to survive. Getting a place can happen, but she will need to know how to keep her place so she wouldn’t be homeless again.

"No one is invisible when visualizing what the difficulties are that must change."

— Jacqueline L. Smith

No One Deserves to be Homeless

Often, people are in a difficult situation that is hard to get out of and living on the street for years to come isn’t a goal for no one going through this. Furthermore, people who are seeking help don’t always sleep at a bus station on benches or are pushing a shopping cart full of cans or belongings.

Every situation is different from the next person who will love for this nightmare to end. They know housing isn’t cheap, though staying on the street isn’t the answer for people who are losing hope or have given up on finding permanent housing.

There is so much that can be done for people going through this, but it takes one day at a time. Just figuring out what to do every day is crucial to try to never give up. Deciding where is the next place to rest without a bed isn’t a good choice for people going through struggles and is living in a society that is moving fast every day.

Help for the Homeless

Although there is so much opportunity that is at everyone’s fingertips. Being pulled out of the quicksand isn’t going to happen easily. Usually knowing the possibilities to try to make life better to become persistent is the choice for most people who want to do better. Reaching that goal to be housed again is gratifying than to live day to day not knowing what is going to be the spot to be before the police decide to say. Hey, you must get up, you cannot stay here!

Eventually, a homeless person will just keep moving for the cops to say the same thing again and again. Hey, wake up you cannot stay here! Over time, being taken somewhere else must happen that can be better or worse. So, giving up in this type of situation for anyone going through this in society isn’t an option.

Nothing good can come out of a situation like this if not trying to gradually end the nightmare. Only those who are serious about making it out of homelessness permanently will be happier to make it happen. Also, many homeless people get tired of living in motels and the options are to resolve many housing issues but waiting for housing workers to do it all isn’t going to happen.

"After huge situations are resolved then moving on to the next will make an individual stronger"

— Jacqueline L. Smith

There's a Better Way than being Homeless

Many people do go into permanent housing if being determined to accept what has happened and would accept that having a place to live is a dream that may or may not come true right away. However, for many people getting out of a motel or a hotel is the answer. Living in a homeless situation shouldn’t be satisfactory for any family who knows there is a better way than to settle for homelessness in the street.

Besides, a guess or management at a hotel or motel shouldn’t have to witness homeless people who are going to live with a huge amount of stuff in a small temporary room. Also, there are millions of dollars spent on people living in motels and hotel rooms that should be only for visitors temporarily. Still, in recent years there isn’t a full understanding of what to do to end homelessness in the united states.

Helping the homeless people to become self-sufficient and having resources to get into their place is more of a resolution than to leave them in the street, motels or hotels. Many of them are losing hope and will wait for nothing until they decide to do something about it. It’s complicated for people working hard to resolve this issue in the United States and politicians don't always have all the answers about what to do next, for every individual going through this. Although they know something must be done immediately.

Every state is dealing with homelessness differently, but there are resources for people who are going to do something about what has happened. After hitting rock bottom, then working to crawl out a dark hole into the light, is going to happen if not accepting that homelessness is all that is left.

Ten Other Reasons for Homelessness

  1. Having a bad attitude with a landlord and would refuse to pay rent.
  2. The apartment is expensive and not able to afford the rent or utilities.
  3. Dealing with drugs or being an alcoholic and don’t have the funds to pay rent.
  4. Damaging property and refuse to pay the owner for the damages.
  5. An owner of an apartment may not want to renew a yearly or monthly lease.
  6. Disturbing the peace in an apartment building and not having control over the visitors who are making noise all the time.
  7. The apartment or the house is filthy.
  8. Having too much stuff and causing mice, roaches or bed bugs to appear.
  9. Having too many people living in an apartment and will refuse to tell them to leave.
  10. Having bad credit or a criminal record and will be homeless for years.

"Having self-pride is a step to changing a complicated situation."

— Jacqueline L. Smith

10 Steps to Take to Avoid Homelessness

  1. Don't wait for a housing situation to get worst. Try to work through housing issues if it can be resolve beforehand.
  2. Get emergency assistance before staying on the street.
  3. Look for an apartment every day and write down important housing search information.
  4. If family or friends are willing to help, then help them financially for the time spent at their house before moving out.
  5. Speak to the landlord to ask for more time to figure out what to do next.
  6. Always save money to help with housing issues.
  7. Find affordable housing with a family member, a roommate or a friend.
  8. Always network with people who know a lot about affordable housing.
  9. Don't be afraid to speak to people who don't mind sharing their knowledge about where are the best places to go for assistance.
  10. Always have a positive attitude when people are helpful.

© 2020 Jacqueline L Smith


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