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How To Precycle And Do Your Part For A Green Earth

Updated on June 4, 2009

Precycle by Paul Peacock

Learning how to precycle only requires an individual to think first before buying. Precycle is simply the new term used for consumers to stop and think about the long term effects their purchases will have after they are done with them. Reconsidering buying options because of packaging and waste.

Precycling, if done with a serious concious effort, can reduce the amount of waste in the household there for making recycling even easier. It can be as simple as choosing to buy a jar of applesauce instead of the little packs of individual sized cups or as extreme as changing buying patterns based on waste and calling companies when packaging waste is excessive.

Ways To Precycle

  • Reconsider items that have excessive packaging.
  • Run away from items that are individual packaged.
  • Buy in bulk and refill smaller containers for easier use (ie: ketchup, spices ).
  • Make purchases with intent to reuse packaging.
  • Choose glass jars over plastic
  • When plastic is purchased, check that it is recyclable
  • Get news and information from the computer, cancel newspaper and magazine subscriptions or decide not to renew.
  • Use cloth napkins during meals
  • Bring cloth grocery bags to the store instead of coming with plastic and paper
  • Look for packages made of recycled materials
  • Never buy Styrofoam
  • look for packaging with (1) or (2) in the recycle symbol. These are easiest to recycle
  • Buy concentrated products such as juice, laundry detergent, etc. to reduce packaging waste

Getting Rid Of Junk Mail

Junk mail can easily fill up the garbage can and leave little space for anything else. There is a website that you can sign up yourself and everyone in your family to DRASTICALLY reduce the amount of junk mail waste your recieve each week.

You will notice a difference in your junk mail after you opt-out of the many lists your name may be on. DMA Choice is a free website owned by the direct marketing association. Sign up for a membership and they will give you the tools to opt out of credit card offers, magazine junk mail for ones you do not subscribe to, catalogues, and general advertising you do not want.

You can also go here to OptOutPresceen if you only want to get rid of credit card junk mail. OptOutPresceen is the office website of credit card reporting agencies(Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion) . Opting out will remove your name from the lists that send credit card offers for 5 years. This really works as I never recieve credit card offers anymore except from the credit cards with which I am customer.


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    • Ivorwen profile image

      Ivorwen 8 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      It is also a frugal mind that precycles. I love shopping at places where you can fill your own containers or the products are in reusable containers, such as canning jars and 5 gallon buckets.