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How Does Lev Parnas and Bolton Testimony Impact Trump Impeachment?

Updated on January 16, 2020

The Lev Parnas interviews are astonishing. They are like a spotlight into the murky Trump dealings with Ukraine and his withholding the military aid. Despite being indicted, Lev Parnas, has provided some evidence that he is telling the truth about how President Trump knew exactly what was going on because it all originated with him. The thought of holding aid even preceded the Ukrainian newly elected president last year and back to the former President. The Trump administration was trying to get a favor from the former Ukrainian president and threatening to withhold aid if the favor was not completed.

But what happened was that the Ukrainian election last year had elected a new president. Now, Trump, had to to do it all over again with the new president! All this happened long before the July 25th call.


Parnas directly implicates Trump and has siad that Trump's various responses are just outright lies. Bolton called the whole nefarious deal was like a drug deal and wanted nothing to do with it. He will testify if the Senate subpoenas him. Now, the Ukrainian government is launching a criminal investigation about the illegal surveillance of the U.S Ambassador directed by some of Trump's men in Ukraine.

Parnas faces a lot of criticism because of his shady past and being indicted. However, he has reason to tell the truth now to save him from prosecution. He has no reason to lie about what he has said. It is just another one of Trump's men who has turned on Trump. Bolton's testimony must be heard now. Between Parnas and Bolton, the full picture of the direct involvement of Trump in the directing this shady back channel act.

Since it began, Trump has blocked all testimony and documents the Congress tried to obtain. They are still fighting in courts over it. Ever wonder why? It is because the truth is coming out and it is what it is. A guilty person always tries to hide the evidence and suppress evidence that may implicate him. Trump is no different.

The new information coming out as the impeachment trial begins surely will give pause for some Republicans. There are four of them and these four could force the sham impeachment trial to be a real trial with evidence and testimony from Bolton and Parnas.

These two could influence enough senators to remove Trump from office, which would be truly shocking. On the other hand, the Republicans still may try to rush through and have a sham trial ending with Trump's acquittal.


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