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How To Make Car Donation For Breast Cancer Charity

Updated on October 22, 2016

Are you thinking of donating your used car? Perhaps it has been lying around your yard for quite some time now, useless and aesthetically detrimental to your home. Whatever its condition is, you can actually just give it away for a very good and important cause.

Why Should You?

Why not make breast cancer car donation? This ailment has become widespread nowadays and has inflicted plenty of men and women, causing much suffering and even death. Hence, a lot of non-profit organizations have taken it upon themselves to accept car donations to fund researches on breast cancer, to further the advancement of cures, and also to finance the continuous medication and treatment of breast cancer patients at present. You can play a big role in fulfilling these missions, simply by donating your old, washed-out car. Imagine helping so many people just by deciding to donate a car for breast cancer.

Furthermore, such car donations have a lot of incentives offered. For one, you can get a tax deduction which is really a great help. Secondly, there are some groups and websites offering incentives like free gifts and services, giveaway appliances and vacations, and more for those who donate a car for breast cancer. Of course these reasons are merely secondary to the primary objective of helping people with this condition and also of promoting advancement of studies in this area.

How Can You?

If you are wondering how you can donate junk car for breast cancer, you can start by asking or calling up well-known breast cancer organizations and groups in your locality. You can also check out the many websites online that are accepting car donations. There are also big societies and even companies that promote this fight against breast cancer by advertising their car donation programs online.

All you have to do is to fill out a simple form and submit it. Afterward, just wait for a representative from the institution to ring you and talk to you on the next steps to take. No worries! You will be guided every step of the way, and it will surely be no hassle unlike if you had chosen to sell it.

Besides, nothing can serve as a replacement for the gratification of having been able to help this cause. You can be one of the many, many people who are and will be contributing to the betterment of breast cancer conditions, research, and treatments.

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    • profile image

      Roy Huntley Ranario 3 months ago

      I donated to Breast Cancer Car Donations ( in the past. They have pretty awesome programs helping those who are affected with Breast Cancer who can't afford medical treatment and maintenance.