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How Do We Trumph The Race Card

Updated on July 9, 2019

· How do we trump the race card?"

We all have seen significant changes in this world we live in, especially in the past fifty years. We have seen our society move from a predominately male work force to one of mixed genders and non stereotypical gender professions. We have seen this country struggle out of a racially biased society and strive to move into one of equality and fair working environments.

When we go into a place of business, we think nothing of the race or gender of an individual when they help us. It probably never crosses our mind that it used to be an issue. Fort the most part, we have thankfully seen our way of thinking changed bit by bit, from stout efforts to eliminate these patterns of thinking.

Is racism dying as a whole in this diverse society we dwell within? Remember when, witnesses saw a man breaking into a home belonging to their neighbor. When the police arrived, they questioned the suspect. After refusal to provide documents or answer questions from the police, they took him into custody. Atfer the arrest, the issue went all the way to the white house. In the aftermath, he stated he owned the home and refused to provide information. His intention was to attract attention to racism that he believed existed in the police forces.

When did it become racist? Witnesses reported they saw a man breaking into a home at night; there was no mention of race or color in the 911 call. Why not just show ID, and prove it was his home? Because, he wanted to play the race card; and the only person that tried to trump it (the arresting officer) was then deemed a racist? If the professor were white (or any other race for that matter), the police would have demanded the same information and verification from him. If an individual refused, then he or she, should be arrested. Additionally, why did the White House get involved? That in itself could be misconstrued.

We as a society have to move past this. It is beginning to look, as if, some people want racism to exist as a way of manipulating an already fairly level playing field. We stand at a cross road in society. This nation for the first time had a president of color. If his tenure is thought back on as successful it will be because he was capable of handling the problem, and conversely if he is thought of as lacking, it will be because he was not. If the truth were to be known, he stepped into an economic situation set up by the past twenty years of presidents (Democratic and Republican), almost certainly to be a no win scenario, no matter who had taken the reigns. However, society will judge him on actions he took to patially circumvent the crisis this nation still faces.

We depend on the people we elect to mold this country into a better world for it's children, and then allow them to take away, the basic forms of morality and justice set up by the forefathers of this nation. If we want to see racism disappear in society, then we must begin to eliminate all aspects of it.

We must remove identifiers of color and race from competitions, holidays and gatherings. Why not make the names a place to begin like changing BET (Black Entertainment Television) to GATE (Great American Television Entertainment) as in a new threshold to cross. After all, it has substantial shows and topics for everyone, right? Since were going in that direction, does the Miss America contest prohibit women of other ethnic backgrounds from competition; would color or race lessen their accomplishments as individuals or change the level of competition? The women chosen to participate, based on their individual accomplishments and service to society, will succeed in any avenue or undertaking they choose. Then why have separate scholarship competitions exclusive for all women of equal qualification and virtue based solely on their color or race? Does not that become a situation of reverse discrimination?

If there are more scholarships made available, then make them unilaterally available. These organizations in all probability exist only to provide other avenues to derive income from self serving individuals under the deceptions of racially biased organizations, and detract from the hard work and effort these women has dedicated their lives for, and subtly playing the race card.

What must be done by us as Americans to trump it? What American would want to be segregated by race color or gender, and exhibited as such on a national level? Why not force the media print and run articles without race identifiers in the news? Leave identifiers like hair color height, skin tone (I.e.| dark skinned or light skinned, Stature and build), in the news as they may be crucial aspects to alert others to their presence, but leave race identifiers to the police. After all what would color or race, have on the atrocity, other than to bring ill-will towards an individualized ethnic community? Leave them in the police reports and report the news as news.

What about the politicians? For years going back to August 6th 1965 when President Johnson signed the bill providing the "Right to Vote" bill for the Black populace of this great country, the politicians worded their campaigns to sway the black vote in their corner. Politicians pushed for bills, and made policies, to help the black populous develop a level playing field, to live and work in a country, many of them had already proudly served, fought and died for. With the taint, of prejudice strong during that period, changes needed to be made, but, now we are at a crucible; where a new change becomes imminent (or lack there in) will serve to strengthen the binds that prevent this country's growth as a united America.

The representative from California, Diane Watson, pushed for Ebonics to be taught in schools as a foreign language. How can a language be taught, when it is being continually altered, and abbreviated over the past 200 years? It appeared to many, as a pathetic attempt to acquire votes from people forced to live in a condition that their income and language handicaps have forced them into.

In 1964 My Fair Lady, a musical by Frederick Loewe and Alan Jay Lerner featured a poor girl raised in the lower side of England. They offer her an opportunity to undergo teaching, in an effort to turn her into a woman of stature and class by altering her mannerisms and language patterns. The bet was on, and we all know how that one turned out. It causes one to wonder what would happen if society were to offer these types of changes to financially challenged individuals. Would similar changes take place? Oh wait, they are.

Then why aren't the opportunities taken? Had minorities and immigrants to this country been required to learn proper English, would not better employment opportunities and avenues be available? Would an individual from any ethnic group not progress to higher levels?

Many individuals have risen up from the masses and accomplished high accolades breaking out of the language oppressed slang, exemplifying some of the communities in society. If the leaders of this country, spoke with the same patterns of speech (spoken in some demographics of our communities) would the same level and stature be made available to them? Would any culture in the country rise to self independence and status by rendering poor language skills?

It is this generation that needs to hold fast, to the principals and values set up by the founders of this nation. Eliminate race as an issue. Make children responsible for their actions, and move moral and educational responsibilities to a higher level.

We must require politicians to maintain the laws and regulations they have helped formulate and be held to the same standards we all must follow. Make them support the interest of the people, and make this country strong again. We must return to the basic principals this country was to be built upon. One nation, under God where all men, regardless of race, color, creed or religious affiliation, are equal; thereby establishing a new foundation for future generations; and eliminate the race card from play. ©

SA Lawrence

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Title :: How Do We Trumph the Race Card
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