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How To Conquer Slavery and Oppression Around the World

Updated on June 29, 2009

Fighting the Good Fight

Most of us have plenty of freedom where we are, but throughout the world their are others who are crying out for justice. In certain countries children are treated like slaves, young women are sold into brothels, and widows are stripped of their rights. Together along with International Justice Mission (IJM), we can help prevent these cases of abuse, violence, slavery, and oppression.

IJM secures justice for victims of slavery and oppression through the use of lawyers, investigators, aftercare workers, and others who are willing to fight for such a cause. The four main goals of IJM are; victim relief, perpetrator accountability, aftercare, and community transformation. IJM is able to intervene in many cases by partnering with local authorities to help push cases of abuse through the judicial system, successfully providing justice to those in need.

The Garcia boys were freed from an abuser who received a 106 year sentence for his crimes.  Copyright: IJM
The Garcia boys were freed from an abuser who received a 106 year sentence for his crimes. Copyright: IJM

Latin America

IJM helps provide justice in areas where 90% of rape and domestic violence cases go unreported. Young woman, and even girls, are often prostituted. IJM tracks down such cases, works with local authorities, and provides justice and aftercare for those affected. 


IJM helps provide justice in areas where sexual violence, illegal property seizure, police brutality, and slavery are widespread. Widows and orphans often lose their rightful inheritance and also their livelihood to other relatives. IJM tracks down such cases, works with local authorities, and helps protect widows and orphans when they are most vulnerable.

IJM also helps hold perpetrators accountable in cases of sexual violence, and provides relief and aftercare for those in need. Often times the legal system in Africa is overburdened resulting in illegal detention and police brutality. IJM also conducts casework on behalf of such victims to help provide justice.

These young victims of human trafficking are seen in the doorway of a brothel in South Asia, during a rescue operation conducted by International Justice Mission (IJM). Photo copyright: IJM
These young victims of human trafficking are seen in the doorway of a brothel in South Asia, during a rescue operation conducted by International Justice Mission (IJM). Photo copyright: IJM


In India, IJM helps provide justice in areas where young women are often victims of sex trafficking. The judicial system in India is overburdened resulting in forced prostitution that is otherwise against the law. Slavery also tends to be widespread, which is also against the law, however, the rights of the people are not always able to be protected. IJM works with authorities to free these victims of slavery and forced prostitution, while prosecuting the perpetrators for their crimes. 

In Cambodia, IJM helps provide justice where 60% within commercial sexual activity report being forced, about one third of those being children. 

In the Philipines, approximately 100,000 children are victims of commercial sexual exploitation, or sex trafficking. IJM works with authorities to bring about anti-trafficking laws, as well as justice and aftercare to those in need. 

In Thailand, IJM helps to ensure that people have access to the citizenship in which they are entitled, which decreases the risk for trafficking as well as other abuse. 

IJM also helps provide these forms of justice in other areas such as; Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Zambia, Bolivia, Peru, Honduras, and Guatemala. 

Throughout the world people are getting away with sex trafficking, slave labor, sexual abuse, rape, police brutality, and illegal property seizure. Victims of these crimes are crying out for justice and IJM responds. Please consider partnering with IJM to help prevent these crimes around the world.

There are several ways that you can join in the fight to help prevent this kind of slavery and oppression:

  • Be a freedom partner by donating to an area of IJM
  • Serve with IJM through volunteering or internship
  • Get others involved throughout your Church or community
  • Join IJM Justice Campaigns and support anti-slavery
  • Become a prayer partner of IJM
  • Get books, videos, and tools from IJM
  • Join the next event near you

About the Author:

Dave Earley is proud to promote and support the causes of IJM to help prevent slavery and oppression around the world. Please consider joining the fight yourself in any way that you are able.

Copyright: IJM
Copyright: IJM

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