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How Iran Influences the Final Outcome in Afghanistan and Iraq

Updated on October 25, 2010

The final outcome of the 10 year war to battle terrorists is in disarray for America. The original intent was noble- remove a tyrant not friendly to the world- Saddam in Iraq. The intent in Afghanistan is also noble-remove the Taliban so a more modern, civilized country evolves. of course, there is not a day that does not go by without some sort of bad news from the "front". It shows just how limited the US military is.

With Iran in such close proximity to both countries and the fact it is a regional power, in the long run, what America did will unwind and America is almost powerless to alter it. Iran provides millions of dollars to the Afghanistan government. This revelation is embarrassing to the US because it is the government they set up! Iran does this for friendship and to influence the political process there. The recent peace talks with the Taliban are already in jeopardy because Pakistan was not invited, which incensed them because prior to 2001, the fully supported them. Same factions secretly still do-against American interests and desires. In spite of this, America continues to provide billions in aid to Pakistan hoping they will remain on the American side. But Pakistan has proven over and over again, they are willing to not cooperate with America in belligerent fashion (like closing the only route into Afghanistan for weeks to punish America for firing missiles across the border).

In Iraq, Iran even as a greater interest to control the process there. Several political factions there are pro-Iran and heavily guided by Iran's wishes. In fact, Iran may control a large part of the new government within a year or so via the Iraqi Sadr party. Recently, Maliki  guaranteed the Sadr group (Islamic) many voting seats in the new Iraqi Parliament in exchange for their support now (so he can stay in power). The Sadr group up until now, hated Maliki and America. In fact, US troops battled with the Sadr group numerous times in the past. They are really a puppet of Iran and will eventually control a majority of seats in the Iraqi Parliament. When this occurs soon, many of the critical decisions for Iraq will be heavily influenced by the desires from Iran.

So, in the end, America once again freed a country from a tyrant only to lose it to a foe via political processes that they helped created in the name of democracy. Iran is going to control Iraq and maybe Afghanistan via the political process instead of by the gun. 


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