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How To Impeach President Trump

Updated on December 19, 2019

Watching the impeachment of President Trump was a redundant, trite, petulant, series of party talking points that rehashed it all over and over and over. For a common viewer, after just 30 minutes of it, was enough. They all, from both sides, stuck to the usual allegations and denials.

Let's keep in mind that in 2017, about 63 million Americans voted for Trump while 65 million or so, for Clinton. Yet, due to the electoral process, Trump won for sure. Yet, if there was no electoral process, Clinton would've won by the popular vote. With the impeachment done and now going to the Senate trial (which will be a sham since the Republicans control it) and more game playing surely to come, only 45% of Americans polled think Trump should be removed from office. Not exactly a stellar performance by the Congress.

The Prosecution of Trump

Had this been a great case with all the requirements needed for conviction, the following would have been accomplished:

  1. Direct evidence of Trump instructing or advising others to the scheme he had in mind
  2. Mens rea of the crime with full knowledge of what he wanted and outcome
  3. Documents or other material showing Trump directed others in the Ukraine to withhold the military aid and what he wanted it for its release

What they had during the impeachment process was circumstantial evidence from those in the loop, those hearing others discuss matters related to what Trump wanted (while hearsay, it is many times allowed in court) and Trump's actions or statements. Abuse of Power and Obstruction are the charges, they are not crimes, per se, but they are impeachable issues mentioned in the Constitution as "High Crimes". The word high is referring to the highest office in the US.

Because Trump refused to cooperate with the hearings, stopped key witnesses from testifying, prevented documents even though they were subpoenaed, Trump clearly obstructed justice. A person who is not truly guilty would not do this, despite what the Republicans state, that is, he was innocent and did not need to cooperate with subpoenas. The charge of Abuse of Power for personal gain is less clear, but if you look at all the evidence provided one can easily see a guilty man trying to clear himself through his actions and exclamations overall. One can see the mens rea of Trump and those who do not, simply do not wish to see it.

1. A day after Trump was vindicated of the Mueller report showing no collusion, he calls the Ukrainian president wanting a favor. While clothed in innocent chat, Trump eventually mentions the Bidens and wants an investigation started. The military hardware is mentioned that Congress had approved of a year earlier. Hardware Ukraine desperately needs for fight Russian aggression.

2. As the phone call evolves over time, it was clear to the Ukraine president Trump wanted something like a public announcement into investigating Biden's son with Burisma, which had already been investigated in 2014. To those in the chain of command under Trump, it was clear that the aid was delayed until such an announcement was made. That is Quid Pro Quo.

3. Once Trump knew of a whistleblower, like a guilty man thinking he had done something bad and to save his ass, he releases the aid quickly. So, yes, the aid was released as Republicans state, but ONLY under duress and fear from Trump of getting caught for abuse of power. What Trump did in releasing aid after finding out about the whistleblower is classic guilt! Guilt of doing a crime (bribery) and trying to mitigate any damage with denials.

Everyone knows that if a person is guilty of wrongdoing or a crime, they deny, obstruct, intimidate, and try to mitigate their guilt in any way possible. A person who is truly innocent will do the opposite, as they have nothing to fear. They will provide documents, they will testify, they will appear. While the legal system revolves around "innocent until proven guilty", Trump refused to present his evidence when invited to the impeachment inquiry. Yet, he states he has not got Due Process to prove his case!

Would a truly innocent man act this way? No!, but a guilty man does. We all know this, it is human nature to act as Trump does when caught in wrongdoing. Republicans simply refuse to acknowledge it even though many of them have used the same methods at times in their lives.

The Senate Trial

Payback is coming. The Republicans will provide a sham kangaroo trial because they all have the intent of acquittal for Trump. There will not be a real or fair trial like you see on TV shows.

In the end, both political parties have shown how divided America is.


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