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China's Social Credit will Shape the Future

Updated on December 24, 2020
Ken Burgess profile image

I grew up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and currently reside in Florida.

At 2020's end, China expects to have given all of its 1.4 billion citizens a personal score based on how they behave, their religious beliefs and what pollical ideologies they may voice. Those with low scores are already being punished with restrictions to travel, access to the internet, money and work.

The short 2.5 minute video below explains this in more detail.

Here in America, for years our media driven fears seemed to revolve around President Trump, his tweets, his trade wars, and his tirades against political opponents.

I personally never feared Trump, or his brash and egotistical blathering, it appeared to me to be mostly show... likely picked up from his years working in television and rubbing elbows with WWE wrestlers.

While here in America the focus was on Trump, and later the Pandemic, China was incorporating in its country and extensive system to observe and control its populace, exerting its control over Hong Kong, exerting pressure on nearby neighbors, and creating the world's largest trade agreement (RCEP) which excluded the US.

Who we really needed to fear was not Trump, it was the media mega-corporations, which got in bed with the Silicone Valley tech giants (and various government agencies) that control the internet and collaborate to try to bring China's 1984-Orwellian reality here to America.

If we aren't careful, what is occurring in China (see video below) will become our own reality in no time.

Here in America we have Amazon, in China they have Alibaba.

Here in America we have Paypal and Square, in China they have Alipay and Wechat.

Here in America we use credit cards and cash, in China they use their actual faces and/or phone Apps. Here in America $100 is $100 and you can use it to buy whatever you want, in China, what you can buy and where you can go depends on your Social Credit, regardless of how much money you have.

Imagine how significantly that will change for America when they do away with physical cash and move us to "Digital Wallets" which I believe is where all these Stimulus Packages and Lock Downs are fast-tracking us to.

Here in America you are free to write, read, and say pretty much anything you want about your government, in China they use AI to track everything you write, read or say about it and your social credit score (your ability to go places, hold jobs, or pay bills) is impacted by all of it.

It all happened so incredibly fast, a few years ago China seemed to be just catching up (as explained in the video below that happens to be two years old) working hard to copy America's tech giant's cutting edge technology. Today they have surpassed it.

Has China now become more advanced and more industrially capable than America?

Is China too far along in its efforts to secure its place in the world, and ensure that the world (including America) is dependent upon it for continued economic growth as well as technological existence in today's world?

And if so, how long before their Social Credit becomes our new reality?

According to China's Communist Party, their Social Credit "allow the trustworthy to roam freely under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step".

"This is potentially a totally new way for the government to manage the economy and society," economist Martin Chorzempa from the Peterson Institute for International Economics told the New York Times in an article they published this July.

How long before it is incorporated here?

How long does our Republic survive, when clearly Social Credit is a system that is suited to 'one party' politics where dissent is not allowed, and the 'disorderly' are marginalized at best, or reprogrammed and repurposed at worst.

The efforts of Google (Alphabet), Apple, Facebook, etc. to work together to marginalize and deplatform all competitors (IE - Bitchute, Gab) could bring about a Silicone Valley version of China's Social Credit system, even if our politicians are unwilling to implement it. But should those in D.C. ever support or approve of it, our way of life would certainly change overnight.

... Really now... how bad could things get?

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2018 Ken Burgess


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