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How Much Would President Trump Cost?

Updated on March 28, 2016

Many in both the Republican and the Democrat partys have been sounding the alarm for everyone to avoid Donald Trump. Ironically, the louder the alarm the more support Mr. Trump obtains. Both those who are trying to scare people away from Trump and those who have lent their support to him are completely ignorant the cost of a President Donald Trump

Amidst the ridiculousness which has been the hallmark of the Republican Party this presidential election cycle, it's easy to get embroiled in the frivolous aspects of the inner-party fights and wake up to the unwelcome news that "your fear" has now been confirmed, Donald Trump is elected president of the United States.

It would be most dreadful because we were all lost in frivolous debates about who said the most outrageous statement this week or this month but did not care to address the issues which could impact us here in the United States and perhaps the rest of the world. So, it would not just be a surprise to us all but a shocking jolt of reality (not reality TV) that the next four years, the country, the world perhaps would have to put up with a Trump's administration.

How much would a Trump presidency cost if it were to happen?
No one ever really cares what a particular candidate turned president would cost, until now. After all, it's not a regular presidential election cycle. At this juncture in the election cycle, most of us would be complaining about the media bias or its lack of substantive debates with the candidates or its lack of political analysis and so on.
In this election cycle however, we are more concerned that the media does not even attempt to question the candidates about any important issue. Its focus is completely shifted not just to report but mostly to encourage the rifts among the candidates. It's good for rating.

While the short term benefit goes to the networks with the greatest flexibility and accommodation
towards Donald Trump, the frontrunner as of this writing, the long term cost to the country will most likely be astronomical.

We know that would be the case with Donald Trump in the Oval Office because he would create a world of chaos around himself; he would wrap himself in volatility, probably the most expensive aspect of any transaction or activity.
Both the vendors and the buyers in such environment work hard to make a profit and protect their investments respectively but neither one can be sure whether the transaction is beneficial, thus a climate of insecurity and volatility.

While such climate may be good for Mr. Trump's rating, - he strives in this type of environment; that's how he'd manage to be in the Oval Office - it is too costly for the country to ignore. So, before you decide to cast your next vote for Donald Trump, you would want to ask he explains specifically how he's going to "Make America Great Again".

It would be too costly not to ask.


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