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How To Pick A President Of The United States For Voters

Updated on March 31, 2013

How To Choose A President

Picking a president of the United States Of America....For quite a long time now this process seems to have more to do with winning a party vote while convincing the public you will do their will versus honesty in the political process. How do we pick or choose any potential president when so many deceptions and false commitments are made previous to most campaigns?

You cannot just depend on tv and the local media for your information regarding the candidates for the presidency of the US. You have to dig deeper! So how do you choose a president with all of the non-stop media blitz telling you one sided views on each candidate?

Follow your heart and do not be sold on one party. The biggest mistake a voter can make is to be party sensative and to vote the same. You may consider your self a democrat, or republican, maybe even an independant....just remember, what get's acommplished is more important then party affiliation and reputations. We need some serious results to happen in this country and we need them now.

Pick A President You Believe In
Pick A President You Believe In

Choose A President Because You Believe In Him

Dont just vote for a politician because you think he can win. Man, I really hate when people do this because it can change the outcome. What has to happen in the USA for people to vote the right person into office?

If you are going to vote then atleast spend some time doing a little research and make sure this is the right candidate for you. "rock the vote" which was heavily advertised in decades past was a commercial which told people to get out and vote....But at the same time, do not vote if you do not see a worthy candidate. The lesser of two evils is a joke! The process will never change if a statement is not made on how the process works. This year may be the closest we have came with the 99% group and people protesting across the nation. We still need to do more though to affect serious change in how government is ran and politicians are chosen.

Why would so many upper crest and wealthy people want to run for office? Is it a self confidence grooming thing or are these people seeing ways to make decisions which could benefit them financially in the long run? I hope the candidates for the presidency of the USA are all legitimate and only looking out for what is best for Americans.....Do you think this is what we are seeing from them?

Our Presidential Choice - Does It Matter?

With all of the electoral votes and what not does our vote really count? Did you know that Mit Romney didn't even win in Iowa? Apparently not all the votes were counted and in the end Romney came is second place during the Iowa caucus losing to Rick Santorum....

How many times does this happen? Remember the hanging chads? To me, and I am certainly frustrated, I can't really see voting for any of the Republican candidates. And the current president has much to prove, and the last 3 years to do it with very little meaningful results as of yet. Yes any work we do on the economy and what not will take some time, but some things can be dealt with faster and would give Americans the boost they need to keep going until the economy picks up.

OK so how do we pick a president to turn things around in the good ol USA? I DONT KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe just dont vote and I mean everyone......Is this the choice we get to pick from? We really cannot do any better as a country then these goofs? And the greatest part of this whole situation is really we do not have a choice. It's Romney. Gingrich, Santorum, Paul or Obama........... Can you imagine if no-one and I mean hardly no-one voted?

Yes, an idependent could run with a ton of money and a media blitz but it is just too late. I dont want to sound overly pessimistic but c'mon, this country needs to do things different. We really cannot afford another four years of screwing around with politics as usual.

Tips For Picking The Next President Of The USA

The Republican Debates

Just watched a few minutes of the latest debate argghhh! Can these candidates talk about anything that really make sense or is needed? I am so busy switching channels on my tv just to avoid the constant bashing of eachother while real Americans are suffering. I mean, why not spend millions of dollars given from special interest and super-pacs?

Gotta love Newt saying in Florida.....By my second term in office, we will have a permanent base on the moon! Are you kidding me? Let's focus on our planet first and then worry about other rocks in space ok? I love what Ron Paul had to say to this though....I know of a few politicians who we should send to the moon!

Can we just start over? I know guys that work at the local gas station that have a better grip on what America needs versus these clowns....They all have advisors anyway, why cany an average joe get the nod for president.....this way average Americans may actually have a say in our future!

Romney Versus Obama

This is really a no brainer for the most part. I can understand why many Democrats want to jump ship about now but what are the options? Romney for president? Scary thought....A man and political party who would'nt mind seeing womens right put straight back into the forties or even earlier. A guy who outsources jobs to other countries but call himself a job creator!

Yeah, Obama has certainly made his share of mistakes and so has the Democrats in gerneral. That's pretty much why nothing gets done. We need to revamp the system and get people running the country who really want to make improvements!


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    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 6 years ago from Florida

      I agree 100% with what you say. I've always said the person with the deepest pockets can win any election: from the small town school board member to the president of the USA. Very thoughtful hub.